How to Find the Best Chiropractors in the USA

(Yes, there are hundreds of them all over)

If you're reading this website, you probably already are convinced that Chiropractic is a GREAT discipline. And that while it doesn't claim ability to be the sole player in solving every health problem, you probably already are among those who believe it can be extremely valubable! However, even you may be wondering how one could consider some sort of catagory of chiropractor to be worthy of the label "best"!

There's been a great tragedy going on in the world of Chiropractic since at least the 1960s. There've been a lot of great pioneers in this field. But one such chiropractor pioneer made a discovey of such import that he founded his own chiropractic college!

Meet Dr. Hugh B. Logan, DC (1881-1944). He discovered that if the hips and sacrum are not level when the patient is standing, it causes forces on the spine that eventually will keep the patient from having long lasting positive effects on their health. This concept is the driving force behind The Logan Basic Technique. A tool used in this technique is the simple "foot lift" used when the patient's legs are not of equal length. This is simple, yet profound. Chiropractors that don't use this can have great results, but the patient will have to keep coming back for the same issues over time. There are lots of references to this technique. A later edition of this page will list some of them. For now though...

WE GIVE YOU THIS TOOL to find a chiropractor versed in this technique. It is this writer's understanding that ONLY Logan graduates are taught this. Of course these chiropractors might teach it to chiropractors who got their degrees elsewhere. But according to what this writer has been told by a retired Logan graduate, Logan College (now Logan University) is the ONLY chiropractic college that teaches this! We would like to see ALL chiropractic colleges teach the Logan Basic Technique and make a longterm boost of the world's health!

Here is the Logan Alumni Search Engine as created by Logan University. has no connection to Logan University but merely has tremendous respect for their contributions to the Wonderful World of Chiropractic. NOW, have fun looking for a great chiropractor!

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