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Subject: Tom's update - January 2011: Followup to the "special gift"

Dear prayer friends,

(All of my prior prayer letters can be seen at this link:

Last month, I gave the Proverbs series (by Brent Bradley) to the world. Got back a couple nice notes worth sharing. This one is from a middle-aged wife and mother who is a semi-retired missionary:

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So happy for you Tom! Sounds like you [... then she commented on some news I had previously given to her but not to you all...TC]

... and THANKS for the Proverbs. I look forward to it since they've long been faves of mine in the Bible too!


Later I got a note from a young husband and father in my own church who loves reformed theology and eschatology:

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... [other things not relevant...TC]

...I haven't had a chance to listen to any of the Proverbs messages but plan on adding them to my iPod to listen through them.


My church's Pastor Danny spoke to me at church recently saying he had heard part of the first message. He said it was very good quality content, and he was impressed with it and the speaker.

I was a little surprised that out of 360+ recipients, there were 21 hits to the link I gave the first week, then 4 since then. I have no ego to bruise about this. But I really want to see people at least have the chance to be delightfully "overcome" or "high" with seeing life from God's perspective (which is what the Proverbs are all about) more than they already do. Danny also told me how impressed he was at all the work that must have gone into transferring the 176 messages from cassette back in '98. My answer to that is "These are SO valuable that it's worth it to get it out there". Even if you don't download anything any time soon or even ever, I urge you to at least click the link and glance at the page. I agree, it's not a spectacular looking page (I'm no web expert). But if you do, then later on when God prompts you to read or think about the Proverbs, you may remember a webpage you saw as a potential resource for personal growth.

I myself am only slowing plodding through them, having heard a fraction of them. But each one does has valuable insights into life, many of which have been neglected by modern church teachings.


I got a nice note but from a slightly different emailing context. In the last 3 years, I've become acquainted with, in varying degrees, doctors etc. across the nation who have learned Quantum Reflex Analysis and are have great success with it. Many of them, about 30, have been on my email list, as at the time I had contact with them, my letters (and later the website) were an encouragement of how wonderful QRA can heal someone (namely me). Plus, my mailings gradually became a body of helpful QRA info, which at times can be an aide even to such doctors.

I've realized for awhile that the majority of them (18) don't really know me at all, and now that QRA has had the bulk of it's healing work in me (at least with regard to the crisis), I ought to remove them from my personal list (this one), but add them to another list consisting of doctors and laymen who want to be notified when is updated. Go to almost any health-oriented page on my site and you'll see an email button (upper right on page). Lots of laymen (and a few doctors) have been writing me since I put that up there. These folks plus the 30 will go on that list. I sent a letter to the 18 doctors telling them I'm moving them off the personal and on to the site-update list. I did say they could ask to stay on my prayer newsletter list if they wish. Here's a sweet letter from a lady doctor in Texas who is having much success in healing all kinds of severe diseases through QRA (as do all QRA practitioners):

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Hi Tom,

I do enjoy hearing from you. Emails can be like snail mail, and yours is the consistently uplifting and positive one. I love your heart and your desire to see people walk in new levels of health.

Blessings to you as you continue to follow your heart's desire and please the one Who created you!

Sherri Lund

Sherri Lund, Naturopath, CNC
Bridge to Better Health, LLC

Yes, I will add her back to the list! She says my letters are uplifting to her. Perhaps you can see how hers is encouraging to me.

Also encouraging to me is the fact that a few of the 200+ QRA practitioners scattered across the nation have started linking their websites to mine. Here are links to some of their pages where you can see how they have linked to my site:
(These aren't practitioners, but information sites.)


I said last month, "Next month, as very strange twists in the road have come my way since my last letter, I'll fill you in on those. Definitely matters for prayer AND praise! (At least so far.)" I feel I must wait til next time to report that. Sorry to build the suspense, though that's not my intention. (Some of you already do know, though.)

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