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Straight Talk on Health

with Dr. Vincent Medici

"Welcome to Straight Talk on Health with Dr. Vincent Medici. Knowing that ultimately, it's God who does the healing, Dr. Medici acts as "the maestro", orchestrating a person's health through right timing and right therapies, using traditional, natural, alternative, and spiritual practices. Dr. Medici says it's time for people to wake up to their innate potential to heal, and to be given a doctor who can orchestrate that healing. Dr. Medici is currently working toward his PhD in Biochemistry at Long Beach University, and is a licensed chiropractor with additional study in acupuncture, kinesiology, and quantum medicine. He's the curriculum director of The Santa Monica Shiatsu School, and the clinic director at The Premier Center in Santa Monica, where he treats many famous names in Hollywood under nationally recognized Premier Labs owner and CEO, Dr. Robert Marshall. Got a health question? Ask Dr. Medici, live, today, on Straight Talk on Health..." --the opening announcement from the Straight Talk radio show.

Have you heard any of the audio clips from "Best of HealthLine"? Or perhaps you've heard Dr. Marshall's HealthLine show live on your radio or on the internet. If you've spent any significant time at BoH, you know that that's a collection of brief excerpts from the radio show, nuggets of exquisite knowledge into gaining great health, especially as described to radio listeners who phone in to the show.

But Straight Talk is another whole ballgame! When his weekly Saturday show started last year (2011), I felt overwhelmed, positively, "Wow, a great show by a SECOND QRA practitioner talking about the great health we may have!", and negatively, "Oh, now I have even MORE work to do to monitor it for juicy nuggets to share with the world here at" But before long, I discovered that these shows are very different from Dr. Marshall's. While the early shows did include taking phone calls over the air, the show has shifted toward lecture-only from Dr. Medici. And don't you DARE think, "Aw nuts, just a bunch of boring old lectures...". These lectures are incredible dissertations on how the body works, and also incorporate the great discoveries about the body that have been only recently learned by employing Quantum Reflex Analysis. But leaving QRA aside (for a moment), Dr. Medici has an uncanny knack for making mysterious dimensions of our body very clear to us laymen! (Dr. Marshall's show's format doesn't allow for the depth that Dr. Medici can go into in his own show.)

A few of these shows had me literally glued to my chair paralyzed (extremely sober), staring blindly through my computer screen as I was gripped by the biological truths being explained for 59 minutes straight!!! (And I don't easily give ANYONE that much attention at one stretch.)

I said "a few of these shows" were like that. But even the rest of them are VERY good and worth hearing. Sometimes he has guests on the show, so those shows are dialogs.

Listen to Dr. Bob Marshall briefly promote Dr. Medici as a QRA practitioner. (60 sec.)
(Some of the facts mentioned in the audio are outdated.)

Don't forget that you can directly hear Dr. Medici's show when it airs on Saturdays at 10am PT, 1pm ET on KBRT Radio in California. And be sure to visit his home page at

I regret that for various reasons, I cannot (at present) directly host them at this site. But I can list his shows here, and get you to HIS website, where upon briefly registering with only your email address and your password, you can play or download ALL of them yourself! And don't worry about being deluged with email spam. In over 9 months, I've gotten only 2 short emails from his office, and they were helpful.

All links in this list take you to the same spot; the Radio Archives at his website, where you'll be prompted to register and sign in. And I'm listing them in reverse order (newest at the top), just as at his site.

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