Tom's Good Files
Tremendous terror!

Imagine being in or on the right tower, you see the left tower fall, and you know there's no safe way to escape your OWN doom. The terror they felt (fear of a horrible death leading to the lesser agony of painless suicide) lasted only a short time. Mine lasted many torturous WEEKS.

Amazing blessings!

Imagine not only being snatched from the jaws of the horrible death you feared (or the suicide meant to end the terror), but being made a partaker of a glorious discovery enabling you and millions of others to attain fabulous health!

This site contains:
  • Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) - extensive educational resources
  • My personal QRA story - the book-length story "as it happened"
  • "Misc." - everything else I've ever wanted to have on a web site

Background and further details:

I've desired for several years to have a website for audio files that were so good that they were worth sharing with others. Hence the domain name

But the protracted season of extreme terror in my life beginning in Dec. 2006 has prompted me to modify the original vision without compromising the original goal. I wish to open up my life and share with you the tremendous horrors I've gone through AND with it the tremendous and amazing blessings that God has brought to pass through it all. And through it, you may find some incredible blessings for yourself! The menu has 4 sections; QRA Essentials, QRA Extras, Tom's QRA Story, and Tom's Miscellaneous.

"QRA" is Quantum Reflex Analysis, the incredible breakthrough system made possible by discoveries in quantum physics in recent years in Europe. Every bit of text and audio or video clip in these two sections is valuable to understand and apply this for obtaining fabulous health for yourself and anyone you know. (I generally don't host files that are any less than extremely valuable. I resisted the urge to call the site "Tom's GREAT files", but it is my intent to live up to that phrase.)

"Tom's QRA Story" - This a series of email chains written largely by me while the horrors of my trials and subsequent healing were actually happening. Click the date of each email chain to read it. I suggest you read them in chronological order. HOWEVER, be warned that some of these are rather long, more like book chapters. Yes, this story is now "book" length! But it's an all-too-painful and TRUE story. Numerous friends have confirmed it WOULD be a good thing to share this. This could very well radically change your life!

"Tom's Miscellanous" is simply anything else I've ever wanted to have on a website and now can, because I have my own website and I program it myself! (See the Dec. 2009 letter in "Tom's QRA Story" for the story of God's providence in "accidentally" learning web programming.)

The trials documented in my "QRA story" resulted in fulfilling part of my original goal; to have many really "good files" to download. (The links are in numerous places and should appear in blue. Use the usual "right-click" to download them. Or just play them directly.) Some of them are files I had intended to host originally someday. There are links to other sites and articles as well, scattered throughout.

If you wish to contact me, you may email me. Enter the site, then use the "Contact" button near the upper right corner.