Mud Packing Photos

(including some of myself)

materials laid out medi-body pack ingredients
Materials for preparation (nothing metal is used)

measuring out powder medi-body pack instructions
Measure out mud pack powder

add HCL to mud powder
Open HCL capsule (HCL greatly enhances the mud's detoxing power)

mix HCL with mud powder
Mix HCL and mud powders (sorry about the blur - I'm no photographer)

add HM Nano-Detox liquid
Measure out the liquid (Heavy-Metal Nano in most cases)

mix powder and liquid well
Mix well, then let it set 5 minutes (liquid will absorb letting mixture be "wetter")

mixture ready to apply
Ready to apply (this time it was a bit thick)

head shot with mud (1)head shot with mud (2)head shot with mud (3) left shoulder vaccination with mud on it
My 1st mudpacking, late 2007, having applied mud to
head trauma spots and scar between eyes


2 photos of mud on woman
Much better lookin' than me! (And good paragraphs, too.)

mudpack woman's face mudpack woman's elbow
Packing more thoroughly layered on than mine

2nd demo (1)2nd demo (2)2nd demo (3)2nd demo (4)2nd demo (5)
Prep and packing a lady's foot (feet and hands are "the downloads")
If someone does this for you, they should wear gloves to prevent
YOUR toxins from going into THEIR body.

For more information about what these packs do and why they are needed, read about the BIOFIELD at the FAQ page.

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