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From: Tom Cook
To: Recipients
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 5:42 PM
Attached: My Resume in Word 97
Subject: Tom's prayer update - Aug/Sep/Oct

To my friends who've prayed for me during any part of these last troubled 11 months:

I have to assume you've read (& remember) the 7/14 "Update on my job and health" email before reading this one. (If you didn't, please write me and I'll forward it.)

There've been a lot of severely negative and severely positive things happening in these 17 weeks; sometimes so many that I can't get around to sharing things that happened shortly after 7/14! I wanted these updates to be shorter and a little more frequent, rather than very long as before. (I think I'm failing.) I've never been so humbly needy as to be systematicly requesting prayer from a group before. And I must say I'm *extremely* grateful for all the prayers you all have prayed for me, as well as much emotional support in the various ways so many of you have shown it! I wish I could hug every one of you!!!    :)

I will try to break this down by topic. (I'm sure there will be some overlap; all the problems in my life affect each other so severely that overlap is unavoidable.)


Bad Lincoln

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The car my former boss gave me turned out to be an extremely stressful ongoing nightmare. It wasn't an '86 Lincoln Mark VII; it was a beat up '83 Mark VI. More importantly, after several days of road trouble, I was able to get it to a shop to find out that it needed over $2000 worth of repairs, including a bad and dangerous gas leak! And for the longest time, it appeared the gas leak could not be fixed at all as noone around could get the part. I had very much dismay again, now that I had no working vehicle. I tried to get an offer from a muscle car specialty shop [for possibly a couple thousand] only to be finally turned down after many days of waiting.

Bad Lincoln

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I was about to sell it for $200 in scrap, when I ran across a flyer left in the car papers given to me of a Lincoln parts & service specialist in Clearwater. I was stressfully in stretched out negotiations with the owner hoping he'd offer me a little closer to the bottom range of it's worth of $1000-$2000 as a parts car. If he had offered $500, I'd have accepted it gratefully. He did finally offer 400 net by end of August, which I accepted. For virtually that entire time (6 weeks), I had 2 dead cars in my roommate's 1-car carport.

Fatally sick Dodge

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Just before selling the dead Lincoln, I found a buyer for the Dodge, getting $100. So for most of those 11 weeks I had NO car here, which I guess is a little better than 2 dead cars to remind me of how stranded I've often felt.

During this time, I've been greatly reminded of how difficult it is to carry out life without a car, given the station of life I'm in [grown, single, careerless, and with virtually no local family left]. And as much pain and anxiety as I've had trying to patiently move the car-selling processes along [adding to the existing chemical anxiety attacks and other bad circumstances], God has worked to provide needed rides [when critical]. Some of you have given me rides to church functions; I'm very grateful to each of you who've helped in that way or other ways. Thank you so much!

As I've been seeking wisdom about what kind of car to seek and pray for, my brother, who happens to be very knowledgeable about car mechanics and car choices, has given me some very good advice. I have been doing tons of research about car makes & models, and adding his advice to it all, I've learned a tremendous amount about car makes/models *and* about many aspects of how cars work that I never knew before. He helped me to see that I ought to have as a goal acquiring a car I'd never heard of before; a 1992-1995 Ford Crown Victoria or Taurus. While it didn't result (for the longest time) in having a car in hand, the satisfaction gained by acquiring a useful body of knowledge is actually a health benefit to me that I've needed! My herbalist explained awhile back that doing fun things and finishing meaningful projects actually helps shift one's acid chemistry toward the alkaline, which is something I have badly needed in order to be able to absorb the trace minerals my brain desperately needs. Both before and after I had a major epiphany 12 years ago about the importance of exercise, I ridiculed sports watching as a wasteful friviolity. While I still believe that most football fans *ought* to playing it instead of merely watching it, I *now* realize that merely watching it (if you enjoy it) *is* a health benefit as is any recreational activity. Yes, God made us to have at least a small percentage of our time to be occupied with *fun* things. It's an idol if we exalt fun to where it interferes with more important priorities, but I now see how important it is from a biochemical standpoint.

In late August, my brother checked out and bought a 1990 station wagon (in Lake Co. even though he lives in Volusia) with a view to lending it to me til year end so I could get and travel to a job. (It's the Mercury equivelant of the Crown Vic.) He has other uses for it in his swamp-home in Mims later on. It has been fraught with agonizing mechanical problems exascerbated by [severe] emotional conflicts between us over servicing issues. Just recently, we had a couple breakthroughs, and both the car and our relationship are mending!! (I'm very grateful for both!) So much has happened so fast these weeks, that further news of the car situation must wait until the next update! Please do pray as there are difficulties to overcome in this regard.


Partial good news, initially. Dr. Heise re-tested me a few days after 7/14 as planned. A major hurdle has been overcome: the flukes are totally gone!! Flukes are very hard to kill. And while the treatment was *very* expensive, it took only the prescribed 30 days to do it! The QRA technology that Dr. Heise used has been extremely encouraging! I was fearful that like so much effort in the past, the treatment would go on and on for years with little or intermittent results. Not so with QRA. This stuff REALLY does work! It can accomplish results with a reliability and promptness that's amazing! It's because it's perfectly in tune with laws of health that God built into our bodies and the biological world around us.

This doesn't mean that my problems with brain chemistry are over. While the flukes were the worst and most important problem, the neurotransmitters are still being interfered with by parasites. I was disappointed to find that this next phase would be even more expensive to the tune of $500! While trying to save up for that (which is hard when you don't have a job or a car to get there), I've had to battle panic & anxiety attacks still. From 7/14 thru September, there have been 3 full moons, and all three resulted in severe mental dysfunction, as I described last time. The first time, I had a horrible time at an event that I had really been looking forward to (our church's July singles meeting). Tremendous amount of emotional anguish and fears. It wasn't til a day after the fact that I discovered it had been leading up to a full moon! (Had written the date down earlier, but had misplaced the note.) Dr. Heise has been very sympathetic to my challenges. He knows the chemically-induced fears are still plaguing me and prays for me. Got a note 8/1 from him, "Have been praying for you, your health and a good job. Will continue to be praying until I hear otherwise." Got a temporary supply of brain-support supplements from him which have helped some. The 2nd time (late August), I had irrational terror about the future very severely, but so close on the tail of several clear signs of His care, that I just knew it had to be the full moon parasite maternity effect. I called Dr. Heise and he confirmed it! Said to try to lay low, hang in there, pray a lot, and wait it out a few days. 3rd time, it was still bad, but not as severe.

Someday I hope to write a paper of some kind, attempting to describe the horrors of panic attacks especially for believers; what it's like to not be able to feel joy, not to find the strength to trust God or believe that he cares, to frequently or continually be in terror of an unknown future disaster looming over you. It's so terrible that my heart will always ache for those with mood disorders. (I almost cry right now thinking about it!!) I've heard from others that it can be worse than any physical pain! (This was from a friend at church who's mentally ill family member has said this. I severely agree now.) II Cor. 1:4 has taken on a hundred fold depth of meaning for me! A short scholarly medical article begins it's last paragraph with, "The erosion or loss of brain function is arguably the most frightening and disabling experience a person can have". This is so terribly true! Here's a link to that article which is entitled "The Role of Infections in Mental Illness":


Had a health breakthrough after weeks of struggling to survive, financially, mentally, and transportationally. God has mercifully shown his faithfulness in a desperate time in several ways:
1. God raised up a number of you to take me places I need to go. I'm SO grateful to each one of you, whether a one time lift or many times; whether I asked for a ride, or you offered it when you knew I needed it.
2. Each week or two, when submitting a financial report to Pastor Chip for accountability and for asking wisdom about this or that expense decision, it's been amazingly uncanny that with no steady job or car, the net cash flow was always a little bigger! Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but always an increase! Between selling both dead cars, some odd jobs for my brother, and especially some ongoing "granny-sitting" for my dear friend Beth Harvey, God has mercifully caused this increase! Even though there've been many stressful times of terror and anguish, these two areas of travelling without a car and increasing reserves have caused me at times to fall to my knees in tears over these signs of God's provision and demonstration that He WILL see me through this terribly dark time! Dear Father, Thank you SO MUCH!!! (Of course those times of thanks are not in a panic attack. During an attack you feel like crying out, "My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me!!")
3. While I prayed for God to provide some kind of instant provision for the desperately needed means of procuring the needed treatment, he never did. But as the cash reserves gradually reached the point where spending $500 on the treatment would still allow 2 months living expenses, I discussed the matter with Chip, and he agreed that it's the time to take the desperately needed plunge that will save my life!!

Two days after the loaner car was ready, I drove to the Heise Clinic to pick up the huge bag of $500 worth of bottles. I immediately began the intense treatment consisting of 3 tubs daily of 9 capsules of 5 different formulations, plus 3 times a week of that castor-pack treatment I mentioned (castor-oil-soaked flannel against the belly with a hot heating pad on top for 30 minutes). I'm 52 days into the 60-day treatment. On roughly the 5th thru 10th days, I experienced that 3rd full moon I mentioned earlier (full moon was 9/26). Dr. Heise had said I wouldn't notice better mental function until almost a month in, so the full moon was too near the beginning of treatment to have stopped them from egg-laying, and I had moderate anxieties through the several days. But Dr. Heise said that by the next full moon (38 days in), they'll be so sick and dying they won't be laying any more eggs! And as reliably as QRA eradicated the hard-to-kill flukes in only 30 days, I'm greatly encouraged to believe that the parasites will be gone in the prescribed 60 days, and I should never have a full-moon anxiety spurt again!! Yes, the rest of my mental weaknesses will take longer to improve, but the severe chemically-induced anxiety, fear, and worry should be over!

BTW, most people with mood disorders don't have these attacks *because* they are taking the drugs that compensate for the chemical imbalances that *we* know are caused by parasites excreting all those poisons. The drugs *do* work for awhile, maybe even years! (The psychiatric world sadly knows only of the drug-route.) But the real answer is to kill the parasites so the neurotransmitters won't be interfered with by the poisons they excrete. I take partial doses of natural supplements that support brain functions, but still have problems as I've channeled more of my scarce funds into dealing with the *cause* not the symptoms. I'm greatly looking forward to being free both from the critters, *and* from the need to take brain support supplements!


Speaking of parasites and the full moon, something really neat happened the last week of August. I was doing some temporary work for a neighbor attempting to help care for her father who was in the last stages of Parkinson's. Turns out he really needed CNA care, so I only barely got started before they had to replace me. (And that was good as it was around a full moon and I was in terrible emotional shape to be dealing with a dying man.) But in the course of this, I met two nurses who've had experience in mental wards. (At least one is a believer.) I shared with them the fragment from my 7/14 update,

"Mental disorders are skyrocketing in this country. Practitioners of alternative medicine have been demonstrating more and more that mental conditions and many other ailments that result in hospitalization are directly or indirectly caused by parasites and flukes. I have a friend, an expert in alternative approach to disease. She has a neighbor who's been a nurse in a local hospital for 18 years. This nurse has wondered why the mental patients are supposed to have their meds increased during a full moon. The nurse knows that without increased meds, they tend to go a bit crazier, but never knew why. (A nurse I know in my church confirmed this.) My friend knew why, and shocked this nurse. These mental patients all have parasites interfering with their brain chemistry, and during the full moon, the parasites go into an egglaying FRENZY!"

Both nurses confirmed the same thing! They had to increase meds during the full moon, but didn't know why. Now they know! And one of them has added herself to Dr. Heise's email list!!

Two more full moon stories... (These are exciting to me as they confirm everything I've been learning about my own health crisis and all those with mental disorders.)

Eric, my home group leader, is a band instructor at a local public middle school. On days that the students seem to act up a lot ("go crazy" is the term he uses), that night it *always* turns out to be a full moon or close to it! So he and I believe there is a lot of parasite infection going on in these kids.

Robin is a teacher friend who used to teach at a Christian grade school where there are many non-christian students from non-christian homes. She wrote me, "I have known about the changes in mental patients around full moon for some time because I like to read. ... I truly haven't noticed the changes in the ... students [at the school she currently teaches at...TC] around the full moon because they are generally a better behaved population of kids (most from strong Christian homes.) At my prior two schools, though, all the teachers would comment, 'Oh, yeah, it's a full moon. That's why it was a rough few days.' I have not had the chance to read up on the parasites other than what you have sent in your emails, but I am not surprised."

So there you have it! I now know two additional nurses and two teachers who confirm what Dr. Heise and all other QRA physicians have been saying about parasites, mental dysfunction and the full moon! This excites me, just as I wrote to Robin, "Maybe the troubles of my health can ultimately lead to help for others, therefore I'm wanting to study these things while I'm caught up in it as a victim myself. I do pray often that God will be glorified through my trials!" Her reply encourages me, "I am very glad that you are looking at how God can use this in your life to help others. He has a purpose in everything." Yes, I do strive to cling to 2 Cor. 1:4 often, and Rom. 8:28. But at times it's *very* painful to deal with those passages, because of this next item...


Something's been heavy on my heart during these months of protracted anxiety attacks, as I've sought to let many of you minister to me. You couldn't know this (hardly anyone can), so I try not to fault any of you. (I *do* love you for all your kind efforts to help!) But many times your admonitions have caused me great pain.

Some of the kind and loving encouragements I've received during these months have included the spiritual-sounding idea of "faith and fear are opposites" or "if you worry, you're sinfully not exercising faith". Through my agonizing and debilitating fears, during which my soul's effort to exercise faith and to believe that God is there was painfully impaired, I have come to realize that mental illness does not fit the normal mold of people (believers) turning from worry and trusting God as per Philippians 4:6-7 or Psalm 23:4. Your ability to trust, have faith, believe, be happy, take joy, etc. IS GREATLY IMPAIRED by not having proper brain chemistry! Dr. Heise, my doctor, friend, and a strong believer, has confirmed this to me recently. Mike N. in December told me there's been discussion between the pastors and doctors over this, but there's only partial agreement as I understand it; there's still a tension between the pastors and the Christian mental health community over how much of our soul's efforts can be limited by chemical imbalance. After my talk w/Dr. Heise about this, I'm convinced that all Christians in the healing arts, whether MD, DC, psychiatrists or psychologists like Dobson, would agree with what I've agonizingly found out 1st hand; faith, joy, happiness, lack of worry, etc. can be strongly possessed only by those with adequate brain chemistry. This is why my heart is so hurting for all those with mental disorders! There's no way we can expect them to believe the gospel or have faith (apart from a healing miracle) when the part of their brains that exercises faith, etc. is dysfunctioning due to severe chemical imbalance. It's terribly painful when a mental patient is counselled to be told to "have faith" or "simply trust and you won't worry". Depending on the particular imbalance, one can no more do that than one could relax with an overdose of adrenaline being injected intravenously. A traditional drug-oriented Christian counsellor told me months ago, "I wouldn't be able to help you without that [medication for mood disorders] because no amount of counseling can totally make up the deficits of the brain chemicals. It can help with that in place." This further confirms my position, I think.

I look at scriptures (as well as all of life) *very* differently now, knowing (or at least believing) that brain chemistry problems are much greater in recent decades than centuries ago in Bible times. I think of David in battle, as well as the Philistines [that he was battling]. I think of all the warriors in the movie Braveheart, on both sides. I think that the ability to have such great courage even with an arrow hanging out of your chest (whether for the side of righteousness or not) can occur because people back then had sound brain chemistry for the most part (whether for good or evil). I know that recent centuries have seen great increases in disregard for the health laws that God ordained. There've always been mistakes in that regard, but never so many at the same time. You hear about folks smoking all their lives and being healthy at 90. (Or eating pork and not keeling over with trichinosis right away.) What we don't take into account is that in their early years, most of those folks were living with a food supply that wasn't grown on devitalized soil (soil not managed according to God's agricultural laws). Over time, we've broken more and more of God's laws, and will therefore get away with less and less violations. Paul's words in Gal. 6:7 ring true, "for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap". So over time (recent decades) we are accumulating more and more consequences of bad eating (parasites a frequent consequence), then as the population's overall stress levels increase, more and more symptoms come to the surface. (Just like last December when extremely severe and unmanaged stresses in *my* life resulted in the flukes/parasites triggering the severe suicidal disorder.) During times of great judgement the stress is so great that "men's hearts fail them for fear". Sometimes it shows as fierce arrogance as in Acts 12 where God caused Herod's parasite infection to burst out suddenly, killing him.

I'm not sure that all my interpretations or applications are correct. I think the church is still exploring somewhat uncharted territory here. But I now believe from firsthand experience (cautiously) that the scriptures *presume* a normal brain chemistry when we are urged to trust, have faith, etc. *With* a normal brain chemistry, it then becomes the purely moral dilemna that we all teach; Will I trust or distrust? Will I believe God's promises or not?

But when you see someone you know is a believer with severe mental problems having great irrational fears, *please* don't over-simplify their problem by urging them to simply trust God. (Again, I can't fault anyone for this; I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't gone through all this myself.) When you've been a believer as long as I have, you know from memory that God is there (or "may" be there), but the chemically-induced fears frighteningly disable you from perceiving the joy of his presense as you once did. So it causes great pain to us with these imbalances to be accused of sin, when our brains are not able to exercise the faith that you all take for granted. What we need during those times is a loving hug , prayers (in our presence) for God to hold us up when we are in the dark, and reassurances from God's word that though He seems far away, He will ultimately come through for His children. (And many of you have done that for me, for which God will *greatly* reward you!) I go back to that article quote, "The erosion or loss of brain function is arguably the most frightening and disabling experience a person can have". Whether someone is a Christian or not, this is true. I've sometimes wondered if maybe for a Christian, it may even feel worse.

One more matter before I close this "paper"...


I came to Metro Life Church (one that claims to be charismatic and reformed) almost 2 years ago. I am not really a charismatic (depending on how you define it), but have always believed that God can and does sometimes supernaturally override His laws of nature and heal people. I've been in presbyterian churches where such healing has occurred. I probably fit the "charismatic" label more in the area of enthusiasm in worship and singing times. And I'm not a glossalalia cessationist. But I don't think I've ever come to a point where I desperately needed my heavenly father to miraculously intervene in my life for physical health more than in the last year. Let me share a letter I wrote to Pastor Todd, the church's leader of the healing team:

Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 5:35 PM
To: Todd Twining
Subject: Healing need

Todd, Mike said I should write to you.

I DESPERATELY need healing and have needed so for a long long time. I knew I needed a lot when in Dec. Mike talked me out of suicide I was seriously weighing. And then he told me I ought to [frequently] be seeking the healing team's ministry, but I didn't know how [to approach the team]. I finally asked him today.

I'm still in great stressful crisis of needing housing and job simultaneously. [Many changes and events since Dec. some for better, but ultimate goals still not accomplished and are very needful.] The stress has been killing me.

Was with my herb and health consultant today (a wonderful christian lady and friend for 20+ years). Gravity of matters was clarified [that is, how seriously the health problems are contributing to my symptoms]. I'm giving you several general areas for which I desperately need healing. These are things that her herbal and diet advice I believe would eventually solve given unlimited time and money. But I am terribly (impossibly) limited by both. I'm begging God (and have been for many extremely anxiety-filled weeks) to mercifully override nature or somehow allow me to heal, and now I know ... [the mechanics of asking] you all to help on Sunday.

-- Living conditions (uncertain where I'll be)
-- Thyroid
-- Adrenal exhaustion
-- Anxiety Attacks (also called panic attacks, and I've been informed of a genetic predisposition that never surfaced until this season)

I can describe some of these in more detail verbally if you wish. This short list does not convey the seriousness of what might happen to me. The last one (panic attacks-- an extremely overwhelming fear of looming disaster); if God would heal that (biologically difficult and expensive), a lot of the rest could be dealt with easier. (But I ask God to heal all of it.)

And I forgot... while I was in her office today...

-- a wisdom tooth broke reflecting serious tooth health issues [that is, how the broken tooth reflects and contributes to all the other health factors] and fear of no money to fix.

So I will eagerly be up front after the 1st hour this Sunday for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todd, these written words don't and can't convey the sense of terror I feel when I'm engulfed in these panic attacks, often for hours at a time! [virtually every day, sometimes several multi-hour stretches, Sunday mornings are often bad too.]

I had started taking an expensive (for me) natural seritonin booster, 5HTP. My herbal friend said that because I have this (alleged) inherited tendency toward a mood disorder, I will have to use 5HTP the rest of my life! (Parallel to the psychiatric community prescribing mind drugs for *the rest of a person's life*!) I was terribly dismayed. To my medical friends, I'll say that classical drugs are more expensive and less effective, but for me in my financially handicapped state, the expense and permanence of the supplement (in addition to all the other items I needed regularly) drove me to begging God to override nature and heal my sick brain.

Keep in mind that during this time, I was still ignorant of the flukes and parasites that had invaded me years before and were poisoning my neurotransmitters. My chemically-induced fears and lack of ability to perceive God and enjoy the blessings of strong faith were making even my pleas to Him even more agonizing... like I'm crying out in desperation, not knowing for sure that anyone is listening! It was times like this that I would cry out like the guy in Mark 9:24, "Lord, I believe" and with tears "Help me in my unbelief!! Please honor the faith of those praying around me!!" (I'm so glad I had learned those scriptures years before!)

As you know from my last update, circumstances in May led me back to my old friend Dr. Heise, with whom I had subliminal fears due to his causal relationship to the ER incident in December. He eventually tested me with the QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) that had saved *his* life, and I learned of the biological causes of my chemical imbalances (flukes & parasites).

Over the months from May to August, I learned from research more and more about how these creatures work to destroy us. And I began to see more and more how these invasions are the results of violating God's natural laws and spiritual laws that He's ordained. I began to see how that many of these violations (most listed in scripture) largely occurred in my life *before* I learned of God's health laws many years ago. As I gained an understanding of how QRA works *with* the natural laws of physics and biology in a powerful way to heal my diseases QUICKLY, I began to sense that God doesn't want to heal me supernaturally at all... He wants to magnify Himself through a living example of someone who violated His Word, suffered the consequences, then found mercy and healing through God's intervention in his life to bring him the needed truths!

As I wrote in a letter to new friend in my life (a nurse who has embraced "alternative medicine"), "Thank you for your encouragments. Yes, I'm more and more convinced that God wants to glorify himself by healing me through these natural means and laws that he's ordained. (This is why I'm no longer asking for miraculous healing prayers at church. The miracles God is doing are in the areas of extremely unlikely circumstances happening to allow me to follow God's health laws against very bad circumstantial odds.)"

Did you get that last part? I'm no longer looking for any opportunity to get prayer for physical healing! I do believe in God miraculously intervening against His natural laws to heal someone, but in my case, I believe he wants to use my story and life to demonstrate how serious are the consequences of breaking His amazing natural laws!

So many of you have prayed for my healing, and I'm so grateful! But I see now, that via Romans 8:26, he's been answering it, not with a miracle of healing (which I was so desperately seeking in March), but with miraculously keeping me alive and going forward toward healing in all my difficulties (health, job, car, housing, storage, future, etc.)

The parasite purge is near the end, and I'm already experiencing some benefits, as many of you closer to me already know. My panic attacks are virtually gone, my weight has slightly come back the last week or so (1st time in a year), the mental dimensions in my sports activities are improving, and I can handle stress better. The destruction of the parasites will include the end of my bacterial infection and the chronic yeast infection I've suffered for years. I still have gall, kidney and liver stones to deal with. Please pray that finances to continue this natural healing will continue; that job direction will become clearer (I've attached a more current resume); and that the car difficulties will be resolved. But mostly I ask you, my Christian friends, to pray this one thing... (And I almost have tears of pain mixed with joy when I say it...) Pray that God will use the horrible horrible times I've gone through to work in the lives of many many people. Both that they will see the incredible wisdom of God in His natural laws as taught in Scripture, that they will be open to following all of the word of God as best they can in every area of their lives (including health), and that they can find the physical healing that *they* need that they never had before!

With that last part in view, I would direct you to a few links:

To read Dr. Heise's amazing testimony of how God healed him from cancer, click here:

I suggest you read as much of the rest of his website that you can, including why the vast majority of natural supplements on the market (include the "best" ones) are actually *poisoning* us! To read that one, click here:


That will only scratch the surface in helping you understand why God is in the very EARLY stages of healing our land; starting to work a radical change in the way health is approached in this country (and beyond). It's very hard to believe, but true... virtually all serious [chronic] conditions can be correctly diagnosed, and partly or completely treated very quickly. It saved Dr. Heise's life, it's saving my own life right now, and is knocking out (or greatly improving) serious cases all over the country by MDs; hard cases like M.S., cancer, most mental illnesses (including bipolar and dementia), arthritis (all types), Crohn's, fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis (even though it's genetic), diabetes (both types), chronic chiropractic care (more than monthly), lupus, osteoporosis, allergies (food and environmental), ADHD, dyslexia (certain aspects of it), trichinosis, most epilepsy, cholesterol imbalance, synthroid addiction, infertility, dry-eye, lyme disease, most sleep disorders... (and the list goes on and on).
Whether you're a medical doctor, a medically-oriented layman, or simply someone who wants to learn about getting well permanently and quickly, click here:
Click on "Practitioner Support and Seminars", read that page, then click on "What Doctors Say About QRA". One doctor there says, "These techniques ... have worked consistently well. It would be called magic if it were not explainable by quantum physics."

Click on the two links about "What is Quantum Reflex Analysis", too.

[You don't need to click on those links. I've made it easier by putting direct links to copies on this site. A later letter on this site will provide you those links. TC...9/2008]

I thank you for your prayers and for reading all this. I am reminded of the scriptures "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork" Ps. 19:1. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose" Rom. 8:28. And all of Deuteronomy 28.    :)

Your friend and brother in Christ,
Tom Cook
(407) 671-1224
tcmullet @ cfl.rr.com (email address is valid if spaces are removed)