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Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 11:53 PM
Subject: Tom's prayer update - March 2012 / Cancer War Anniversary

Dear prayer friends,

Things have been going both crazily fast and slow as molasses in my life since I last gave an update in September 2011. I do have things for which I request your prayers, as well as things for you to join me in giving thanks to our Maker.

I have 4 jobs, 3 of them full-time! (How is that possible?) But sadly the 3 full-time ones, still pay either nothing or next-to-nothing, so I still have to have the part-time sign-spinning gigs consuming much time and resources, simply to stay afloat. I'll review the 3 big jobs situation in a moment, which includes some amazing new directions.


(But it didn't seem brief while in it...)

The sign-spinning was really bad for awhile. Very little work for us in the Orlando area, which was becoming quite discouraging. I'd be getting a reserve built (with NO eating out plus other sacrifices), hoping it would last, but then the rents (and other) dates would hit each month relatively close to each other, and wipe it all out. For Dec. and Jan., I had to request extensions from the landlord. (They were very kind in granting.) This started to change in time for February. With a steady client that has a long-term need a couple weekdays a week (and really likes my work), plus the mutually loyal folks at a particular La-Z-Boy store (who uses us mostly only on holiday weekends), the income has gone up to where I'm staying current with rents, plus a little more! Nothing big such as enabling my transmission's needed overhaul, but enough to both confirm that God IS providing and that I am likely still on a path that is pleasing to Him. (Thank you, Lord!) And of course, the gradually increasing health that God has been providing me through Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) enables me to work the rigorous work of this gig-type job. In the last couple months I've been able to make what I consider "capital investments" (one at a time) of amounts I've had to consider "large" for years. Decent earbuds to make the sign-spinning much more tolerable ($45), later a $150 software package to be used for a major undertaking (to be discussed later), and lastly a used iPod bought at a really good price ($100) from someone on Craigslist. The latter not only greatly aides my sign-spinning by allowing 16GB vs the old 1GB one (allowing my WHOLE music library available all the time and WITH a display), but also is a multi-facetted resource for the other endeavors. (Someday I may share those amazing facets, or you can ask me directly.)

And what are those other endeavors, those 3 "full-time" jobs?


1. My last several letters talked about the sudden and painful awareness I gained on a sign-spinning gig one long, sunny (and very hot) day on the July 4th weekend last summer. I told you of the pain God used to make me realize that the work of healing people's bodies and lives through the educational resource of WAS a good enough and important enough project to warrant financial support, even full-time! (You can re-read that story here, if you wish: For reasons still mysterious, the support is still only at a tiny trickle, nothing nearly enough to support me so I can tackle the mountain of work that's continued to pile up. So please pray that the support would come. I am even more committed to the mission of Tom's Good Files, as I am ever increasing in my awareness of it's power to change the world for the Glory of God. It is WORTHY of my full-time attention!

If you missed it and still have ANY doubts that this mission is one worthy of people "paying me to build and maintain a weird website", you really ought to read a letter from Sylvia, one of my few supporters, contained at the end of my July letter. Here's the link for that:

2. The software project cryptically described in September 2010 (which you can re-read about here if you wish: has actually launched at my partner's office as a beta-test site. (Finally!) Last fall they started using it for their real operation and they are LOVING IT! Praise God with me that the vision I gained for this product in that strange way starting in '09 is now paying off for my partner! I still don't feel I can reveal as much to you as I'd like to, but I think I can tell you it is a point-of-sale (POS) system for the particular vertical market that his office is in. We still have reason to believe that once we can get the product ready for market, it may truly explode into something really big! But the drawback now is there is still NO income for me through it. It's still true (from the letter linked above) that until we launch, we are only trading services as remuneration. But we have determined that we really have to have it launchable to the market by late August, or we will miss a certain important window of opportunity. There is SO much work that needs to be done before then, so please pray that I can juggle everything in all my life spheres. This project is also WORTHY of my full-time attention!

3. This 3rd "full-time job" is connected to, well, I don't feel free to say very much yet. Over the winter, in stages, an amazing project to aide many physicians around the nation has taken shape. If this gets off the ground, it will require MONTHS of full-time intensive data-creation (using the software tool I invested in, referred to earlier). It may never happen, as in it's best form, it will require difficult approval and cooperation with a very big and very important corporate board. That company is super-busy and my two contacts there have not been able to get even the discussion of it "on the floor" yet. And even when they do, there's no assurance it will be approved/endorsed. But it will have resources that both I and my two contacts there are DROOLING OVER to see materialize! I've already begun the intense work, but can't get paid a dime of support until (and IF) it gets approved and launched. Sorry I can't say more, but this will be both tremendous for ME AND for the group of professionals that I will be serving!! Pray for those who can make it happen! Even this 3rd project is very WORTHY of my full-time attention! (At least for a number of months.)

So now you can see that I have 3 full-time jobs, all of which need full-time attention, yet I only can do so much because I have to work the part-time "grunt" work at $11/hour (plus small bonuses usually), just to pay my meager bills. But I do believe that all of those 3 big jobs are things I SHOULD be doing as much as possible!


BUT there have been some interesting twists to even this! During the sign-spinning, it's been an increased joy just since mid-Feb. when I got that REAL iPod (vs the 1GB iPod Shuffle), to not only be able to skip the very frustrating music planning before EVERY gig by being able to have the whole collection with me at all times, but also to now be able to switch to it's built-in FM radio, and dance to Z88.3 radio instead!! So I can choose anything from my 70s to 90s collection, AND enjoy the best of what God is doing TODAY in contemporary Christian music! (One major accomplishment that happened during this time was getting my turntable out of storage, finding it still worked after 8 long years, and being able to convert most of my old LPs to use on the iPod!) And yet, much of the time during these gigs, which are often 6 hours these days (a moderately large gig), I find myself not paying attention to words, but dancing more or less "autonomically" and using the time for intense THINKING! Praying, too; praising God, too (during great Christian music); but also simply intense THINKING. God has mercifully allowed me to discover many incredible insights about the OTHER 3 (full-time) jobs while on this "part-time grunt" job! They were starting to come so fast that I started writing each one down at the end of the shift so I'd know which day I thought of it, and have a record of it so I wouldn't lose it! I've had insights for new things to add to Tom's Good Files to aide people in their quests (which are always successful) for great health (freedom from chonic illnesses); I've had ideas for the difficult-to-build "physician service" I hope to provide; AND I've had numerous insights for how to make that Point of Sale system better! Ha, ha, ha! So even while dancing away, I'm sometimes working on the big 3!

One insight that came to me some weeks ago was quietly a major turning point for even my own attitude toward this sign-spinning work! I now quote myself from the Dec. '09 huge letter (, "One of the two prayer requests I made in the last letter [June '08] was: 'And I wouldn't mind it at all if God was to provide unexpected means to support me through this difficult college season (so I could quit the torturous weekend sign-spinning work)'. He never did provide any other means, so I've had to continue sweating it out." That "I wouldn't mind it at all" was really a subtle way of begging, saying "God PLEASE get me out of this!" And did you notice that I had said "torturous"? I didn't dwell on it in my letter, but I did dwell on it a LOT at many times on the job throughout these 4 years of it. Both before and after I lost the granny-sitting work (4/2010), I struggled with the exhausting mental challenges which were worse than the physical challenges. When I didn't have the work, my faith was taxed as to whether God would provide for me. But when the work was there, I would worry that there wouldn't be enough of it, but ALSO struggle during many times on the job with (1) the very frequent boredom; (2) constant frustrations in trying to adjust to the constant and abnormal physical discomforts of the job, and (3) constantly trying to make it "look good" to the public. So overall, I was trying real hard not to hate the work itself. Sometimes I thought of the slave boat-rowers in the movie Ben-Hur. Yes, I know they had it a lot worse than I, but I still felt like them at times.

Without going into detail now, the insight that became a rather strong turning point in my attitude was a major idea to integrate some aspects of my sign-spinning work INTO the great (and broad) work of!!!! Over days, I mulled over the idea (which I regretfully can't say more about yet) and some spinoff corollaries of it, and at some point, all this caused another thing to finally hit me... "God, I've been 'loving hating this work' much of the time, yet I think I see now (with great startlement) that you've wanted to keep me in it long enough to learn to STOP REJECTING IT in my heart, but rather INTEGRATE it into the bigger things you're showing me to do!!!" WOW, what a REVELATION!!!

Well, some days can still be a bit rough, both physically and in "loving hating it". But I'm still sweating it out (literally in this warm spring season), and sometimes with a newer sense of joy. Of course maybe the fact that I may get to STOP soon, adds to the joy (ha, ha)! But I foresee many really cool things in the months ahead! I just want to get there SO BADLY, both for my sake (financial strength after DECADES of struggling), and for the sakes of all who will benefit from these 3 huge projects. Please pray for a renewed sense of patience for me (!), as well as for the projects to come to pass! EVERYTHING in each department is just moving SO SLOWLY.......

Now to close with a bit of less personal news, but hopefully extremely helpful to all. One of the things I was counselled to do for Tom's Good Files was to start a blog. I've never wanted to, but "they say" I have to, so I finally did so. Thanksgiving weekend I made the first post, which I did forward to you all after sending it initally to the fans mailing list of Tom's Good Files. I just made the 2nd posting last week, and as it could be very interesting and/or helpful to many of you, I'm forwarding it to you all, too. It's very short, but pretty potent. Here's the link:

But as it's short, I'll also paste it all below my signature in this email. It highlights the recent "Cancer War" anniversary, but it's core is a very short (4 min.) video a friend sent me, with very shocking content. (I'm not exaggerating!)

Thank you for any prayers you've prayed for me. Please keep them up!

Tom Cook
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Suffering from illness is now purely a choice... not a requirement.


Cancer War Anniversary, Posted on March 23, 2012

Hello health-seeking friends! (friends of, now 140+ of you)

Three months ago today a “milestone” was observed: The 40-year anniversary of the “War on Cancer” that was officially decreed by President Richard Nixon on December 23, 1971. If you missed the news report of it, you’re not missing much, but you can see it here (under 3 minutes) if you wish. It’s pathetic:

(Link to that video is down below my signature.)

It’s pathetic because the reporter concludes by saying “experts see progress, but no imminent victory”. Pathetic and tragic because we in QRA-land are ALREADY and constantly seeing incredible victories over cancer! Through QRA, the practitioner roots out the drivers, eliminating them, then enabling the body to rebuild itself to outstanding health! But you’ll never see a story about THAT in the mainstream media!

Nor will you see a shocking short (4 min.) video a friend sent to me a few days later. It’s about widespread deception in the pathology industry when it comes to cancer victims. This [video] will blow your mind, like it did mine! He [my friend] had some very severe words in his email, some of which I don’t fully agree with, but still wish to let you see:

There is a series of 15 short videos on by Dr. Michael Farley on the dangers of traditional cancer treatment. Dr. Farley has done many autopsies of people who supposedly died from cancer. Almost none died from cancer. They died from liver/renal/cardiac failure as a result of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Oncologists are people with a severely seared or no conscience. Almost none are Christians. They “murder” people for the money. When you are diagnosed with cancer any symptom from then on will be attributed to cancer and never to the murderous treatments. Oncologists have a license to kill. Please watch this video and others by Dr. Farley. is a very good web site.
Here’s the link my friend sent me:
Traditional Therapies Kill, Not Cancer

That video is under 4 minutes and very shocking to some. Who would have thought there’d be such pressure on pathologists to be dishonest EN MASSE?

At that site, I did a search on “Farley” and found a bunch more videos. In one of them, Dr. Farley talks about his experiences in pathology school learning to do autopsies. What he says about his experiences with cancer autopsies is startling (also under 4 minutes):

Is Cancer Really a Cause of Death?

How shocking to find that those who “die of cancer” almost NEVER die from the cancer, but from the destructive treatments! And now you have poignant testimony from a seasoned pathologist confirming that!

Of course it’s nice to know that we who regularly see a physician who practices Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) can know that of all the things in life that could tempt us to fear, cancer (and other “long and lingering illnesses” ala Deut. 28:59-61) is no longer one of them! If I have it at the start, it will go away. If I screw up and it starts to sprout for the first time, it will be nipped in the bud. Learn more about this amazing system at:


1. The website now has a new look and feel. You can get where you want to go much quicker and easier. If you haven’t been there in awhile, take a new “look around”.

2. There’s not much new content, though. But it’s not for lack of material. This month marks the 3-year anniversary of when adding to the Best of HealthLine library had to tragically STOP due to lack of funding. I’ve been capturing and (largely) cataloging every show during these 3 years, but haven’t been able to process all that wonderful stuff. And there are also many other areas that the site can be improved and expanded to help everyone get the health knowledge they need to beat nearly any chronic condition. Will YOU consider helping out? There’s now a new lower minimum monthly amount that you can set up with PayPal. Under $6 a month! (Can you afford that?) If everyone who loves the great health they learn about from chips in, the site will explode in new value to everyone! And remember, there’s other benefits to those who become partners with See the “Donate” page at the site for more information. (Click here: Your help is greatly needed.

Tom Cook
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Suffering from illness is now purely a choice... not a requirement.

Link to video of NBC news report: