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From: Tom Cook
To: Recipients
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2008 4:40 PM
Subject: Tom's praise/prayer update - Jan. 2008


Some have said, "Tom, you've been telling us all this stuff about how QRA leads to spectacular results with almost all conditions, but you haven't told us much about what's going on with you!" I guess that's true... WONDERFUL things (and some painful things) have still been happening so fast, I barely have time to sleep. And as the body of amazing info about what QRA can do for you all has been exploding, it's been hard to not share that with you, as I see so much suffering around me that can be confidently healed.

But yes, I must tell you of findings which are now a bit old to me, but are very important. And they're certainly worth telling you all who have so kindly prayed for me during this long "book of Job" chapter of my life.

Things are far from perfect or normal in my health and circumstances, so I will still greatly appreciate your prayers. To lead up to the wonderful things, let me give a rough review of events up to this point (as partially protrayed in my various prayer letters):

-- 1980s-1990s - A number of well-intended decisions made & habits sown that collided last year to destroy me.
-- Dec. '06 - Multiple stresses leading to terrorizing despair & agonizing suicide planning. (Business failing, body failing, unwelcome tenancy, forced ER visit, among others)
-- Jan. '07 - Learn I have some kind of mental disorder. (My herbalist had tried to warn me of this for years).
-- Feb. '07 - Move in to LR of friend's broken-down condo in desperation.
-- Mar. '07 - Move out of paid storage by painfully throwing a lot out and a kind friend lending me some space.
-- Apr. '07 - Attempting to take on an excessively stressful job leads to terrifying despair and suicide again. Take on data entry part-time for an old acquaintance.
-- May '07 - In spite of fears, reconnect w/Dr. Heise, who offers QRA test. (I write to him the long letter "Crisis review and update".)
-- May '07 - QRA test shows I have significant neurotransmitter dysfunction (mental illness) caused by flukes, parasites and other things. Doc has great confidence the treatments will work promptly; I have less confidence.
-- Jun '07 - Just as I acquire the expensive fluke-killing nutrients, I become carless & jobless.
-- Jul '07 - I learn much about the flukes I'm trying to kill and about QRA and am very amazed by all. I write "Update on my job and health", which goes out to more and more people over time.
-- Jul '07 (18th) - QRA test shows flukes are gone! But brain problems ("terror" attacks) still bad as parasites are still there doing their share. Great dismay as cost will be more than double and take 2 long mos. to kill. No working car.
-- Sep '07 (19th) - Against all odds, God allows me to save up for parasite treatment; I begin 60 intense days of therapy--heavy nutrients and castor packs.
-- Oct '07 - Horrendous car problems get slowly and painfully transformed into this miraculous '99 Taurus; if you knew all about it, you'd agree that this is indeed a "gift from heaven".
-- Nov '07 (mid) - I write Aug/Sep/Oct and Nov updates, documenting panic attacks, full-moon effect, items of progress, and numerous radical insights to which I've been driven during this very rough time.
-- Nov '07 (19th) - The 60-day rigorous parasite treatment is over, and I go for the all important checkup...

The parasites are GONE!!! Totally!! The flukes, which are very hard to kill and were totally eradicated in less than 30 days are still gone! The bacterial infection, identified in the initial 5/29 QRA exam, is gone! The yeast infection that I've struggled to fight since the early 90's is GONE! (Some residual skin problems like the toenails will take time to grow out.) When I think on this, I rejoice greatly. Every time I see a full moon, I remember the deep, irrational (but unsolvable) sense of fear that would engulf me in the days around it due to the parasites laying their eggs. I remember it and rejoice that those days are gone forever, and that I can look at that big beautiful ball and praise God for its beauty and for the wonderous way I've been made!

Before I had the first QRA exam in May, I had publicly asked for prayer for supernatural healing for these items (as a partial list): Adrenal exhaustion, Thyroid imbalance, Toxic metals in organs, Brain dangerously impaired in producing seratonin, Stones in kidneys, liver and gallbladder.

Eliminating the flukes and parasites took away the causes of the adrenal and thyroid problems, and they are stabilizing wonderfully! The former consultants believed I'd tragically need the expensive seratonin booster 5HTP the rest of my life for my bipolar-like tendency (which news caused me much dismay and terror). But now that the critters are gone whose feces were poisoning my neurotransmitters, so is the need for 5HTP! Forever!! I haven't used it for months, and I'm totally free of terrorizing panic attacks!! Thank you all for your prayers that God answered by keeping me alive long enough to get through the treatments!

I'm SO thankful to God, not for a nature-defying miracle that I previously begged Him for and never received, but for miraculously engineering circumstances to bring me to a place where through QRA, I could honor His fabulous natural laws of biology and quantum physics that leads to the kind of healing alluded to in Deut. 28 and other places. Not only am I well on the way to normal mental health, but I'm also well on the way to becoming healthier than ever before in my whole life!


When the prior consultants told me I had toxic metals in my organs, all the dreadful things I've learned in recent years about mercury leaking out from fillings and causing many kinds of severe health problems (which things are all true), led me to even more spells of anxiety, particularly bad what with my chemically-weakened brain. Anxiety because any dental work spells great expense for which I chronically have had no funds.

But the news from the Heise clinic in November was very revealing and good! The May exam tested but found no sign of heavy metals. The retest in Nov. still showed no heavy metals present. (We now think there was an error in the prior consultant's test.) This was particularly puzzling as I still have mercury fillings which I've hoped someday to remove.

TC: What about the several small mercury fillings I have left?

DH: Your body is methylating the metal; taking it back out as a soluble product, because your liver is working extremely well. Your body can methylate, in other words, bio-tranform it into a soluble state and take it back out through the kidneys.

TC: Wow! What does this imply for my future need to get my remaining mercury fillings replaced?

DH: At this point, it's not having any bad clinical effect on you. Because the teeth are not dumping enough metal in your system and your liver is adequately taking care of it as it comes out, you're not going to have to worry about it.

TC: How many years can I wait?

DH: Probably a long time. You may never have to bother with that.

TC: I've lost 2 teeth in 5 years due to bacteria and failure to floss.

DH: If you no longer have the bacteria in your gut (which were killed with the parasite cleanse), then it's going to strengthen your mouth flora so you won't have the likelihood of more bacteria breaking down your teeth.

Several wonderful news items to hear! (But I will continue the flossing habit I desperately and painfully adopted last spring after my wisdom tooth spontaneously broke. After what I've learned about hard plaque being porous enough to hold live bacteria, I'm amazed I have as many teeth left as I do!) But I must consider myself very fortunate. Many of you do have serious enough toxic metals in your teeth that to solve the various related [or latent] health problems you will have to have them removed. But QRA can confidently assess your situation. And the Doc can refer you to dentists qualified to safely remove the mercury. (And there are many who don't know how to do it safely, so be very wary.)

Side note: In wondering why my liver is so strong, we concluded that it's probably because I began adopting biblical diet, fastings, and exercise into my life starting 20 years ago. Even though the infections were probably there most of that time, the effects of living a lifestyle of biblical health do cause many good things to happen, and probably did so to a limited extent all through those years.

STONES: (liver, kidney, gallbladder)

The Doc's exam comments (paraphrased): "Parasites have been the biggest culprit; the condition of your gut affects everything else. You do have issues going on in the kidneys. I checked your gallbladder and it's operating fine. If you have any stones in there, they're not really having a negative effect on you. It's very likely the liver and the other stones will self-correct, that is, they're dissolving and are so small they've been coming out with the feces without you knowing it. The kidneys need a bit of work, but no imminent problem."

So, basicly, by working on the QRA-determined higher priority items, the stones are all being gradually eliminated! About 7 years ago, I followed the olive oil gallbladder purge (which he and others recommend and has saved many gallbladders from needless removal at the hands of eager surgeons) and safely passed a whole bunch of small stones. I suspected I'd need to do that again, but the Doc said no need to! So another pending and fearful multi-faceted crisis is happily alleviated!! Praise God!

Now for some bad news items (but have mostly turned toward good since Nov.)...

I had REALLY hoped that the majority of my nutrient work would be done once the parasites were gone. In fact, I had planned my economics around an assumption that my subsequent nutrient costs would shrink to a trickle. (Particularly to pay for needed car repairs.) But the exam showed more that needed doing. The 30-day fluke treatment had been $210 (excruciating to me in my poverty), the 60-day parasite, over $500, and the next regimen, instead of greatly shrinking, was over $400! Added to this was the fact my work options were becoming shakier after Thanksgiving. (I'll say more on this later.) This is what I was referring to when I said to Becky, "And your note was so valuable to me, as in the weeks immediately following Thanksgiving, the trials and despair were such that I desperately needed the encouragement from reading my own story! Those several weeks were rough, and if it weren't for the health progress I've attained [parasites being gone], I would have had many severe anxiety attacks."


The QRA retest showed that there has been an additional factor causing weak mental function all along as well as poor absorption of nutrients for many years. The test detected several of what are called interference fields. I'll quote from the very helpful sale flyer I emailed on 1/24:

"An interference field is an area of the body where there has been previous trauma such as an old scar or a whiplash from a car accident (head trauma). Even though a trauma may be very old and is no longer painful, it can still act like a powerful short-circuit of the body's natural energy flow to a specific organ or gland, thus creating many problems - often unresolvable even with many types of treatment. It is extremely common to have hidden interference fields which are often the root cause of many problems."

The test revealed that I've had 3 such interference fields for decades:
1. A head trauma occurring at about age 13 (no known aftermath to the incident);
2. A scar from hernia surgery my first week of 11th grade in 1969 (nothing abnormal about it);
3. The smallpox vaccination I received on my left arm as a child (I don't remember when).

Each of these fields has been reflexing to various parts of my body s-l-o-w-l-y (over decades) impairing the body's energy flow to whatever organs were affected. My head trauma surely was reflexing to the brain. Did you know that half of the body's neurotransmitters are in the colon?? I suspect the hernia scar reflexed to my gut where those neurotransmitters are. QRA practitioners (mine being Dr. Heise) can assess where these items reflex. But the important thing is to identify them and eliminate them. [Since writing this, I've learned that head traumas reflex to the internal organs. TC...9/2008]

The Doc, sensitive to my economic plights (like he has been all along), was able to break the plan up into 4 phases. The first was clearing up the interference fields. Providentially, a friend had just gone through her field clear-ups and had enough materials leftover for me to totally clear up mine! She kindly gave me the materials! (Thank you B.H.!)

The treatment to clear up interference fields is not the conventional idea of swallowing supplements. It is a special clay powder that you mix with a special liquid to form a moist fine mud. (You can't use mud from your yard for this.) You smear it on your skull (if head trauma is involved) and scars and carefully massage it in before rinsing off. Also, the hands and feet are sometimes involved. You do this 6 times over a 3-week period. You won't notice much difference after it's over, but the next QRA test will indicate that the fields are cleared up, if you've done it correctly. Then (and for the rest of your life) all subsequent nutrients will be absorbed with spectacular efficacy. I did my head and 2 scars, plus several small scars which were only slight IFs. [These unique mud packs have an extremely high cationic exchange by which they draw out the poisons inherent in the scar tissues, and simultaneously feed the body valuable minerals that aide in healing. TC...9/2008]

I have been somewhat of an anomaly in this matter of interference fields. I have an 84-year-old friend with severe dementia. She can get mostly or entirely over it if her family will follow through on the treatments dictated by her QRA exam. She had a severe head trauma at age 8 (a car knocked her over), a severe foot injury at 6, and c-section scars with her 2 children. The exam showed she has flukes and parasites, too. All this contributed to her developing dementia decades later (about 10 years ago it slowly began). The mud treatment has already cleared up her IFs. A 20-something buddy has had environmental and some food allergies all his life (all rather severe). He had a QRA exam which revealed flukes, parasites, and head trauma (among other things). He happens to know that as a baby, he was accidentally dropped on his head! My friends Jim and Donna (with bipolar and diabetes respectively), also have head traumas and scars, including Vietnam War bullet wounds and episiotomy scars. 4 other friends have been examined and most do have interference fields, for which they need to do the mud-packing first.

Where I am an odd one is that QRA didn't dictate that my interference fields needed to be dealt with first. In a QRA exam, the body communicates through signals to the examiner what things are the most urgent. In most cases, it dictates that interference fields be eliminated first. We think that in my case, the neurotransmitter disruption (by fluke and parasite excrement) was causing so much mental anguish (terrorizing panic attacks) that my body was crying out to be freed from those invading creatures that were so greatly poisoning it. Therefore I was dealing with them, and never even heard about IFs until November. This is why I never told you all about it; I never knew about it. But some of you noticed that right after Thanksgiving, I temporarily went back to super-short hair. This was to make the mud-packing of my head easier.

While the infections are gone and the IFs are gone, there is still mental rebuilding to take place over the months ahead, even though the anxiety attacks are gone. It's kind of like a truck running tracks through the dirt. The truck (infections) are gone, but the tracks are still there, and my mind still gets stuck in those ruts which need to be smoothed out through further healing of brain chemistry. I'm well on the way to that, making progress each month. Each month my nutrients are adjusted as needed. It encouraging that each time he checks and verifies that neither flukes nor parasites have returned.

I HOPE that my report about interference fields has raised some red flags for many of you. SO many serious conditions have interference fields as one of the major roots, that almost everyone needs to consider this. Every surgical scar has an IF that is reflexing inward to cause long-term problems. (This has been repeatedly confirmed by the best QRA practitioners.) I had some small injury scars that were only slightly reflexing. Some head traumas don't result in IFs. But I got confirmation from a QRA expert that if a head trauma is severe enough to involve a concussion, there is an IF for sure! Did you ever have a concussion? If so, then from the time of the incident forward, you have and will be suffering energy loss to many of your internal organs and glands, which will cause some kind of health condition(s). It might take 5 years or 50 years. But the simple 3-week special mud-packing can clear it up for good. Unless of course you have another severe trauma. In a recent ultimate frisbee game, I was smashed into by a player with no shoes slipping on wet ground. The lump on my head hurt for a week. Weeks later, the Doc checked it and found no new IF. But if it had been more severe, it could have created one.

So on the health front, you can see that there has been very good progress, as well as some disappointments. Please praise God with me for allowing me to find this very new, breakthrough healing science, but also pray that I will find the resources and discipline in God's providence to continue progressing toward amazing health for God's glory.

The work situation has had ups and downs, and I want to tell you about it and the very strange car God has given me. But I'll save that for next time (along with some amazing new things to help you, which I can't go into here). Much to praise God about, but also to pray for.

Several have encouraged me to put my letters on the web, and I had already agreed that it would be a good idea to humbly be vulnerable in that way. When it happens, you'll be able to get to all those good links and downloads you lost if you deleted some of my earlier emails. Plus if you know of someone who has a chronic condition, you'll be able to simply tell them, "Go to TomsGoodFiles.com and you'll find help." Pray that I'll have wisdom and diligence to proceed in that direction.

That's all for now. :)

Your appreciative friend in Christ,
Tom Cook
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