God's Children - Gifted for Ministry

An 8-part series by Dr. Charles F. Stanley

"We're in the book of 1 Corinthians on Spiritual Gifts. The Bible says there are MINISTRY gifts, there are MOTIVATIONAL gifts, and there are MANIFESTATION gifts. We are discussing in Romans 12 those MOTIVATIONAL gifts. There are seven of them, and every believer has at least one of these MOTIVATIONAL or 'driving' gifts that God has given them through which they can carry out whatever MINISTRY God has given to them, and through which God will MANIFEST Himself in their life accordingly. In verse 6, 'And since we have gifts that differ according to the grace that given to us, let each one exercise them accordingly.' And then he names them, Prophesy, Service, Teaching, Exhorting, Giving, Leading, and Mercy."

Here are the links to the 8 messages. These are believed to have been spoken in the 1980s.

CStanley.Gifted for Ministry.01.Intro Motivational Gifts.mp3
CStanley.Gifted for Ministry.02.Prophecy.mp3
CStanley.Gifted for Ministry.03.Service.mp3
CStanley.Gifted for Ministry.04.Teaching.mp3
CStanley.Gifted for Ministry.05.Exhorting.mp3
CStanley.Gifted for Ministry.06.Giving.mp3
CStanley.Gifted for Ministry.07.Leading(prelim).mp3 (preliminary edition - some portions muffled)
CStanley.Gifted for Ministry.08.Mercy(prelim).mp3 (preliminary edition - some portions muffled)


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