Reclaiming and Praying Imprecatory Prayers

5 messages by Brent Bradley

I've found these messages to be great! Very sobering and uplifting; God is magnified.

The teacher is Brent Bradley, pastor of a PCA Presbyterian church in Kingsport, TN. I was privileged to be able borrow a bunch of tapes of great messages preached there. These 5 messages preached from Psalm 109 were a very small subset of the whole collection,

Here are the links to the 5 messages. Each message runs 45 minutes or less. A song and benediction at the end of each have been left in for optional edification.

1996-02-18.Psa.109.1-13.Reclaiming-Imprecatory-Prayers.mp3 (5.2MB)
1996-02-25.Psa.109.1-5.Who-May-Pray-Imprecatory-Prayers.mp3 (4.7MB)
1996-03-10.Psa.109.16-18.Clothed-with-Cursing.mp3 (5.4MB)
1996-03-17.Psa.109.6-8.Imprecatory-Petitions.mp3 (5.1MB)
1996-03-31.Psa.109.9-13.Woes-of-a-Wicked-Family.mp3 (5MB)