My Volleyball Gallery

The photos and videos on this and subsequent pages were taken on 7/30/2001, almost 6 years after I earnestly embraced serious volleyball as a desperate part of the means to regain and advance my health. Then as now, I was not ANYWHERE near to being a great player. But I was much better than before starting. I happened to be wearing red that day. And just to warn you, these were shot as I was 7 months into an experiment of not cutting any hair (so I was told I looked like "the castaway").

Volleyball in 2001

(01) No real question here. This is just one of my few nice sets.

TEST YOUR VOLLEYBALL INTUITION. (This may be fun.) On each page, one or more still photos will have a question about what's happening at that moment. Guess the answer (if you like), then play the short video that follows to find out what REALLY happened!