From: Tom Cook
To: Recipients
Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2013 10:44 PM
Subject: Tom's prayer update - June 2013

Dear prayer friends,

It was a year ago today that I wrote my last letter to the entire group of you (380+). I reported how I had just been dealt major blows that made my struggling existence much harder and much less hopeful. (Many tears of anguish and not knowing what I'm going to do. But of course this was nothing compared to the "original" crises of 2007 of near suicide and subsequent healing through QRA.) In that letter one year ago, I shared how I was driven to painfully sing out the words to a modern "hymn" familiar to many of you, and I included a partial recording of that song. That letter is on my website here:

Things had then become so tough (once again) that it was a struggle to get one bill paid before another one would pop up. (And the work that I could get was very rough and discouraging.) Not that any of the bills were without warning generally; it's just that it seemed an endless chase with no rest, with constant reevaluation of priorities already thinned out to the max.

Most of you don't know, except for about 70 of you, that some of these pains drove me to some startling realizations about certain issues, resulting in significant changes and plans to make. In the Fall of 2012 after learning about and applying some additional web programming logic to my website, I wrote four letters to 70 of you which revealed those plans as they were initially being executed, but I never told you "the rest of the story". Things have been in a continually sort of limbo like "treading water" without the closure that I strove for and reasonably thought I could expect. But there is definitely news to tell and matters to pray about. I think now I should let all 380 of you in on what I wrote to the few (if you can call 70, a few). As these 4 letters will now be a part of the big picture, I'm putting them out there on the website, along with all of the rest of them. (Just click these 4 links.) What's I've just said is pretty cryptic until you read these 4 letters:

By the end of these 4 letters, depending on how much you can identify with my overall struggles, you may end up partly as I was... on my knees weeping tears both of pain and of exhilaration at the amazing blessing that my efforts have made to some. Don't jump ahead; read all 4 letters! But I will tell you this; whatever made me fall to my knees in a hot sweat with tears and tingling all over me, also brings tears of joy (with reflection on the connected pain) to me EVERY time I re-read it!

I'll wait a few weeks so you all can read those 4 letters at your leisure (not that they're terribly long), then I'll send an update reviewing what has happened since October, as I did leave things sorely hanging.

One tiny change you can see right here, is that instead of closing my letters with "Sincerely, Tom Cook" (still an okay closing, I think), a friend very supportive of the mission suggested the better closing below. It is parallel and reflective of a small part of some further healings I've experienced which come through QRA dealing with emotional scars. (I will write about that subject at another time.)

To excellent health and prosperity,
Tom Cook
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