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Subject: Tom's prayer update - May/June 2008

Dear prayer friends,

It's finally happened! My story is up on the web! This protracted crisis season of my life has become the trigger for something I've wanted to do for several years; put up a website with really good files to download. Hence, the name I picked in '06, TomsGoodFiles. You might remember that some of my earlier emails had links to files that were hosted on this site, but now you can actually see something when you visit the site! While I hope to eventually have stuff here that is visually more interesting, at least for now, I merely have all my prior prayer letters in a form that's easy to access via the internet.

Now for news and thoughts...

Here's an encouraging letter I got from my friend Jermaine. Those of you at Metro know him and know that he found a job (a really good one) in a beautiful part of east NC, and was even able to transfer to a church there in our own denomination!

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From: Jermaine Bryant
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Well Hello Brother!

I am so excited for you man. Wow it is great to know that God has opened up this opportunity for you to go back to school. I hope and pray that this will open up other doors for you as well. Well Tom, I must say your story is very encouraging. I think it would be an excellent idea to get it out there (book or web) to inspire and to give hope to those who feel their situation is hopeless. Your testimony will glorify God and motivate people to pursue God as a means of hope, deliverance, shelter, love, grace, provision, etc. Thanks for opening up your life and sharing your testimony with me. As for me I am doing better than I deserve. God is faithful and is taking care of me which I am truly thankful for that. God willing I will be in Orlando July 4th -July 8th so maybe we could catch up. Well I will be praying for you man! Take care.


My life is different is so many ways now. One of the ways has been that through learning much about QRA, my ears now perk up in a different way when I hear someone speak of a bad health condition suffered by them or someone they know. What they describe is almost always something that QRA can get to the bottom of and wipe out! (Bear with me as I lead up to what I do in those cases.)


Just as I implied to my pastor Todd in my 11/9/2007 letter, we ought to first humbly ask (even beg) God to heal us. (Click here to see my letter that contains that letter.) We should confess all known sin in our life, and come to our church leaders, asking them to anoint us with oil and join with us in imploring our heavenly Father for healing. My church leaders could tell you of many times God has mercifully healed someone miraculously! But what if your conscience is clear of all sin that you know of, and He still doesn't heal you after a long time of prayer, say weeks or months? What if there are some of God's natural laws that are at work causing your ailment? And what if God has allowed men to recently discover a way to precisely and confidently nail down the causes and the solutions to it?? Don't you think God would be glorified and honored if we got in tune with his amazing natural laws and got quickly and spectacularly well as a result?

I've pondered that question much. I know that God can heal anyone at any time. But it would have to bring Him glory for Him to do it. Would He supernaturally heal someone even when He's already allowed humble men to discover a way to do it naturally? I won't put God in my teeny box and say for certain. But I think that in most cases, the answer is no. Let me tell you why I strongly suspect this.

When we violate God's spiritual laws there are consequences to us, and often to others. For example, if you violate the adultery commandment (Ex. 20:14), you'll greatly damage the marriage and everyone involved. Also when we violate His natural laws there are natural consequences. For example, if we jump off a tall building, we'll likely be killed. His law of gravity always works faithfully. Should we seek God's protection in jumping, knowing that he could save us? In Matthew 4:6-7, Jesus told us we shouldn't put God to such a foolish test; we should honor God's wise natural laws and stay off the roof (or build a railing around it like He said in Deut 22:8).

If we have the scenario where God could heal supernaturally OR through application of His natural laws, here's why I suspect He would rather work through the natural means. If He did it miraculously, we'd probably still be ignorantly in violation of the natural laws that caused it in the first place. So after a big amazing healing event at church (say, from cancer), we gradually end up getting cancer again because we never corrected the things we were doing that caused it in the first place. Proverbs 26:2 tells us that curses don't come without a cause. There's always a cause to the curses we receive. And Gal. 6:7 tells us that whatever we sow, we shall reap consequences. So if He were to supernaturally heal us, and because of our sowing (possibly ignorantly), we get the same sickness again later, that will tell others, "Gee your God didn't do a very good job; he healed you for awhile, but you got sick again. Doesn't sound like a god I'm interested in knowing!"

But I do believe God is greatly honored when His laws are demonstrated, either as they destroy us ala Deut. 28 (almost destroying me) OR when they work to give us lasting health! We are living in an amazing but quiet time when God has allowed humble men to discover enough of the secrets of quantum physics to put together customized natural protocols that help us repent of our violations of natural laws and confidently restore us to the health that He intended for us. When we humbly conform ourselves and our bodies to those laws, He honors that in never-before-seen ways that are spectacular!

Two areas of behavior kind of scare me. When dear people I know seem to be saying "I don't want to be healed by natural means; I want to see God perform a spectacular magic show", I question whether we're really being humble and willing to admit that we've made mistakes, both in what led to the illness and in our trust in some practitioners who arrogantly deny any validity to what they didn't develop. Or possibly there could apply the idea in Matt. 12 (paraphrased), "these folks are lusting for spectacular signs without turning from their errors".

The other area is one of laziness. Correcting the effects of decades of unhealthy lifestyle will usually take a good bit of moderate discipline. The rewards are there and are great, but many say, "I don't want to go to the trouble; I'd rather wait for God to do it for me without any effort on my part." 2 Kings 5 tells the story of Naaman, who was offered healing from his leprosy but was required to do seven separate washings down in the Jordan river. Naaman at first was furious because he wanted God to perform an instant magic trick. When he humbled himself and became willing to follow the plan of the offerer (which involved some significant effort), he was healed! The early followers of Christ were called "disciples". That word means "a disciplined one". God's mercies to us are all by His grace, but often he wants us to exercise self-discipline as part of the means of that grace.

So I've told you why I think in many cases, God would rather use natural means instead of supernatural. But don't for a minute think that I won't pray for the supernatural. I urge you to do so, too. And I now go back to how having this website is one of many changes to my life. When I hear of someone with a serious condition, I pray for God to heal them supernaturally. I want to cultivate a habit of urging them to ask God for such healing (and maybe come to church for the biblical oil anointing). But after a week or so (an arbitrary time), if God hasn't healed, then either He wants to show His strength through weakness (2 Cor. 12:9). Or maybe Quantum Reflex Analysis can be the newly discovered means that will identify the causes and powerful solutions. And IF the condition is one that QRA can treat, the odds are always 100% that it will be totally or mostly made well! Why 100%?? For the same reason you can drop a baseball from 6 ft. and it always takes the same time to hit the floor. 100% of the time, no exceptions! With the laws of quantum physics it's the same thing! Up until now, we've NEVER had the means to utilize those laws!! (At least in modern times.) That's why this is truly an incredible medical breakthrough! Praise God for the awesome ways He's made the universe!!!

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To communicate the news of this medical breakthrough in the recent past, I've told them that I faced a nearly fatal condition; "But let me forward to you some emails that convey the terrifying story of how I almost lost everything, and how God providentially led me to the amazing healing I've gotten." And I would forward to them some or all of the email chains I've sent out earlier. But now that's gotten a whole lot easier. (I've even done it a few times already.) I just say, "Visit where I've shared my painful story. You'll also find there knowledge about medical breakthroughs that can very likely help you!" Ahhhh... so much easier for both parties. Simply give them link to a website. Now my letters and resources are on the internet for anyone to see. One of my prayers is that God will use my struggles, as Jermaine said, "to inspire and to give hope to those who feel their situation is hopeless. Your testimony will glorify God and motivate people to pursue God as a means of hope, deliverance, shelter, love, grace, provision, etc."

And to the observation that all those pages are so l-o-n-g, I'll say two things: 1. Right after I got the site up, I re-read all the letters again myself, and it took me as an average reader under 3 hours without clicking on any links or downloads. That's a mere 3 hours to read a small "book" that could change your life. How long would it take you to read a small book by C.J. Mahaney or R.C. Sproul or Chuck Swindoll? (Probably a lot longer.) 2. Having said that, I'll admit I'm not the most concise writer, but I do weigh and review everything before sending, and try to ensure that everything said will be worth being read by at least someone in need. (Initially, I was the one in terrible need and I needed friends to understand the horrors I was going through.) Perhaps the feeling we tend to have is that email will be short and books on paper are long. If you can curl up with a non-fiction book eating popcorn, maybe one can do that even if it's on a computer screen. Maybe having it on a website instead of email will make it easier. 16 of you (that I know of) have started the ball rolling on solving all your major health problems by getting a QRA exam! My prayer is that many across the nation who find my story via internet search engines will be led to wonderful health in their respective locales.


Dr. Heise said this in a recent letter to QRA patients:

"Many of you have experienced excellent results after having your initial QRA and utilizing Quantum Nutrients offered through our office and website. I have been delighted with the amazing results I've witnessed since implementing QRA testing over two years ago. I have treated conditions such as M/S, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, hormone imbalance as well as the common symptoms of fatigue, depression, allergies, gastric problems, difficulty sleeping, etc. It is amazing how the body can heal when the underlying problems are eliminated. Not only can patients experience great health as their nutrition improves, but they are able to hold their chiropractic adjustments much better."

Two good items he is offering are:

1. A BIG SALE. Through June 30th, he is offering a full-body QRA exam for only $99! (That about half off.) Go to to see and print the discount coupon.

2. TESTIMONIES ONLINE. He now has a few of the many success stories on his website, and little old me is honored to be among them! Go there, click on the "testimonials" link and you can see my mug shot and a very short version of my story. (You'll also see success stories of M.S. and fibromyalgia.)


...with Dr. Heise as a result of my testimony or referral, would you please let me know about it? Even though you may have put my name down as the referring party on your form at the Heise Clinic, HIPA laws disallow them from telling me who you are! It would greatly encourage me to know who you are, so please let me know. I want to pray for you by name, and in addition, my better-than-average lay knowledge of QRA could be of coaching help to you, as sometimes I'm more available to talk than Dr. Heise is. And I'm affirming my offer in spite of the next item...


This new thing of taking two college computer courses is extremely rough. 30 years ago at UCF it was always hard to have two of my classes be in computers. But now it is especially hard as, even with my mental illness gone, it's VERY difficult to keep up. Furthermore, I'm struggling with motivation; I really don't like the material like I did the older counterparts 30 years ago. The complications of my present life add to it. Both part-time jobs consume a lot, both of time and energy as well as mental focus. I'm also re-struggling with being protractedly single (as has been the story occasionally during these 30+ adult years). I would much rather be helping people get spectacularly healthy than learn new weird programming concepts. So many projects demand my attention, either for catching up and correcting the mistakes of my past, or things my extended family needs, or things that I can do to help sick ones (like building that "Best of HealthLine" MP3 list); all of which are more enjoyable than this yukky and difficult computer stuff. Yet, programming is the calling God put me in 35 years ago (I Cor. 7:20), and getting back to financial strength in that field seems to be what I ought to do. Please pray that God would meet the various needs of my heart (I once again know he is able, now that my brain is again able to reconnect with him, thankfully); that I'll have the wisdom to greatly juggle so many difficult priorities (so many of which are unpleasant); and that I'll be able to endure this semi-torture for the next entire year to finish the 3 semesters with good grades. Pray that my granny-nanny work will continue smoothly (although dealing with a severe dementia victim is seldom smooth) as the ability to do school work while working on-the-job there, is one of the things allowing this whole college thing to work. And I wouldn't mind it at all if God was to provide unexpected means to support me through this difficult college season (so I could quit the torturous weekend sign work). If you pray for all these things, I will be very appreciative.

Gratefully in Him,
Tom Cook
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