From: Tom Cook
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Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2011 3:14 PM
Subject: Fw: Home-delivered organic foods

Dear friends/family,

I try to stay cautious about sending group emails (beyond my prayer newsletters every couple months), but this seemed worthy. Here below is a letter I sent out last night to those 120+ folks who are fans of my website, Those people by definition are very interested in organic foods as part of the process of gaining and maintaining fabulous disease-free health. It occurred to me that many of you might like it too.

BTW, thanks to all of you who wrote back appreciating the link I sent out earlier this month about the movie "Food Matters".


From: Tom Cook
Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2011 12:02 AM
Subject: Home-delivered organic foods

Dear friends of and QRA,

Because you are a fan of Quantum Reflex Analysis (and my website), you probably realize by now the value of getting high quality organic food in our diets. Dr. Marshall even says that he never wanted to make supplements, but between the ruined American soil and food and the inferior and/or polluted supplements already out there, he was forced to make them, initially to save his own life! Yes, Dr. Marshall greatly desires to see the food supply radically transformed so he can "go out of business someday". (Ha, ha!)

In recent weeks, I've been made aware of TWO companies about to launch major endeavors to help rectify this. I thought you would want to know about these two companies and their respective and imminent launches.

1st company - BEYOND ORGANIC:

Have you ever heard of Jordan Rubin or his book "The Maker's Diet"? He has accomplished a lot of good things for a lot of people, with the root of it being an amazing recovery from an agonizing brush with death as a young adult using natural means. His latest endeavor is Beyond Organic. He has intensely studied both the current organic farming standards and biblical standards of agriculture as reflected both in the Bible and practiced in history (which clearly produce the best food possible). He's learned that even the best "industrial organic" cattle farms are not up to par. He has acquired 8000+ acres of pristine cattle ranching land in Missouri, acquired carefully selected cattle stock, and is working to produce the best "100% GreenFed" beef anywhere attainable ("GreenFed" is better than "grass fed"). The differences are impressive, and you can learn about them at their website.

This was particularly appealing to me as Dr. Marshall has been recently promoting his associate Dr. Vincent Medici's new Saturday radio show which started in April. I've finished catching up on listening to all the past shows (by going to, and have been amazed at some of the additional insights I've learned. One of them (check this out there) is that history shows that mankind always thrived better (longer, healthier lives) when it was "hunter, gatherer". This flies in the face of many (if not most) QRA practitioners and patients (and other natural health people) tending to lean toward vegetarian or vegan. (Yes, there is controversy among QRA folks. We all inherit a lot of baggage, I guess.) Most people DO need to cut back on meat. But that's because the meat is overcooked and polluted, and because their livers and gallbladders are in terrible shape. Get the organs in shape, then meat (clean and undercooked or mostly raw) becomes *extremely* beneficial. (Don't take my word. Listen to Dr. Medici's convincing evidences.) So I have recently come to wish for knowledge about buying and preparing delicious nutritious meat for the 1st time in my 57-year life. (I've always been a heavy meat-eater in varying degrees. But I now consider all that non-organic meat to have been garbage compared to what we'll get through Beyond Organic.)

Beyond Organic is very appealing to me and becomes more and more so, the more I view the webinars and videos at their website. They are about to launch the business in a VERY short time. (I regret I couldn't get this to you sooner.) The product line will be very limited at first (beef, raw cheeses, cultured beverages, spring water), but will expand.

To learn the ropes, go here:
This is free to look around and learn. When you enroll, you'll be in my downline (which doesn't exist yet til the first of you signs up). I haven't even watched all the resources there yet, but just the ones I have, truly amaze me. I've learned that that website will be replaced with a new and better website after the official launch at midnight Oct. 31st. At that time the link above will be no good. But on the web version of this letter, I'll add the new link. The web version of this letter is:

[11/03/2011: BeyOrg has gone live, and the permanent link is this:]

2nd company - GREEN POLKADOT BOX:

The other company is good but in a very different way. I'll just quote the letter of the one who passed it on to me (who happens to be a very good QRA practitioner in another state):

"Something significant is happening in the organic foods industry. There's a new player on the block, and its name is Green PolkaDot Box. It's a new online organic store that's launching in just a few days, and it has the potential to save organic and non-GMO consumers thousands of dollars a year on foods and health products.

"With Green PolkaDot Box, you will:
- SAVE money on organic and non-GMO foods, including freshly harvested organic produce.
- Receive FREE shipping via Fedex on all orders over $150 (Continental USA)
- Find special shopping labels (badges) for unique dietary needs.
- All food products are honestly labeled in the shopping cart with their GMO status.

"Memberships are normally $50 a year, but if you watch the introductory video at the link below, you can get a FREE 1 year membership before the launch day of October 9th. [They have delayed this for a short while....TC] There are several different memberships that you will learn about in the video. I wanted to share that the FOUNDING TRUST memberships are only available until November 26th.

"I found for myself that if I just sign up for the FREE "Club" membership for now...I can upgrade later to the "Reward" membership and only spend $75 vs. $125 (because the FREE membership is worth $50 right now).

"I have always wanted for all of us to be able to buy healthy foods without breaking the bank and I think this company may be the answer we have been looking for. Take a look for yourself."

Then my friend had the link to the site with her referral code. Here's my link (with my referral code):


Beyond Organic is premium priced (as determined when I checked out the price list), but so are the organic foods at your local health food store. But certain levels of membership have discounts so the prices can be brought significantly down. But even the suggested retail prices actually ARE reasonable ONCE you learn the significant differences between "industrial organic" and "Beyond Organic". Yes, the standards are laid out, explained and contrasted at the website, and the contrasts are simply amazing. With the possible exception of SOME local farmers, we simply cannot get this top caliber of food anywhere! Poor food=poor health. I heard Dr. Marshall speak recently of the high cost of "Colorado buffalo", "New Zealand lamb", etc. He said that while the cost is high, you simply eat it only a couple times a week. For me it will be even less often. But I'm looking forward to the great nutrition my body will benefit from on those days!

Beyond Organic has at present a very limited product line. A couple of beef products, several dairy products, some beverages, and organic chocolates. Not enough variety to live on, obviously. But this will grow over time. And I still want to be in on the "ground floor".

GBPB, however, has many dozens of products, both food and non-food. GBPB is not a producer of organic food at all; they're merely a co-op that has researched and established relationships with organic non-GMO vendors (many of which the names you might recognize) and provides a way to ship to members. I see this as a way, not only to get many more of the food items that Beyond Organics doesn't have, but also to do so economically. Obviously, GBPB doesn't have the control over the vendors like Beyond Organics does; Beyond Organics IS the vendor!

Btw, both companies have assured us that no foods shipped will be irradiated! I will be monitoring this subject.


So I have signed up for both. I highly suggest each of you at least click through and do research. Then maybe like me, you'll "sign up" for both.

I apologize that I must urge you to check these out in the next day or two. Until now, I've been too busy to bring my learning up to the level of where I felt comfortable enough to pass this info on to you. Yet the deadlines at both companies are coming very quickly (sooner than I wished), so you'll want enough time to leisurely study what they are doing before the launches occur. I don't want to let these opportunities pass us by.

Tom Cook
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