Killing Intestinal Parasites

This writer went to a QRA practitioner [2007] who performed a full Quantum Reflex Analysis. Through QRA, he reliably determined that I had parasites, both in the colon and in the abdominal cavity. And he determined what I needed and the dosages to totally wipe them out. Generally, the 5 products consumed are: Parastat, Allicidin, HCL, Activator, and Digest. Descriptions of these are further down the page. You also need to make and use Castor Oil Packs during this process.

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Materials for killing parasites


Parastat is the chief player in killing parasites. In the proper context and preparation, 99% of parasite infections can be totally wiped out. Dr. Marshall, the developer of the QRA system said, "In my 30+ years in clinical practice, I have found that ParaStat is the most powerful, broad-based, fast-acting, para-cleansing agent that I have ever used for the intestines. We got rave reviews from patients and practitioners when we tested ParaStat. Doctor after doctor who gave ParaStat to their patients have said it is the best product of its kind that they have ever used. No other product has such an excellent 8,500 year track record of safety, efficacy, gentleness and prompt results."

If done properly, many get maximum help in only 60 days! Some practitioners have seen such in 30 days, and many often recommend 90 days, but this writer's practitioner found that 60 works well. He always checks the patient after 60 days to test the progress.

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Allicidin Complex

Parastat directly kills the parasites. Allicidin is a companion product to it. It contains allicin, the active fraction of garlic (stabilized for the first time in history via a patented process) in highly pure and concentrated form. This gently breaks the tough biofilms that parasites form around themselves by which they can survive herbal attacks that might otherwise be fatal to them. Each capsule has the equivalent of at least 20 cloves of garlic! Allicin also serves to kill "bad" bacteria that normally accompany parasite infections in the intestines. (And no garlic breath!)

This writer took 2, three times a day during his 60 days (of killing parasites). Allicin can of course be used for any internal (gut) bacterial infection. This writer later on ignorantly (but foolishly) got food poisoning, a severe case. Could not even swallow water, having already heaved up two big meals. The doc recommended 4 Allicidin, three times a day, and in 2 days, it was gone! You could not eat enough garlic to consume that much allicin! And the active fraction wouldn't survive to reach the target area even if you could! Keep Allicidin on hand in your "medicine cabinet".

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Quantum Digest

Digest is one of THE BIG 3 digestive support nutrients. (HCL, Activator, and Digest.) If someone has parasites, then they had to have poor digestion (probably for years) for parasites to have successsfully invaded. However, such poor digestion might not show any noticable physical symptoms AT ALL. While purging parasites, we need to digest the food better. Cooking food destroys the enzymes that would naturally digest it. When we eat cooked food, our pancreas has to work harder so as to produce more enzymes. After years of this abuse, the pancreas doesn't work so well. This supplement makes up for it so that digestion is great while purging parasites. Later on, taking it whenever eating cooked food makes perfect sense.

This writer took 1, three times a day during his 60 days. Often people (depending sometimes on their age and weight) need to take 2 or more. It doesn't ever hurt to have too much of this.

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Quantum Betaine HCL

HCL, hydrochloric acid, the primary component of stomach acid is one of THE BIG 3 digestive support nutrients. (HCL, Activator, and Digest.) By eating food that's been depleted of digestive enzymes for many years (cooked food), the stomach gradually loses the ability to make adequate HCL. This has been clinically proven. This HCL from pristine natural sources will fill in the gap. Some may think they've at some time had "excess stomach acid". This is a great and terrible myth. What's happening is that you're LOW on HCL, so your food rots and produces "lactic acid", which can burn too. What we need is NOT an antacid, but more HCL. Anyone who has acid indigestion and properly takes HCL gets amazing relief from it in only a few minutes!

Good digestion is needed especially during and after killing parasites to gain and maintain the good intestinal ecology needed for good health, which includes being able to repel parasites in the future. However, in special cases, you could postpone beginning digestive support until after the parasites are gone. But this postponement should only be done for extenuating circumstances. Far better to start digestive support right away.

This writer took 2, three times a day while purging parasites.

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Quantum HCL Activator

HCL Activator has the key synergists, cofactors and essential transporters to enable the methyl groups in HCL to better reach the cells. With Activator present, the HCL can actually "re-methylate" your DNA and thereby "youth-ify" the cells, as well as adequately digest your food.

During my 60 days, I took 1, three times a day. The QRA exam that "reads what your body wants" reveals the HCL to Activator ratio to generally be 2:1. But it can be higher or lower; the QRA practitioner will tell you. (And if QRA was used to find the parasites, he has already told you.)

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Castor oil

Castor oil is used to make a pack with cotton flannel. When people are infected with parasites (which are in the colon), there's almost always the scenario where they've breached the colon walls and have invaded the abdominal cavity laying their eggs there. (Pretty sneaking and scary, huh?) If you simply kill the parasites in the colon, the eggs will eventually hatch, the critters will migrate BACK into the colon, and you'll usually be just as bad off as before. Dr. Marshall took 3-4 YEARS to kill his parasites, but that was before he discovered castor packs. Now it usually only takes 60 days!

The castor pack, properly used, forces the eggs or larvae to hatch and drives them back into their "natural" home, the colon, where the Parastat will kill them. The castor pack is used for 30 minutes, 3 times a week during the 60 day period.

Because of the uniqueness of the "quantum-state" nutrients that Dr. Marshall has discovered how to produce (and why it's so important to do so), you shouldn't try to cut corners and substitute other brands for your supplements. If you do, the newly discovered applications of quantum physics have proven that "you'll be sorry", and spend more money in the long run (and have poorer success, if any). However, castor oil is one exception. Although the organic castor oil HealthLine sells is the best anywhere, that high expense is not really necessary. As long as you use "cold-pressed", it doesn't need to be organic or otherwise special. Some auxiliary benefits may not happen, but we're concerned here only in exterminating parasites.

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Cotton flannel

Cotton flannel is cut into rectangular strips. 3 strips are laid together on top of each other. The stack of 3 is laid onto a plastic sheet slightly bigger (for handling). This writer prefers a plastic grocery bag cut with 1.5 inches of border, but some use plastic wrap. The next step is to pour 4 1/2 to 5 tablespoons of castor oil onto it, using the back of the spoon to work it into the flannel. It should be saturated, but not dripping. This writer finds 4 full tablespoons to be adequate if you give it some "soak time" before use.

At one time, the instructions said to cut them to 6" x 8". Then it was changed to 5 1/4" x 10" as it likely gives better coverage to exactly where the parasites are. In the years since this page was first published, the company has discovered that the castor packs aide with killing flukes in the gallbladder as well. Therefore some feel the old 6" x 8" dimension is better for dealing with infections in the gallbladder.

HealthLine sells some of the best organic cotton flannel for this purpose. If money is tight, less expensive flannel can be used as long as it's 100% cotton. 1.5 yards of 100% cotton flannel from a fabric store will do nicely, at least for the 60-day duration.

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Heating pad

A standard heating pad is used to heat the pack to a temperature that both (1) forces the oil through the skin into the gut driving the hatched larvae back into the gut and (2) draws some of their poisons out.

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Castor pack

The bottom photo shows a fully prepped castor pack sitting on the platter used to hold it all. (That's a tablespoon in front of it for scale; Use the spoon to measure out the castor oil, then use the back of it to smear it around.) The platter is very helpful for transporting between kitchen/bathroom and bedroom. Get it situated on the bed, with towel, a paper towel or two, and the heating pad very near. Having pre-heated the pad to HIGH and lying on your back, lift the pack off the platter by the plastic and flip the pack over as you place it on the skin of your abdomen. (Yes, the oily side is supposed to be down. No, you can't have underwear on.) In a very short time, you can learn to do this in one easy motion, especially after the first time. You line up one long edge horizontally with your navel. The short dimension of the pack then extends downward toward your groin. It will feel very cool at first, but shortly after putting the hot pad on it (directly on the plastic sheet), it will quickly warm up and tend to feel kind of nice.

Once you do it, you can even make "an event" of it sometimes, if in the (early) evening. Pop a batch of popcorn, set it by your bed, perhaps with other nutritious snackes, a mug of juice, a personal stereo or similar, and simply have a blast! You don't have to stop at 30, but 30 is all that's required. This process may seem complex, but it's really not very difficult.

One could do the "hot pack" trick on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the 8 1/2 weeks. If you had a Friday night activity, you could delay until Sat. morning. The key is to simply space it out in the week so that you don't do two of them within 24 hours. We want to be steadily driving those enemy invaders back to the temporary slaughterhouse of the colon (where we are keeping it saturated with Parastat and Allicidin).

After each of the 1st and 2nd usages, you simply store the pack oil-side-up on the same platter somewhere out of the way. (Don't refrigerate it.) After 3 usages, you discard the pack as it has drawn poisons out of your abdomen. You won't be able to see any of the toxins on the used flannel, but they're there. It's suggested that you make up all the dry packs before starting the 60 days. Saturate a new pack a couple hours before the first "hot pack" of the week.

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