From: Tom Cook
To: Recipients
Sent: Monday, July 25, 2011 11:12 PM
Subject: Tom's prayer update - July 2011

(You can see the last letter I wrote, by clicking here:

Dear prayer friends,

SHORT VERSION of news/prayer needs:

Two months ago, I lost my low-pay job, and there's been very little temp work since then. But an amazing and unusual work possibility has arisen. Please pray that all the pieces will come together to allow it to happen. Regrettably, I can't say more than that in this short version, as if I tell you exactly what the work will be, it will ruin the story! (You wouldn't want to see the end of a movie first, would you?) I hope you'll read the full story below, but until you can, just pray for the right subset of about 100 people who will need to make some decisions for this to pan out. If this does, not only will I have work, but I'll be doing something that greatly helps people everywhere!



Two months ago, I wrote that the 6-month low-pay network administrator job (fancy term for "resident computer geek") sadly ended due to lack of work and funds. I asked you, "Please pray that God would give me wisdom and sovereign direction to get computer-related income again. It's not simply that I dislike the sign [spinning] work [which I do dislike], but many feel steady work and in my field is the goal". Thank you for praying. Here's what's happening.


Sadly, there's still apparently little out there for which my limited computer re-training qualifies me. As temporary sustenance, the Gotcha work (as a human directional) re-started for me with a bit of a bang, but seems to be fizzling again somewhat like it did last October. And therefore finances are indeed a struggle. But I believe God has used circumstances in connection with these things to possibly open another door, albeit an unusual one.

This new door is not the C# software project I described last September (see letter here:, written for a friend and future business partner for his office. We do still have very high expectations of it being a smashing success nationwide, but not any time soon. We have to let his office (and a couple more) use it for awhile before proceeding to a national market. I had nearly finished it when my time was squashed by getting that full-time job at Aqua Cops in Sanford. It was just like I said in March, "To squeeze a 40-hour-a-week far-away job into my already extremely full life, has been excrutiatingly difficult". So the software work was functionally suspended. But that turned out to be okay as my friend's business was going through some unexpected upheavals lasting all these months, so they didn't have time to miss my product. A bit of good news is that I've been able in June to wrap it up enough to be deliverable to them, which will happen next week.

No, the new "door" relates to what I said at the end of my last letter, "Good things are happening with the website,, but that news must wait for another day". I don't remember exactly which things I was referring to, as many things have happened since then. Over a year ago on the advice of friends (some of you), I added a "donate" button (learning how, as I went). But virtually noone had donated. So over many days in May/June, I greatly overhauled it. I did a whole bunch of math, then added explanations of the current status of what needs to be done with the site AND the lack of resources to do it (funds to support me so I can do the work). I got advice from good sources (some of which I had earlier rejected) in the form of their critiquing/correcting what I added. However, in spite of the significant factual material added, almost no donations came in. (It's been about a month now.)


When I said "good things are happening", I was probably referring to the fact that not only had I added that "Donate" button, but also an "Email" button. And people were gradually writing in. None of the letters has been negative and many were very positive. Keep in mind that originally the site was simply for hosting my growing list of prayer letters, so I could share them with old friends who never knew of my recent story of terror and healing. But with the advent of that web programming course in '09 (which I had not planned to take) where I was allowed to use the ("re") creation of TomsGoodFiles as my final class project, the personal story became secondary and the growing body of healing knowledge became the main feature. It's THESE things (generally) that people were writing in about. Please take a look at some of these notes, and ask yourself if you wouldn't be sometimes moved to tears of joy if you were in my shoes.

  • "Wow, great site and organized info..." --Aaron L., MI
  • "Thank you SO MUCH for your website. It is awesome!!!" --Dena C., KS
  • "I want you to know that I appreciate your work." --Dennis K., FL
  • "Hi Tom, I found your site over the weekend and have found it very helpful. Thanks." --Greg S., CA
  • "Thank you for sharing your story. You have encouraged many people." --Jason J., TX
  • "I have been exploring your site and wish to commend you on your efforts on Best of HealthLine." --John H., MA
  • "I just want to say, THANK YOU a million times over for your website!!!" --Joli S., CO
  • "Hi Tom, I have checked out your site and it is truly great that you have captured all of this info!" --Mandi B., PA
  • "Thank you so much for your site being up and still motivating and inspiring a lot of us to seek further help." --Mark T., FL
  • "Your site is superb!" --M. C., IL
  • "Hi Tom, I stumbled across your site, thanks for putting all that together." --Rachel O., CA
  • "Dear Tom, Thank you for your wonderful website. 'Seeking healing from God' was edifying to me." --Rosemary M., CA
  • "Hi, Wonderful site. Thank you very much!" --Sharon, KS
  • "Hi Tom, thank you for the nice reference site." --Sherri D., CA
  • "Hi Tom, Thank you for all the great info on your site." --Yvelise R., FL
  • "I am very impressed with the library of information on your website... I listen to HealthLine often and keep notes on almost every episode." --Russ B., CA
  • "Hi Tom, just wanted to say thank you for posting the invaluable info about QRA. Using your list I was able to find a practitioner in my area and am on my way to recovering excellent health." --Eileen L., CT
  • "I ... greatly appreciate the excellent job you have done clarifying QRA issues and making Dr. Marshall's work available." --Josh F., AZ
  • "I would LOVE to download the Best of HealthLine. I really love the show, and can't listen on the radio because I'm at work when the show is on." --Melissa G., NY
  • "Hello Tom. Thank you so much for the great website you had put together. I found it when I was searching for a QRA practitioner and it became my favorite spot. ... I really appreciate your hard work. I hope you are doing well." --Amy W., TX
  • "Wow! What an amazing site you have created! My daughter is seeing Dr. Medici in Santa Monica for Lyme, chronic infections, food allergies, depression, etc, and is feeling better than she has her whole life, and believe me, we have tried EVERYTHING under the sun over the past 5 years. :)" --Deirdre A., TX
  • "I just wanted to say Thanks for all your efforts in putting the site together. I'm currently undergoing QRA treatment and there is not a day that goes by that I don't talk to someone about it and also that I don't hear of someone unnecessarily suffering from a condition that they are not receiving any help for." --Brian P., IA
  • "Thank you compiling this information and making it available to everybody. I recently started listening to Dr. Bob Marshall's radio show and wanted to learn more and started googling things and came across your wonderful website and wealth of this knowledge. I wanted to download the zip files if possible. ...Best Regards and again Thank you for creating this website." --D.M., CA.
  • "Wow, when I first became aware of your web-site and began reviewing it I thought I was looking into a mirror. ... I am 71 years old, in excellent health (I still water ski) and have been 'studying' Dr. Marshall for more than ten years. This includes having copied [to audio cassettes] more than 4 months of his radio conversations and using them to write a 130 page journal having much of the same indexed information that you have put on the internet. What an excellent benefit you have provided for the public." --Gary B., TN
  • "I have just found your site via searching on google for any info on biophotons and I must say it resonates with me very much. I am in Western Australia." --Tony B., Aus.
So I think you can now tell, even if you've never clicked on the links to the site that I've suggested to you all in the past, that this site IS changing lives greatly, and I'm greatly pleased that my tribulations could lead to something that's a part of a great thing that's radically helping people. So... where is the "door"? It happened in 3 parts:


1. Andy J., who is a new member of my church and home group AND is a full-time missionary, was one who had aided my "great overhaul" of the "donate" button recently. During a philosophical part of the discussion, he suggested "You should ask for people to become partners (regular givers) to support you". I shot that down in a flash, "NAW, I'd never do that. There should be enough just from onesies; I don't need regular supporters, just the faceless masses." And we continued on with our discussion about the donate page changes.

2. I mentioned Andy's comment (and my rejection thereof) to Pastor Chip the next Sunday, rather matter-of-factly acknowledging that if I DID find regular supporters, it's certainly a good cause they'd be supporting. He said, "Yes, if those who believe in this cause were to support you that way, it'd be a good thing." But I still didn't want to do it; I wanted to rely on the just completed "donate overhaul".

3. The main part of the door-opening happened during my work shift on Sat. July 2nd (8 hours in the hot sun in front of a LazyBoy store). There was a terrible unknown problem with Gotcha's payroll which I learned of Friday night. (A big direct deposit for June work showed up as only 1/3 of the proper amount.) I was fearing I'd permanently lose this major fraction of my month's meager income. I experienced hours of extreme anxieties and was finding it impossible to lay these fears down at the feet of Jesus my Savior. I was wrestling with how I would respond to several feasible scenarios, each of which was disasterous. This was even while I was working the sign-spinning gig. I was listening to lots of upbeat Christian music and energetically moving to it (and smiling outwardly for the job's sake), but inside I was agonizing, both over the fear of permanent payroll loss at a critical time and the fact that I was singing all these great lyrics about "trusting the Lord" but not being able to obey them! After 4 long and trying hours, somehow a peace came, and after that I realized that the mixup was probably a simple one that will get corrected. (It was probably not all the horrible scenarios I had imagined.) After the long holiday weekend, I found that I was right, and I've since been properly paid. (Whew!) But at halfway thru the shift when I gained the peace, God brought upon my heart an awareness of the precariousness of my situation. And somehow it forced me to sift through all that's been happening and words that have been spoken to me. "Job search isn't working; Gotcha work isn't stable..." and then I thought of all those letters written to me by fans of the website. Then I thought of the uselessness that the "improved" donation feature had been, which was supposed to have made a big difference according to one friend, but hadn't. THEN (drum roll), the importance of Andy's and Chip's comments finally hit me. If I really believe in the message that fabulous health is available to everyone through this scientific breakthrough (which I absolutely DO), then the work it will take to enhance the site is WORTHY of suppport from those who value it! Their words had now helped me to realize that YES, I will somehow ASK the people (particular people) to support me!! And I knew the people I should ask would be the people who were ALREADY big fans of my site!


You've got to understand how shocking a turn this is for me! I've always HATED asking for money, in part because I selfishly dislike others asking me. In April '10, this hatred nearly tore me apart for a few days. I wrote to about 60 of you (out of the 360+ receiving this), reporting that I was to have a job interview over lunch offered me by someone at Wycliffe Bible Translators. The interview was lengthy but relaxed. After the fellow took much time going over Wycliffe in general and the computer department in particular, he hit me with the news I dreaded. They could probably hire me, but I'd have to raise support as a missionary! While they had significant tools to help with fund-raising, I almost cried at one point while driving back to town. Then when I reported all of this back to the 60 of you, I said, "Do you see the tension?? I'm almost in tears right now as I write; the same ones as yesterday while driving. The weight of the recent years' trials slams down on me now, and I feel very trapped and torn." One lady wrote back, "I worked outside the home for 30 years, mostly interviewing and hiring people. So, if I had reviewed someoneís resume and then asked them to lunch, I WAS interested in hiring them. I feel your disappointment and will be praying for you in that. It is never wrong to get excited about a potential-anything. Your letter and request for prayer was great. It is an honor to be thought of as one you would ask to intercede for you with the Lord. ... Keep your chin up-but most importantly your eyes up. God is your strength and refuge. He does and will provide." I wrote back a clarification that "my anxiety was over the push-pull effect of strong opportunity PLUS strong liability. Thinking more about it, I think of the scene in one of the Jurassic Park movies where the T-Rex rips a man in half throwing half one direction and half the other (if I remember my cool dinosaur movies correctly)."


I can say honestly, I feel NO tension like I did then! I do NOT feel like the T-Rex guy. I'm now very thrilled to possibly work for a great cause in which I strongly believe. I spent hours carefully writing a support-request letter. Several gave helpful corrections, including my new friend Andy and medium-old friend Chip. But then I felt prompted to call a another friend who I remembered is a missionary with NTM. Though he has a slight reading disability, he donated 4 hours to severely slash and rewrite it! Of course I always get scared when someone tries to condense my "uncondensable" content. But I reviewed it carefully, re-adding a only few things plus noting questions for him. Then we consulted one hour together. We came up with a MUCH shorter letter, and amazingly I was HAPPY with it! I sent it out Friday, July 15th and am waiting for responses.


I am not asking you all for financial support, although if you want to, it will help with a great service to mankind and will glorify God. No, what I'm asking for is that you pray for those 100+ fans of the website; that they would have wisdom in determining whether and how much to invest monthly in this unique opportunity to spread fabulous health and healing throughout the world through my educational resource, Obviously those fans who are financially struggling should not, but perhaps some of the others can. Pray that their hearts would be moved to join in this effort. Pray that I would interact wisely with the ones who respond, as well as have the grace to respond righteously toward God for whatever He brings to pass. And pray that God will be glorified through all that happens.

Please read that very short support letter at this link, to see what my site's fans have read, and so you can pray for them more intelligently. (It's MUCH shorter than this letter.)


Some might say, "Tom, you're acting like this is a Christian mission work. This isn't a mission, as you're not teaching the Bible or the gospel." That's true. But let me tell you of a lady who only visited the site recently, DID read my updated "donate" page, was greatly touched by it, and sent me almost $100 (the largest of the few donations so far)! She was not on my fan list, but ironically her gift came just 2 days after I sent the support letter out to the fans on 7/15. What an irony! She has not even visited the site very much yet, nor has had her 1st QRA exam (but is scheduled in Michigan this coming week). And she certainly couldn't know that 2 days before, I had sent a support-raising letter out to my "fans". She only heard the radio show a few weeks ago for the first time. We've done numerous emails since last Sunday and a phone call. I felt at one point to tactfully ask why she would give even though she had not partaken of QRA yet. She wrote me a long and very touching letter about her painful life and her giving guidelines. She closed with, "The Lord has led you to do this ministry and you wouldn't be doing it if it weren't for what you've been through as bad as it was and still might be. You will be giving people hope, saving their lives and leading people to Christ through this. May God richly bless you in your ministry." (Almost makes me cry just re-reading her paragraph.) In our follow-up phone call, I found she does agree with my thinking, that is, that GOD is the creator of the world and everything in it, including the resources for our health, and God has providentially allowed discoveries of His natural laws (quantum physics in this case) to be discovered and applied. That's the same God who sent Christ to die for our sins that we might have eternal life. If a non-christian is dying (or suffering) needlessly, and I can give that which leads to them becoming very strong and healthy for decades to come, then that buys many more years for them to be around to hear the Gospel! And if a Christian is dying and I play a part in saving their life, producing decades of vibrant health, then that's many more years of them being around to evangelize! Plus part of my website is the section containing these prayer newsletters, which contain expressions of my own sometimes-struggling faith. So I am spreading God's Word, albeit in mostly indirect ways. I have total confidence that this project is a very good thing, and I have no guilty conscience when asking others to be a financial partner in making it happen! Especially as I now know that it can't happen without that financial help. But it won't happen unless God moves in response to our prayers. So, thanks very much in advance for praying! Not only do I need the work and income, but I will be thrilled to be doing needed work that will be a part of saving lives! (And it will be computer-related, which is what I went back to school for!)

As some of you might not be able to click links (and as the support letter is short), I'll include the letter itself after my signature.

Tom Cook
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TomCook @
One day, QRA exams will be as commonplace as dental exams.
Most disease will be gone. Will you hasten the day?
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From: Tom Cook
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2011 9:56 PM
Subject: Updates to, letter #3: SPECIAL NEWS to 103 friends

(The prior 2 letters can be seen here:

Hello health-seeking friends!

This is a special letter to you because youíre a fan of Tom's Good Files. There haven't been many significant changes to the site since the last letter, but I have something important to discuss.


You could probably guess that the Best of HealthLine audio library gets the most activity on the TomsGoodFiles site. But did you know that the audio library is only HALF as big as it could be?!? As large as it is, it could become more than DOUBLE its size! How? Because the clips already present at the site cover only (with rare exceptions) the HealthLine time period from January 2008 through February 2009. What about March 2009 to the present?? The good news is that they are safely tucked away and have had the best parts annotated and are ready to be processed into the Best of HealthLine library. The bad news is that there hasn't been any way to accomplish this. Until possibly now...


YOU can be a part of making TomsGoodFiles much much better! If you know me at all, you know how great my desire is to get the word out about QRA, and you also know how much time I have been putting towards barely making ends meet. I simply havenít been able to take the time needed to expand the audio library to its potential or make all the other great improvements to the site that I have envisioned.

I am inviting you to become a partner with me in greatly transforming the health lives of countless thousands of people who will visit TomsGoodFiles in the years ahead. Please consider whether you could make a pledge to give support each month so that I can devote all the time necessary to catch up on the HealthLine backlog as well as carry out many wonderful enhancements to the site that I have envisioned. Iím looking for anyone that would like to partner with me financially and pledge $25, $50 or even $100 a month.


Please take a few days for you and your loved ones to reflect on what QRA has done for you, and how was an aide in your knowledge quest. And if you feel you want to be part of the effort to SKYROCKET the value of the site to those you love (as well as the rest of mankind), then send me an e-mail letting me know you are interested and how much you would be willing to pledge monthly. If I get enough pledges in, I will get back with you about how to proceed.

If you become a committed, regular partner in this project, you can expect at least the following:
1. I believe that many of you are Christians, and perhaps some are not. Whether you're a Christian or not, I will commit to praying for each of you by name, as we in some way share prayer requests.
2. I will keep you informed of behind-the-scenes things, whether it's something I'm developing for the site, or where site-related things in my life are going. I think there will be information and resources that I can make available to you that won't be available to anyone else.

If you have questions about any of this and would like to talk about it, either write me or send me your phone number and I will call you.

If you wish to make a gift right now via PayPal, click here:


Before I close, let me share with you a report I received in April from a lady in the northeast. Lives are being radically changed through TomsGoodFiles already!

Hi Tom, just wanted to say thank you for posting the invaluable info about QRA. Using your [practitioner] list I was able to find a practitioner in my area and am on my way to recovering excellent health. I was able to burn a CD of all the recordings of Dr. Marshall's show having to do with the gallbladder to convince my mother-in-law not to have hers removed. ...I burned all (14 I think) clips about GB to the CD. ...Had my husband listen to it as well before giving it to his mom. It was essential to me that he hear it and verify what I heard before I passed it along. My MIL says she will pass it along to some friends from church as well. Her first consult with our QRA [practitioner], _____ is this Wed. Praying that the info will be well-received by her and my father-in-law who will be paying for the recommended supplements. --Eileen L.

Amazing! An ailing gallbladder, which doctors wanted to cut out, has been saved, because of TomsGoodFiles! Eileen is speaking of the 14 gallbladder clips here: Actually, I've always felt bad that that section had so many clips. But I see now that those 14 clips have saved a gallbladder already! I'm sure that there are many stories like this that have not been sent to me. But I'm also confident that we can accomplish MUCH more with your help. Thanks for considering partnering with me in this great work. (If you know someone else you think might be interested in this partnership opportunity, please feel free to forward this letter to them. Thanks!)


To you wonderful folks who work directly in Dr. Marshall's organizations (HealthLine and Premier Research Labs), I don't think it would be wise for me to accept partnerships from anyone who is on Dr. Marshall's payroll. Why? You folks already know that officially there is NO relationship between Cook and PRL etc. And as my site hosts some information that is probably too sensitive for PRL to be connected with, we know that we must continue to have "no relationship" for the safety and welfare of all concerned. But concerning those of you who are QRA practitioners and DON'T work for Dr. Marshall, I would certainly welcome your partnership. You'd simply be a FAN becoming my partner.

Tom Cook
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TomCook @
One day, QRA exams will be as commonplace as dental exams.
Most disease will be gone. Will you hasten the day?
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