From: Tom Cook
To: Recipients
Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 4:40 PM
Subject: Tom's prayer update - September 2011

(You can see the last letter I wrote, by clicking here:

Dear prayer friends,

Two months ago I asked you all to pray for the current fans of my website Tom's Good Files; that many of them would join the mission of spreading fabulous health and healing throughout the world through my educational resource by committing to monthly financial support. Ten days before I wrote you, I had written to them making my proposal. Six weeks later, I wrote a follow-up letter providing explicit details of just what work I'd be doing to greatly extend the reach of the site and mission.

You can see both of those letters to the fans, if you wish:

So far, only 7.5 percent of the needed support has been reached. Please pray that the rest of it would come in very soon. As a side matter, perhaps you yourself might like to share in the rewards of knowing you're helping to really save lives from horrible fates that have never been solvable before. If you are financially able to (for any amount), but are unsure of the validity and power of this mission, check out the FAQ page at the site, It's about 20 minutes long and generally answers most questions that an inquiring mind might ask. The rest of the site gives the abundant confirming evidences. For facts about financial support itself, click the "Donation Info" button you'll find on the page.


In response to the 1st of the 2 letters above, I got a nice note from a mother of 4 out west. She said in part:

Hi Tom,
Our finances are very, very bad right now, and my hubby is now in charge of every penny we spend, so [later] when we get our act together, I'd like to support you, too!
God bless you!
In response to the 2nd letter, I got another nice note, this from a lady in my own church (also happens to be a mother of 4) whose family is in extremely strained times financially:
hey tom.
i really pray you will be fruitful in this endeavor. if i had any money to contribute i would try and do so. i have found all those audio clips helpful to me.
Numerous other ones on the fan list (as well as some of you receiving this) are also suffering financial difficulty, some even greatly. I wouldn't want any of them to support the project. Their own QRA health journey should be their highest priority. I think not only of folks like the two families represented above, but also fans such as a fellow I met months ago online who is disabled from a stroke and not able to work. Just to start and make progress in QRA (which would totally reverse all effects of his stroke) would be a financial miracle for him.


But there may be those of you who are greatly blessed financially, and can afford to be a partner in saving lives. This would be true regardless of whether you've resolved all your own health problems through QRA (and they are virtually all solvable).

Concerning the efficiency of this mission, I've heard that many charitable missions have overhead as high as 70 percent. The overhead in this mission is much less, nearly non-existent by comparison! And the labor value is greatly undervalued (the donations will go a long way).

But if you never become a financial partner supporting the mission of Tom's Good Files, I'll still greatly appreciate your prayers for God to work to somehow bring the support up to the 100% goal. (Numbers are in the letters linked above.) I'm still very convinced that this mission is something very dear to His heart. And remember what I said last time; my confidence comes after the life-long trail of hating asking others for money.


In my last letter, I attempted to address the concern some may have that "This isn't a valid mission that should be supported, as you're not teaching the Bible or the gospel." Some apparently haven't grasped how I responded (or perhaps didn't read it). There are many "missions" out there that aide man as a part of what I consider the "greater" commission of subduing the earth for God's glory, even if those missions don't know it (and perhaps are not even Christians). Do we consider the Red Cross a cause not worthy of support simply because they're not Christian missionaries preaching the Christian Bible? What about the relief last year to the Haitian earthquake victims? Even my own church and denomination gave support to such a "physical" cause. They know the truth of James 2 which speaks of God's heart for meeting "non-spiritual" needs of suffering people, which can lead to spiritual feeding. My cause is born out of a realization that tremendous suffering has gone on for decades worse and worse (for centuries really) until in God's providence discoveries in quantum physics would be made and correlated together in the 21st century in a way that would enable us to bring astounding health and longevity to most of the most desperately condemned victims (even in my own church). At this stage in modern history, the greatest need is for education of the masses, for it's only through education of the (currently) unpopular facts that one can begin the journey toward the vigorous health that will glorify God (3 John 2, 1 Cor. 6:19). And remember what Jesus said about the blessing of a "non-preaching" thing such as "giving merely a cup of cold water" with a view to point men to God. A cup of water meets a physical need, relief to Haiti supplies desperately needed help, and the education that I've found that I can uniquely give takes terminally ill people (and non-terminally ill) and gives DECADES of vibrant life, and better than any they've had before! In my letter I included a few words from Sylvia, a middle-aged Christian lady who made a donation, and who has since become part of that donor base of regular supporters, which presently stands at 7.5 percent of what's needed. She said, "The Lord has led you to do this ministry and you wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for what you've been through as bad as it was and still might be. You will be giving people hope, saving their lives and leading people to Christ through this. May God richly bless you in your ministry."


Some have expressed "this is too new-age-y for me". This is absolutely and patently false. It's built on rock-solid science (quantum physics and related areas), and confirmed by repeatable clinical observations and studies. The problem is that it's so new (relatively) and the results so stupendous, that it seems too unbelievable to be true. Yet it is. I will eventually have info at the site that will demolish such fears that some of my Christian brothers have.


So at least please pray for the support of this unusual means to greatly aide people everywhere. And then give if you feel led. Also, Tom's Good Files is now (minimally) on Facebook. You can help by "liking" it there:

I am including Sylvia's letter below my signature (with her permission), as I believe you will find it edifying as well as giving context to her comment above.

Tom Cook
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From: Tom Cook
To: Sylvia
Sent: Wed, Jul 20, 2011 6:53 am
Subject: Re: qra practitioners

Some would say I shouldn't bring this up, but I can't help but wonder. (Don't answer if you don't wish to.) I might expect a donation from someone who'd been greatly helped and healed through QRA and had gotten much info from the site, both over a period of months. Yet from what I can tell, you've only begun to learn about it and haven't even had your first QRA exam. So your very generous gift was truly surprising (in addition to be greatly appreciated). Anything you'd like to say about this?
Feel free to ask me further questions, if you wish.

Tom Cook

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From: Sylvia
Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2011 10:27 PM
Subject: Re: qra practitioners

Hi Tom

I would like to tell you what led me to send you money. I have not found a home church in my area that suits mine and my daughter's needs (hopefully my husband's too someday, he is not saved). I like to give money to certain charities or people if God leads me to do so. He has blessed us with so much in so many ways (basic health, money and everything we could possibly want). I told the Lord that if I could help someone I would and that he would have to show me who really needs the money. It's so strange that I was led to your site through a QRA practitioner web search. As I started to read the story of Fran I was led to give and I thought if the web site was not true $100.00 won't hurt us and if it is true I've helped someone. I felt bad that no one had donated any money or very little to one of your causes. Your calculations made sense to me and all the more reason to give (even if only a little bit). It's amazing to me the money people spend on silly things but no one will donate any money to a worthy cause. I saw the work involved in all the QRA stuff and was quite amazed that someone can be so organized. I think that you could start a business (out of your home with no costs involved) by organizing people's garages, homes, closets, kids' rooms, playrooms, workshops, offices, etc... I can see you are a detailed oriented person and seem to have a knack for organizing. I myself am a detail oriented person myself but have a hard time concentrating and calming down enough to be organized. You are very particular at specifying details which is why you are long-winded sometimes (not meant as a criticism but rather to let you know how hard that is to come by). That quality is like gold to the right person. I fret over not being organized sometimes so I would pay someone to organize my stuff including my makeup table and makeup drawers.

I am wondering if you are totally rid of your depression. [I later assured her that thanks to QRA I'm totally free of the anxiety attacks that nearly took my life...TC] I was on anti-depression meds for 16 years and went off of them slowly due to becoming more aware of how bad they are for you. I have been asking God if it is ever possible to go off of the natural st johns wort and natural thyroid and other supplements I take. I say that because if I don't take the st johns wort regularly I feel like I am going insane, have no coping skills and and become so irritable that I yell at my family like I'm really crazy, if they irritate me. Sometimes I have thought about going back on prescription meds so I don't feel that insane. I do very well if I take the st johns wort regularly (I think that is the key at this point to keep my sanity). It's been a learning experience to try to figure out what my problem is. Now I have been led to QRA and I think this might be the answer. I have an appointment next week in Ann Arbor MI with Dynamic Health. I am praying that there will be answers to that and other issues I have. It's amazing that God is answering my concerns and prayers without any effort on my part. When I try to make things happen it doesn't work; if I sit back and wait for him, it's unbelievable how he works.

I just want to tell that you should always be thankful in your situation because it could always be worse. I know people that have said they wanted and wished they could be me, because from the outside looking in my life looks really great, but the turmoil in my own mind has been like hell on earth. I have also wished I was a particular person and later found out her supposed Christian husband ended up being a rapist. I had wished I could have a Christian husband like hers. It taught me to be thankful for what I have because it can always be worse. The Lord has taught me great lessons in life and I was led to share that with you because I know your situation has not been good. The Lord has led you to do this ministry and you wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for what you've been through as bad as it was and still might be. You will be giving people hope, saving their lives and leading people to Christ through this. May God richly bless you in your ministry.

I would like to send Fran money too. Are you still taking donations for her?

from a Sister in Christ