Tom's Good Practitioners

What makes a "good" practitioner according to Tom?  Why of course, they do Quantum Reflex Analysis!

But one of the main keys as to why QRA is so helpful is the great products from Premier Research Labs that they use.

Find where to buy Premier Research Labs supplements here.

Whether they use QRA, Zyto, Bodyscan, classic deltoid or some other system, just about any "energy medicine" modality works great when using excipient-free supplements that test strong to all four biofield polarities! Even if you merely follow directions on the product label, that often has spectacular results! But of course it's best to get tested by a practitioner so you know which nutrients your body is aching for and how many to take.

This is a partial list of natural-oriented practitioners (including QRA) around the USA and beyond. They all carry the fabulous PRL supplements. Patronize their services. Buy PRL supplements from them. Get healthy!

PRL has set the standard. Slowly, ever so slowly, a few other companies are waking up to the importance of being excipient-free, organic, etc. Some of these practitioners augment their line with these. (Would to God that ALL supplements will one day pass 4-polarity testing and be excipient-free!)

Some links are in GOLD. This signifies that it is believed that the practitioner is on Dr. Marshall's "Preferred Referral Practitioner" list, those QRA practitioners who have submitted to and passed stringent requirements to gain Dr. Marshall's approval and endorsement.

The rest of them have been determined (as much as possible) by me (Tom) to be very good energy medicine practitioners who for various reasons are not on Dr. Marshall's list (or are not on it YET). However, it is up to YOU to check them out. You should ask if they sell products in addition to PRL's products. (That's not bad in itself, necessarily.) If they do, ask them if each of the products test strong to all 4 biofield polarities and is excipient-free. If either answer is 'no', then I suggest you consider going elsewhere. (And please let me know, so I can look into it.)

It's actually a pleasure to have a QRA exam! And it's even more of a pleasure to become fabulously healthy as a result!

Note: Non-members see just practitioners listed here. TGF Members can see practitioners listed!

TESTIMONIALS FROM PATIENTS!  Now you can go directly to the testimonial pages that many of these practitioners have! If they have such a page (and if I've found it), the link is in the third column. Just a couple of caveats: These testimonies can be a rich source of encouragement to you, but also and especially to those you know who are skeptical of new things (like QRA) and have to first see what someone else's experience with QRA has been like.

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AZ - Sedona
CA - Los Angeles (Studio City)
CA - Sacramento
FL - Orlando (Winter Park, E)
FL - Orlando (Winter Park, S)
FL - Tampa (Dunedin)
MI - Kalamazoo
NC - Wilmington
PA - Douglassville
(Vastu emphasis)
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Multiple Sclerosis
ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar