(The core letter covers events from Dec. '06 to May '07. I've left some forwarding notes and replies in place, as they aide in clarifying some things. Any photos you see were added only after all letters were put on this web site.)

From: Tom Cook
To: Judy Funaro
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2007 11:28 PM
Subject: Fw: Crisis review and update

Judy (& Pete),

Yes, this is long, but if you take your time, you'll get through it. Thanks for all your encouragements during the months I've been here! [...living in this complex as neighbors] Let me know if you have questions or comments.


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From: T Cook
To: Charlotte Sicurello ; Sue Myers
Sent: Sunday, July 29, 2007 8:53 PM
Subject: Fw: Crisis review and update

Charlotte, Sue,

My heart is so grateful for your kind prayers this morning and that morning at church months ago. If God lays me on your hearts in the days & weeks ahead, this email chain will go far to let you know what I've been going through. Read it from the top down, but as it's quite long, don't feel like you need to read it promptly. The core of it was written in mid-May. An update (which I'll fwd separately and is shorter) was sent out Sat. 7/14. You know most of the recipients and folks mentioned.

Again, thanks SO much for your caring ministry. (I wish I could hug both of you right now!)

Your brother in Christ,
Tom Cook

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From: Virginia Knowles
To: 'T Cook'
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007 11:09 AM
Subject: RE: Crisis review and update

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to let you know that I got this, I've read it, and I'm praying for you. I'll have Thad read it on the screen in his account because it is long. I need to run -- we're getting ready for Julia's graduation and family coming in town tomorrow. I hope you enjoy my web site.


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From: T Cook
To: Virginia Knowles
Cc: Thad Knowles
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007 10:00 AM
Subject: Fw: Crisis review and update

I've arranged everything in best order to read from the top down. But do notice dates. It occurs to me now (which I haven't mentioned to anyone else), that some things will be clearer on a 2nd reading. Has to do with many parts having been written to folks who already knew certain facts. But if you can only read it once (and at your leisure), I will be grateful. And I will certain check out your website. (As far as books, I probably have to hold off for now; any books are very difficult for me to tackle, both from "no space to hold borrowed items" and "barely enough mental/emotional energy to read [even] scripture sometimes". But I will consider the book you mentioned as a high priority when I feel able.) Thank you for the news of this last year's great struggle for you; gives something to pray for you. And praying for other's troubles is something I've been moved to seriously consider on a whole new level, even just two days ago. And of course you may share my story with any you feel led, but with discretion.

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From: T Cook
To: Danny Jones
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2007 1:58 PM
Subject: Fw: Crisis review and update


Thanks SO much for your prayers! I have tried to limit the sharing of my struggles with those pastors who've had direct involvement at some point. It (the number of pastors) has increased gradually. Mike initially saw me through the Dec. crisis stage as it was breaking. Then as I was getting into aspects of my crisis dealing with housing, money, possession management and jobs, I found myself approaching Chip for help. I'd cc Jeremy along the way, as he's been the shepherd over the singleness dimension in the past. Eric, as my HG leader, has been in the loop often. I added Todd recently, as Mike directed me to him in connection with how the healing team and ministry operates (and I've since gone forward once for such prayer).

That leaves you and Benny out, and I've felt that was appropriate, so as to let you two focus on other areas of ministry. These 4 plus Eric have been GREAT to deal with!

But seeing as you mentioned you *have* prayed for me, I will forward just this one email to you. It may be long, but it's smaller than the sum of the many others. And it does give a good review of most of what has happened. Please don't feel an urgency to read it. Please *do* notice dates, names, etc. when you do read it.

I am sometimes sending out shorter updates where the recipients include those 5 plus numerous others. I'm not planning on adding you (or Benny) to that list at this point, so as to keep you free for the broader ministries you're in. I'm sure if it's really critical, the other 4 will update you.


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From: Danny Jones
To: T Cook
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 2:19 PM
Subject: RE: Crisis review and update

Thank you Tom. I have much confidence in the leaders of Metro and I'm glad you are keeping them up to date. As you can imagine, we wish we could "just make it all go away" but we know from Scripture that there is much to be gained from embracing, not resisting, what the Lord initiates or allows. So it is our privilege to stand with you through all this and pray for you – for that is where your help will come from. We are grateful to "bear your burden" so we can also be there to rejoice with you as the Lord does His mighty work. Adversities like you are experiencing make heaven all the more attractive. We long for "that" day, knowing there is grace for this day.

Be steadfast my friend. Do not be weary in well-doing. Trust in the Lord. These are the maxims by which we must all live our lives in this fallen world. I'm just glad you're not alone through all this. I'm glad you're a part of our family.

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From: T Cook
To: Chip Chew ; Mike Nash ; Jeremy Jones ; Todd Twining ; Eric Mendez
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 8:20 AM
Subject: Crisis review and update

Dr. Doug Heise is a Christian chiropractor whom I've patronized since 1975 when I was 22, and with whom I've been friends over the years. He's been a strong follower of the Lord since before I knew him. In the 1st week of last December when the extreme stresses I was under were causing some bodily functions to fail, I called him at home in desperation seeking help. Was hoping to work out a way I could see him for diagnosis and possible treatment. But in my confused anguish, I miscommunicated to him badly. As my stresses were very tied in to desperate financial pressure, he did the last thing I needed; he and his wife called 911 and "got help" for me, adding infinitely worse anxiety to my life [by adding huge 911 bills impossible to pay]. I have had no contact with him in the months since that terrifying hospital incident; I think I've been subliminally afraid of him as the one who's innocent actions caused me such great additional anguish. But some weeks ago, he mailed out an announcement of a Patient Appreciation Day, in which he'd give free adjustments to all existing patients on Fri. May 11. I knew I desperately needed any chiropractic service, even if only 1 visit, so I signed up. I realized this would be the time I'd have to deal with my anxieties about him. I knew this would be emotionally difficult for me, so I wrote him a letter in advance. I'm sharing this with you (my letters and his replies) as it gives a good overall review/synopsis of this whole painful chapter of my life, as well as news of some good outcomes.

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From: T Cook
To: Doug Heise
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2007 7:56 AM
Subject: Gist of what's happened since our last contact


I'm writing now because I want you to have a heads-up that I've scheduled myself for the free visit on Friday. If you decide you wish to talk about anything between now and the moment you walk into the room to adjust me, I am open to it. I'll let you decide whether and when to talk (or email). But I have to be frank and say that I've been very nervous about seeing you again. Please try to understand... I'm not contradicting anything I've said in the earlier email (about holding you blameless for what you were legally obligated to do when I called you that night fearing death), but there is SO much that's happened since that horrible horrible night of Thursday Dec. 7th. Many acquaintenances I've barely known have providentially become intimate prayer supporters of me. But in some cases, I have found myself unable to easily resume relating to others of more longstanding relationship (such as yourself) for one reason or another. Before I share with you my current thoughts, please review our early letters. I've placed them here in chronological order...

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From: T Cook
To: Doug Heise
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 6:10 PM
Subject: my call to you


I have struggled to know what to say to you and how to say it. Also have had very little time to write or even think.

The main thing now is I want to say I'm sorry to have put you in such an awkward position that terrible Thursday night. I felt very desperate because of weeks of events leading up to the few days before, which led to that night I called you.

It was a terrible experience in ways you would never guess, but I'm believing that no matter what happened to me, you were probably doing what you believed best and were also probably feeling legally bound to your actions. So I can't blame you. I'm sorry.

If you ask, I'm willing to tell you what led up to it, and the extreme problems I'm facing and dealing with. It was horrible before, and it still very bad now and the foreseeable future. But if you don't want to ask or know, that's fine. At least know that I'm very sorry for the troubles I caused you. I hope you'll forgive me.

If you feel led, please pray for me. The troubles (short, medium, and long-term) are all very severe.


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From: DocHeiseSpine @ aol.com
To: tcmullet @ cfl.rr.com
Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 12:43 PM
Subject: Re: my call to you

Just returned from being out of state. Sorry I was unable to respond sooner. Please be sure that I have respect for your challenges and encourage you to seek the support you need to come through them. Believe me, you are not alone. This makes you human. I am reminded in my daily experiences that trials will either make us bitter or better. I know you will choose the right path. I know you, and you know how to suffer through some difficult times. It will create good changes, despite the temporary hardship. Keep trusting Him. He is with you, even when you don't feel it. I am speaking from experience. This is human reality.

You haven't done the wrong thing to call. That was the Lord's plan, so you could get help in the crisis. Now... keep moving, prayerfully, constantly talking to Him through the daily challenges.

I'll see you again. Val will be calling in the near future, if you are still doing some of the outdoor work.
Thanks...Doug Heise

May 2007


I started to write you another letter after your Dec. 30 reply, but never finished or sent it. I felt at the time that I should hold off, maybe forever. But I'm including the fragment here now. I'm not sure why, but at least I feel you ought (and might want) to know what I was feeling back then.

(Beginning of Dec. 30, 2006 letter fragment never sent:)


If I knew you were going to call 911, I would have begged you to stop. While I have to admit that a *few* good things have come out of it, it was overall a *very* bad night (and next couple days) and my present many problems were made much worse by it. I *strongly* suspect I should not have called you. We were not in a position to talk things out, and as a result my communication to you misled you to your justifiable actions. No I wasn't lying to you; the complex situation WAS making me *extremely* believe that I would die in the near future from some accident, but I wasn't in *imminent* danger of dying that night. My problems were causing me such mental distress that [while driving] on I-4, I was starting to [uncontrollably] nod off every several minutes... very terrifying. These symptoms were in the context of very severe other problems relating to a new, more stressful and more expensive living situation; now renting a room for next several months in house of a lady (one of my former weeding customers), my rent going way up, and my weeding business [disasterously] slowing way down at the same time. (My previously successful marketing efforts were failing miserably.)

(End of letter fragment never sent)

May 2007


I can't tell you the horrors that have been going on in various ways and continually for most of the months since then. There's been crisis after crisis, often multi-crises occuring simultaneously. I'll give you a brief (and cryptic) part now just to show you how severe things were. The horrible kidnapping of me to the ER Dec. 7th ended w/my brother from Mims taking me home to his trailer at 2am and bringing me back from there Friday afternoon to E. WP where I was renting a room. The older lady I was with since Oct. 31 (originally one of my seemingly best and nicest customers), turned out to be a very horrible situation for me. I was not able to see in advance how bad a situation it would turn out to be. She was very very abusive of our rental arrangement. She'd constantly change the rules, either for how I was to live there or when I'd be ordered to move out. She'd constantly "forget" earlier commitments she had made to me. (I had no witnesses or anything in writing.) In all fairness, I see now she had none of the normal incentives a landlord would normally have to make me feel like it was home to me, like every rental should be.

Sunday, Dec. 10th, I showed up at my church, but was so terrified of life and of an inevitable horrible death I couldn't hear any song or any preaching. At the end, a friend and my homegroup leader urged (and physically helped) me to go up front for pastoral prayer. I found out weeks later that folks who knew me [including Carl F.] had seen me up there and I looked horrible; I looked so shook they thought... well they just knew something terrible was going on with me. And they were right; I tremblingly shared with a pastor (name is Mike) with whom I had formed a bond already over the course of the year I was there. I tearfully got out that I was stark terrified of a horrible painful death by some combination of starvation and hypothermia. He spent much time pleading with me to believe that God would give me grace to endure whatever horrible death might occur. My heart was encrusted with fear, I could not perceive God's presence even though I was striving and crying out to Him frequently. After he tried to encourage me for many minutes, then he prayed intently for me for many more minutes, causing him to be very late to a meeting.

(I'm taking a lot of time to say all this. Sorry. Lengthy writing is a problem I've still to overcome.)

My life was collapsing around me

I did make an appointment to counsel with him the following Wed. This was good, because of what happened next. Over the course of the next 3 extremely long agonizing days, I was so anguishing over the longterm well-intended decisions and habits I've had for decades that have collided at the present to destroy my life and future, that I believed there was no way out. It's either a horrible slow painful death alone at an unknown point in the near future, or stop the constant pressure and anguish by ending it myself! Yes, for 3 mornings, even while trying to weed for 3 customers (keeping all this inside me of course), I was trying real hard in my mind to escape a seemingly certain and horrible death by Desperate to end it all finding some method to kill myself with less horror. Terrorism, or protracted terrorism is the best term I can use to convey what I had been feeling for weeks leading up to that point. I knew God might slap my wrist when I got to heaven for seeking to be with Him in that way (suicide), but I was confident I'd get there and be with Him. And I was admitting to Him that I'm so weak and terrified (constantly, almost every hour of the days and nights), that I saw no other way out.

I spent 3 1/2 hours with pastor Mike the afternoon of Wed. Dec. 13, during which I admitted my efforts to plan my death that would hopefully have the least pain for me AND for others. I described at length my history as an adult and the various well-intended decisions I had made over the years that have now wrecked my life and hope for any future survival (career, family, etc.). He intently and lovingly *pleaded* with me to stop thinking in the direction of suicide. I could not have heard anyone else's pleading. Only because he had *heard me out* as I spilled my whole story could I start to believe his reminders that God might still be able to redeem my wretched life. So that day, with fear, trembling and tears, (and with Mike's prayers lifting me up), I purposed to no longer seek to end my life.

The pressures and simultaneous crises have been largely ongoing and very wrecking to me. I managed to get out of that beautiful mansion from hell a month early (by Mar. 1 instead of Apr. 1) and found temporary refuge with Dave Jones (I mention his name, only because you know him from the short time he was a patient of yours.) This was by the end of February. Dave's place is still torn up from severe mold removal. The mold may be gone, but he has not been able to afford to continue the renovations. No curtains, no carpet, cover plates off, many things in disarray. The place is so broken that even he alone shouldn't be living here. But it's many times harder for 2 people to live here when everything is broken. [Inadequate privacy from each other.] (I can't take time to describe it, but it has been extremely hard. We've found ways to improve the situation enough that we are both surviving much better than at the start.) But it has been much better to live with a friend in a broken down undersized shack where there is Christian love and peace, than in a beautiful mansion with a semi-rich lady from whom I felt terribly abused.

I must jump around a bit. I finally saw my expert health consultant F____ sometime in January, spilling the beans of what I had been going through. Between her and her network and other sources, I've learned many things about myself and my condition, but still have many mysteries to solve. I have numerous physical problems, plus a genetic predisposition to bipolar disorder (or some other psychological disorder of many out there), and I hadn't known that I have been so close to the edge of a collapse like this for a long long time (years). What I was having the night I called you would probably be called an anxiety attack or panic attack. I'd never had one before [and didn't know what they were], but have had them for hours at a time day or night, sometimes days long, sometimes less than an hour... Fear of disaster an overwhelming sense of fear that something terrible is going to happen and there's nothing you can do about it, but wait for the plane to crash into you. (Actually, being hit by a plane crashing would be a much quicker death than what I was fearing.) The terrible thing is that knowing what is happening to you ("it's only in your mind") doesn't enable you to prevent the attacks from happening again AND from being fearful. It's almost like you've become another person.

Even here with Dave, I had another severe crisis where I started looking at suicide AGAIN early April. I had had a big stressful emotional build-up to accept a full-time job at Convergys Corp. as a phone CSR for a cable company customer of theirs. After the 3rd evening of 6-day training during which I found I could not even comprehend the material like I could tell everyone else was, I felt forced to panic. That night (2nd shift) I was driving home (with a severe anxiety attack in progress), seeing no way to survive (because if I can't do *this* work, how can I do *any* work), and pleading with God to KILL me NOW. I started searching for "painless suicide" on the internet, which gave no easy answers for me. Then later in the morning after Dave got up, I told him I was at the brink [of suicide] again, not believing I can live. He lovingly *pleaded* with me (maybe for an hour before he went to work) to not give up on life. Made me promise to keep myself safe all that day til he could get home from work and talk some more. (He did at least realize that I wasn't ready for the high-stress of that job [which he had urged me to take] and emotionally freed me to gracefully make the phone calls necessary to end it, which I did while he was at work.)

No matter what happens, my life is never going to be the same. For a long time, I was not able to tolerate watching the news; too terrifying to me. [Often still is.] I've given up most TV; instead of about 1 1/2 hours a day, now it's virtually nothing. Most of it's too stressful for me, and I feel I just have no time for it as I have years of work ahead dealing with my past, if it's even possible to adequately deal with it [ever catch up]. I see murder reports and especially suicide reports in a very different light. As of April 17, God has given me some extremely stressful, but doable work, part-time, learning to enter insurance payments for a group medical practice. It's very hard work, but the guy (an Adventist) heard my story and said he'd be very patient while he would train me. (He admits the work is very hard.) I can do it at Dave's using my Roadrunner-Lite connection. I just got my 1st check last week, and am hopeful I can continue the work, even though the good man I'm working for seems (to me) very unpredictable with regard to employment issues which has caused me great stress already during these 1st weeks. I'm his first W2 employee outside of nephews and nieces. It's only $8/hr for now (hopefully more after more training) and part-time, but it seems like the job will continue. I still have anxiety attacks, but much less often. I now get 5-6 hours of reasonably good sleep, unlike Mar. where I'd get 2, and the rest of the night would seem like agonizing weeks of anxiety. I'd struggle to sleep for seemingly hours, then look to find the clock had only moved from 2am to 2:05am or 4 to 4:15. I'm very grateful those horrible nights seem to be over. It's been months, though, since I got a full restful 8 hours.

Friday, I have my 3rd session with D____. ([a lady who is also a patient of Dr. Heise, and provides her own services as a service to F___'s clients]) and her Biomeridian technology and skills. She spoke very highly of you during my 2nd visit. I'm hopeful this 3rd session will bring significant healing. (Each subsequent session can be better than the one before, especially if you follow through on recommendations from the previous session.) It will be at 10am, followed by my free visit to your Patient Appreciation Day. To be honest, Doug, if it wasn't for your free offer, I'm not sure how soon I would have planned to see you. I told you in my Dec. 20 letter that I realize you were probably under a legal obligation to call 911, based on what you heard me saying. I still wish the partial misunderstanding hadn't occurred. The $4000+ in hospital bills that started to hit me (for which I had no money, no insurance, and felt I had no ways to apply for aide), were exascerbating my already near-death emotional and financial picture. I think part of my emotions are having difficulty with you, because even though I know you did me no wrong, my mind connects you with the added misery that your guiltless actions triggered. I do want to overcome that and enjoy our friendship again some day. Up to now, I've been [subliminally] scared to have any contact with you. Maybe by writing all this to you, it will somehow help me to cope with seeing you Friday.

Let me respond to some of the things you said in your Dec. 30th note to me.

> Please be sure that I have respect for your challenges and encourage you to seek the support you need to come through them.

Thank you. Hopefully now that you've heard some more of the story, you can still respect the [the extremeness of the] challenges I'm dealing with. I have been in a lot of voice and email contact with 2 of the pastors at church. There has been some small but meaningful financial aides from the church thru them. But mostly prayer, advice, counsel and encouragements. And many prayers from a small and growing number of folks.

> Believe me, you are not alone. This makes you human. I am reminded in my daily experiences that trials will either make us bitter or better.

I don't think I've become bitter. But it has been SO dark a time as God has seemed so distant during much of this. When I learned that biology plays a part [meaning I might be bipolar], that was partially freeing. The crisis is that everything I need is terribly expensive, I have no career [any longer], and the lack of the nutrients make my brain even less able to carry out a job. The long term patterns of not being an employee or keeping up my computer skills or even being aware of how inflation has jacked so many prices up since the 90's (including rents), contributed to my despair. 5HTP and L-theanine are 2 of the most expensive items I take; very expensive (for me), but I *have* to have them probably the rest of my life, and *certainly* for now in order to get better. (From what I've heard lately, I believe you are probably familiar with those substances.) It's a catch-22, those who need the expensive items the most, are the least able to afford them.

While I don't feel any warm fuzzies like I wished, it does appear that God is working to keep me alive and to improve. (Even with taking less supplements than I really need.) Still many stresses, but it's going to be years before I can undo all the mistakes I've allowed to accumulate in my wretched life. I've said to several people, I would gladly trade any future marriage [which I've always longed for] just to be able to have several good night's sleep in peace and safety.

> I know you will choose the right path. I know you, and you know how to suffer through some difficult times.

I hope you can tell from this partial report that this has been beyond any trial I could ever imagine. I have felt like I'd rather die of cancer (with Hospice drugging the pain and loved ones near me) than to endure the torturous fears I've had over these months (which have seemed like years). I'd rather be pushed off a building (with only a few seconds of terror before an instant splat). I'd rather be firmly and fatally clubbed from behind (in which one would never feel a thing), or shot in the head, etc, etc...

> It will create good changes, despite the temporary hardship. Keep trusting Him. He is with you, even when you don't feel it. I am speaking from experience. This is human reality.

Yes, I've been weakly trying to trust Him. It's been difficult, sometimes impossible to take comfort from scripture. Sometimes I've had to say, "God I've said I'm going to try to stay alive, even though I've often had to plead with you to kill me providentially." I still can't see too far ahead, but I'm clinging to the scripture that implies God might honor the faith of others on my behalf even if my own faith is too weak to see past the dark clouds that have seemed to separate me from whom I have known in the past is my loving heavenly Father.

> You haven't done the wrong thing to call. That was the Lord's plan, so you could get help in the crisis.

I still have severe doubts I should have called you, and allowed them (the paramedics) to take me away against my wishes. (I was too terrified of everything to resist. I just kept my eyes shut and tried to avoid their nosy questions.) And I don't think I got much direct help, other than two things... 1. In the future, if I survive all this, I will be able to sympathize with those hit with impossible medical bills; 2. Even though my body was falling apart having various symptoms (falling asleep at wheel every 3 minutes, very narrow tolerance for temperature variation, hot flashes, anxiety attacks, etc.) the doctor said they found nothing biologically wrong, even after bloodwork and a cat-scan. Said I needed protracted mental rest. They were right, but that didn't stop me from seeking suicide as an escape 4 days later. (I did not believe I would ever have the chance for such rest; I'd die stressed out, starving and freezing by the road somewhere.) They kept lying to me, saying "yes", when I asked if Dr. Heise was going to be contacted for some kind of advice or treatment. (They were probably just doing their job well.)

> Now... keep moving, prayerfully, constantly talking to Him through the daily challenges.

Yes, I have been. Even when most of the times, it was like He wasn't there and I'd keep crying out to him to show himself to me in some way. With hopefully a lot of those horrible days behind me, I do try to be grateful for little victories even with much stress and dark clouds between me and God still frequent to some degree.

> I'll see you again. Val will be calling in the near future, if you are still doing some of the outdoor work.
Thanks...Doug Heise

I'll see you Friday with gratitude for your kind open-house. I had no intention of writing this much, but I was at a loss to know how to approach being with you Friday. I feel better having written this to you; I hope you haven't minded. Write or call if you wish.

Your friend,
Tom (407) 671-1224

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From: DocHeiseSpine @ aol.com
To: tcmullet @ cfl.rr.com
Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2007 2:52 PM
Subject: Re: Gist of what's happened since our last contact (Tom Cook)

Tom.. Thanks for your comprehensive letter. If you felt better getting it out and expressing it...great!! As I read the latter part of the letter and you indicated you asked the 911 people whether I would be contacted for some nutritional help and you were told yes, I was NOT contacted. Days following this crisis, I thought of you and eventually had a conversation with your brother. Sounded like he had you in tow and was stepping in to try to help, in his effort to help. I was encouraged and went no further.

I suspect you have a significant chemical imbalance which has affected the neurotransmitters in the brain, so that when under stress, everything gets severe and you lose direction or hope for a solution, creating even more neurologic episodes. Stress can effect each of us in significantly different ways, because we are individuals, biochemically. So, I agree that there is some underlying chemical imbalance.

I would like to offer to test you, using the QRA technology I am trained to use. May find some things that will allow you to cope with daily tasks and increase your concentration and cortical functions. If you would like to consider this, please check with D____ and F____ first. Sounds like they are sincerely wanting to help you and this may add some insight. Perhaps they are already up on these issues and therefore can put this off for now. The cost for this procedure is of no charge. I would encourage you to talk with the ladies first.

Thanks, Tom. God bless you as you go thru this Job experience. I'll be praying for you. I have placed you on my prayer list.          Dr. Heise

May 22, 2007

I have gratefully accepted Dr. Heise's offer, but haven't been able to coordinate an appointment yet. I've recently asked for prayers at church for healings in several biological areas:

I was somewhat encouraged during the biomeridian session with the ladies. They confirmed that my drastic efforts to alkalize my diet were paying off; my pHs were better and I will therefore be absorbing more desperately needed minerals now. (Lack of minerals and their absorption are a key factor in many mental disorders.) But it brought out new problems to pray for and work on...

Please do pray for all these things, if you feel led. In spite of the additional hardship that these additional problems will be causing, I *am* [a little] encouraged that I'm making progress. Both in the diet/lifestyle changes needed, and that the parttime work I'm doing is getting easier. On all fronts, I've still got a long way to go...


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