QRA & Wisdom from "The Outer Limits"

So many people seem to expect that all great discoveries are made by famous people. History teaches us otherwise. Will we learn from history, or are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?

There's an amazing parallel between the quantum physics discoveries that led to QRA and a very short dialog in an old scifi TV show from the 1960s, The Outer Limts, specifically the series premier episode, The Galaxy Being. (This writer disagrees with numerous things in the episode, but those don't affect the point of the character in this short dialog.)

The setting has nothing to do with medicine, healing, health or quantum physics. Instead, Allan, a radio station engineer, is consumed with a personal research project involving microwaves, and is on the verge of something important.

---> Listen as his wife, Carol, stabs him with biting ridicule.

---> Then listen as Allan calmly responds with humble insight into history.

(This clip is under 1 minute. There may appear an ad that you can "X" out if you wish.)

Allan mentions the "nobodies" Isaac Newton and Michael Faraday.

Now we have born in 1938 another "nobody", a boy genius Fritz-Albert Popp, who later on in the 1970s made astounding discoveries that were ridiculed at first. Read some facts about him here:   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz-Albert_Popp

Then here... https://hoffmancentre.com/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/3/your_body_literally_glows_with_light.pdf ...it says about biophotons, "The existence of the biophoton field was scientifically proven by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp in 1974. Your physical health is dependent not only on what goes on inside of your body, but is also interconnected with and dependent on other non-physical levels of energy, such as the energy surrounding your body, called the biophoton field. In highly simplistic terms, your biophoton field can be viewed as a highly sophisticated computer that processes, stores and retrieves information that is then used to regulate your biological processes. "

Many of us feel that the greatest importance of his discoveries was as Dr. Robert J. Marshall, PhD, CCN, DACBN, a successful clinical nutritionist and chemist, was fighting for his life with a fatal disease in the 1990s, and discovered Popp's discoveries, learning how they revealed critical insights into disease. He had great personal incentive to implement these concepts to save his own life, and now the world has a system that is showing itself able to bring great health like never before!

Do YOU want to ignore these tremendous benefits until they are accepted in the mainstream 20 to 40 years from now?? At least tens of thousands ARE enjoying them already!

You can read about these discoveries and Dr. Marshall's subsequent application of them at this site's FAQ page.