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"Dr. Sunshine"

An email containing a good chapter dealing with sun exposure that I typed in from a book.

From: T Cook
To: T Cook
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 7:42 PM
Subject: Doctor Sunshine (intended for all Metro Life Singles, especially for the Beach Blast)

By popular demand... (well, not exactly "popular", but 2 out of 2 Metro singles liked it...) I share with you a book-chapter called "Doctor Sunshine". This greatly blessed and affected my life several years ago. Now that summer's here, and now that we're having our first "official" singles beach blast this Saturday (yeaaaa!!!), I wanted to pass this on to you for whatever help it might be in improving your own health. I'll add a few comments at the end, to help in applying these things to where we are right now.

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From: T Cook
To: Collin Jennings
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2000 3:44 PM
Subject: Suntan

Hi Collin!

Here is that section about sunshine I was telling you about from the book on fasting that I showed you recently. Hope you enjoy reading it.


P.S. I've discovered a whole lot of valuable information at their website, Although I've been studying the book for some time, I only recently discovered their website. You might want to check it out yourself sometime.

Doctor Sunshine

(Chapter 19, from The Miracle of Fasting, by Paul C. Bragg)

Doctor Sunshine's specialty is heliotherapy and his great prescription is solar energy. Each tiny blade of grass, every vine, tree, bush, flower, fruit and vegetable draws its life from solar energy. All living things on earth depend on solar energy for their very existence. This earth would be a barren, frigid place if it were not for the magic rays of the sun. The sun gives us light and were it not for sunshine, there would be no you or me. The earth would be in everlasting darkness.

Human beings were never meant to have pale skins, not even the fair northern races. Man's skin should be lightly tanned by the sun and should take on a darker pigment according to his original skin tone. It has been found that even fair, red-headed people will tan. Pigmentation is a sign that solar energy has been transformed into human energy. By enjoying the early morning or late afternoon gentle sunshine man can gain more health, vitality and happiness. The people who are indoors too long have sallow-looking skin. This is why many women hide sun-starved skins with makeup.

The person who is starved of the vital rays of the sun has a half-dead look. He is actually dying for the want of solar energy! Weak, ailing and anemic people are all sun-starved and, in my opinion, many people are sick simply because they are starving for gentle sunshine.

The sunshine's gentle rays have powerful germicidal properties. As the skin gathers these gentle rays, it stores up enormous amounts of this germ-killing energy. The sun provides one of the finest remedies for the nervous person who is filled with anxiety, worry and frustration.

Sunshine Brings Peace, Relaxation to Nerves

When nervous people lie in the sunshine, its soothing, gentle rays give them what their nerves and body are crying out for: relaxation! Sunshine is a health tonic and a Great Healer! As you bask in the warm sunshine, millions of nerve endings absorb the solar energy and transform and store them into more Vital Force for your nerves and body.

Perform this experiment to determine the value of sunshine in the matter of life and death. Find a beautiful patch of lawn where the grass is like a green carpet. Cover up a small space of that beautiful lawn with a small piece of wood or metal. Day by day you will notice that the beautiful grass that was so full of plant blood, or chlorophyll, will start to fade and turn a sickly yellow. Then the tragedy happens. It withers and dies - death from sun starvation! The same thing happens in your body without the life giving rays of the sun. This also happens when you fail to eat an abundance of sun-grown foods such as ripe, organic fruits and vegetables.

We must have the direct rays of the sun on our bodies and our diet must contain 60% or more of food that has been ripened by the sun's rays. When we eat fresh fruits and vegetables we absorb the blood of the plant - the rich, nourishing chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the solar energy that the plant has absorbed from the sun, the richest and most nourishing food you can put into your body. "Chlorophyll is liquid sunshine." Green plants alone possess the secret of how to capture this powerful solar energy and pass it on to man and every other living creature.

When you put sunshine on the outside of your body and 60% to 70% raw fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, you are going to glow with radiant health! But these are powerful and must be taken in small doses at the start, because your sun-starved body has to slowly get used to these cleansing, solar-powered foods.

Gentle Sun Rays are Soothing and Best

When you take your first sunbath, start with short time periods until you can condition your body to longer exposure. The best time for a beginner to start taking gentle sunbaths is in the early morning sunshine. Or you may sunbathe in the late afternoon gentle sunshine. Five to ten minutes on the nude body is sufficient at first. Avoid the burning rays between 11 am and 3 pm. The best cool rays of the sun are in the early morning.

The same caution should be taken in eating sun ripened foods - the raw fruits and vegetables. The average person who has been eating mainly cooked foods will find that if great amounts of raw fruit and vegetables are suddenly put into the body they can cause a reaction. It's wiser to add more sun-grown foods to the diet gradually. Overdoses of solar energy, both on the outside and the inside of the body, are not good. Regarding exposure to the sun, it's quite necessary to use good judgment and always proceed with caution.

At this point I must add a personal touch. At 16 years of age I had been sentenced to death with deadly tuberculosis. The greatest doctors in the United States declared me "Hopeless! Incurable!" By the Grace of God I was led to Dr. August Rollier of Leysen, Switzerland, the greatest living authority on Heliotherapy (Sun Cure). High in the Alps, Dr. Rollier exposed my sick, wasted body to the healing rays of the sun and fed me an abundance of sun-grown foods. Presto! A miracle happened! In 2 short years I was transformed from a bed-ridden invalid to a strong, healthy, young man.

I am way over 85 years young and I am still a powerful and healthy man. Through all of these long years I have kept the glorious light of the sun's gentle rays on my body. I regained my health through the gentle healing of "Doctor Healing Sunshine." He helped save my life and that is why I love God's own precious sunshine.

I Love Being With Doctor Sunshine

Patricia and I love the great sunshine state and have a home in the Santa Monica mountains so we can enjoy the mountain sunshine. We have a modest home in the California Desert, where the sun shines 354 days a year, and a cottage and our organic veggie garden and flowers in Santa Barbara near our office, and a place in Hawaii at Diamond Head near our free exercise class. We are great beach walkers and spend hours, in winter and summer, on the sun drenched beaches of Hawaii, Florida, France, Australia and New Zealand while on our Health Crusades. Seek the gentle sunshine and health follows by leaps and bounds.

[end of chapter 19]

[a segment of sunshine-related information from chapter 29:]

I believe that man originated in the tropics, a natural paradise where his entire body was nourished by the gentle, healing rays of the sun. We know that the skin needs vitamin D, which is produced in response to sunshine. We also know that the skin needs vitamin A. But today man's body has become so degenerated, so filled with mucus, acid toxins, mineral and vitamin deficiencies that he can't spend a great amount of time in the sunshine. There are many people who develop all kinds of skin conditions from exposure to the sun and then falsely put the blame on sunshine. The sun pulls out the impurities below the skin - trying to purify you. Skin cancers spring from toxic cells. [Emphases added...TC] This is all the more reason to do your fasting/cleansing program!

[Still June 2006]

To Metro Life Church Singles: (from Tom Cook)

I'd like to tell a little of my own experience... I've been following this and numerous other health principles for some years now. I grew up easily sunburning, but now that I've spent several years changing my body chemistry, I can tolerate a lot more of and benefit from *properly managed* sunshine. I am blessed with a business that allows me to be outdoors the 1st half (8-noon roughly) of each weekday. I never use sunscreen during work, but as of June, I'm now using an aloe vera lotion applied either before or after exposure.

I started playing indoor volleyball about 10 years ago. A couple years later I moved into beach volleyball. I was already learning and applying these sunshine principles. The question was what to do about the fact that I was going to be playing a long time; 4-5 hours on Sunday afternoons, at a local park. I discovered that SPF 15 would totally block everything out for me; I'd get no suntan at all. (This was a good sign my health was improving.) So although I hated shopping (and still do), I ventured into Target hoping to find a lighter sunscreen. I found SPF 8 and 12, and debated long and hard about which to buy. I decided to be a bit bold and risky and try 8. Turns out it worked perfectly! Gave me a nice tan with no burning or at the most just a *little* pinkish. No burning or peeling all summer long! Even when playing from 1-6pm! (Admittedly there was *some* shade from trees, unlike at the beach.)

I later graduated to a very healthy formula of a 50/50 mix of raw organic apple cider vinegar and olive oil. But I don't use it any more as I simply don't like it (even though my body did). The last 2 years, I gotten by almost exclusively with just aloe vera lotion (no sunscreen).

Because our beach trip will be putting us out there in the harshest stretch of time (11am til whenever), I will use SPF 8 again. But on my feet I'll use 15 as my work requires shoes all the time and my feet are white. So I will be alright with 8 and 15. But most of you should not do this! (That is, use SPF as low as 15.) I have been practicing this and other health principles (diet, etc.) for years. If you're new at this and/or haven't had a chance to build a good tan yet, *please* don't use less than SPF 30. Most of you are probably going to use higher than that anyway, which is good.

Just one more thing... It's a really good thing for you to put the sunscreen on *before* you leave the house to come to Metro. This has 2 benefits: 1) It allows proper metabolism into the skin before getting the exposure; and 2) you can be more thorough in your coverage when relaxed in front of a mirror than in the rush of getting it on once at the beach. Don't forget eyelids and various edges such as hairlines or (for me) bald spots (sheesh, my whole head is virtually one big bald spot). But if you fail to apply before getting to beach, by all means, DO apply it there. Better late than never!

Let's treat the temple of the Holy Spirit well. There's no need for any of us to ever experience burning, peeling, and (sunburn) *pain* again. The rest of our lives! An ounce of planning is worth a pound of cure (Prov. 2:11 paraphrased).

Please contact me if you have questions or comments, positive or negative. Thank you!

Tom Cook
(407) 671-1224
tcmullet @

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Tom sez:
"A friend posted an article on Facebook in Oct. 2011. I said, "Wow, this is so good I have to add it to the Dr. Sunshine page! My friend got it at this link. They got it from the original site here. And it is reproduced here below."

7 surprising things you're not supposed to know about sunscreen and sunlight exposure

Saturday, June 25, 2011
Mike Adams

Ask somebody about sunscreen and you're likely to receive an earful of disinformation from a person who has been repeatedly misinformed by health authorities and the mainstream media. Almost nothing you hear about sunscreen from traditional media channels is accurate. So here's a quick guide to the 7 most important things you need to know about sunscreen, sunlight and vitamin D:

#1) The FDA refuses to allow natural sunscreen ingredients to be used in sunblock / sunscreen products

It's true: If you create a truly natural sunscreen product using exotic botanicals with powerful sunscreen properties, you will never be able to market it as a "sunscreen" product. That's because the FDA decides what can be used as sunscreen and what can't, regardless of what really works in the real world. And there are really only two natural ingredients the FDA has allowed to be sold as sunscreen: Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Any other non-chemical sunscreen ingredients, if sold as "sunscreen," would be considered mislabeled by the FDA and result in your products being confiscated... even if they offer fantastic sunscreen protection!

Not surprisingly, this whole monopoly over sunscreen chemicals is designed to protect the profits of the chemical companies while marginalizing the natural product companies which could easily formulate far better solutions. I have personally spoken to the founders of several health product companies who have figured out amazing sunscreen formulations using nothing but natural botanicals, but the FDA won't let them market their products as sunscreen products!

It's just another example of the FDA standing in the way of health innovation.

#2) Nearly all conventional sunscreen products contain cancer-causing chemicals

Read the ingredients list of any sunscreen product sold at Wal-Mart, or Walgreens, or any other mainstream store. I dare ya!

You will not be able to pronounce most of the chemicals found in the ingredients list. That's because most sunscreen products are formulated with cancer-causing fragrance chemicals, parabens, harsh alcohols, toxic chemical solvents and petroleum oils. A typical sunscreen product is actually a chemical assault on your body. That's why research shows that using sunscreen actually causes more cancer than it prevents (

#3) In a nation where over 70% of the population is vitamin D deficiency, sunscreen actually blocks vitamin D production

Vitamin D deficiency is perhaps the most widespread vitamin deficiency in North America. According to the research, 70 percent of whites are deficient in vitamin D, and up to 97 percent of blacks are deficient (

Chronic vitamin D deficiency promotes cancer (, winter flu and infections, depression, osteoporosis and hormonal imbalances. Depending on whom you believe, vitamin D alone can prevent anywhere from 50% to nearly 80% of all cancers (

By blocking vitamin D production in the skin, sunscreen products actually contribute to cancer-promoting nutritional deficiencies.

This doesn't mean you should never wear a sunscreen product, of course. If your skin is really pale and you're planning a day on the beach in Hawaii, you will obviously benefit from some level of sun protection using a truly natural sunscreen product. But an informed health-conscious person would try to allow their skin to achieve a natural, healthy tan (yes, a tan truly is healthy if it's combined with good nutrition, see below) through sensible exposure levels that activate vitamin D production in the skin.

#4) You can boost your internal sun resistance by changing what you eat

Here's the real secret about sun exposure that no one in conventional medicine is talking about (because, as usual, they are woefully ignorant about nutrition): You can boost your internal sunscreen by eating antioxidant-rich foods and superfoods.

The supplement astaxanthin, for example, is very well known for boosting your skin's natural resistance to sunburn. Its fat-soluble carotenoids are actually transported to skin cells where they protect those cells from UV exposure.

The more natural antioxidants you have in your diet, the more sunlight your skin will be able to handle without burning. Nearly everyone mistakenly believes that a person's sunlight burn response is purely a genetic factor. They're wrong. You can radically improve your resistance to UV exposure through radical dietary changes.

I'm a great example of this, actually, as I used to burn in just 20 - 30 minutes of sunlight when I was on a junk food diet years ago. But now, as someone who eats superfoods and high-end nutritional supplements every day, I can spend hours in the sun and will only turn slightly red (which fades a few hours later and does not result in a burn or skin peeling).

Except for one time on an all-day visit to a water park, I have not worn sunscreen in over 8 years. I spend a large amount of time in the sun, and I have absolutely no concerns whatsoever about skin cancer. My skin, most people tell me, looks significantly younger than my biological age. That's not from sunscreen; it's from nutrition. Sun exposure does not make your skin "age" if you follow a high-nutritional density diet.

#5) UV exposure alone does not cause skin cancer

It is a complete medical myth that "UV exposure causes skin cancer." This false idea is a total fabrication by the ignorant medical community (dermatologists) and the profit-driven sunscreen companies.

The truth is actually more complicated: Skin cancer can only be caused when UV exposure is combined with chronic nutritional deficiencies that create skin vulnerabilities.

To create skin cancer, in other words, you have to eat a junk food diet, avoid protective antioxidants, and then also experience excessive UV exposure. All three of those elements are required. Conventional medicine completely ignores the dietary influences and focuses entirely on just one factor: Sunscreen vs. no sunscreen. This is a one-dimensional approach to the issue that's grossly oversimplified to the point of being misleading.

The medical industry, it seems, does not want people to figure out they can literally eat their way to healthier skin. It's amazing, actually: Your skin is made entirely out of the food you eat, so how could your diet not affect your skin health? Yet no one in conventional medicine -- not the dermatologists, not the doctors and not the health regulators -- has the intellectual honesty to admit that what you eat largely determines how your skin reacts to UV exposure.

#6) Not all "natural" sunscreen products are really natural

Be careful when shopping for so-called "natural" sunscreen products. While there are some good ones out there, many are just examples of greenwashing, where they use terms like "natural" or "organic" but still contain loads of synthetic chemicals anyway.

A good guide for checking on sunscreen products is the Environmental Working Group guide (EWG) at:

Some of the products that are truly natural include Loving Naturals sunscreen and Badger All Natural Sunscreen. Read the ingredients labels to see for yourself. Don't use any sunscreen product containing ingredients that sound like chemicals:


Always buy unscented sunscreen unless for some reason you just enjoy coating your skin with artificial perfume chemicals. A typical sunscreen product is made with over a dozen cancer-causing fragrance chemicals, and they're absorbed right through your skin. Most sunscreens, when applied as directed, are really just toxic chemical baths that heavily burden your liver and can give you cancer.

#7) Many "chemical free" sunscreens are loaded with chemicals

Search for "chemical free natural sunscreen" and you'll see a listing for:

Jason Natural Cosmetics - Earth's Best Sun Block Chemical Free, 4 oz cream

Click on the product and you'll find a listing of its ingredients which includes: C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Sorbitan Isostearate, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Ethyl Macadamiate, Calcium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Stearalkonium Hectorite.

So how are those not chemicals? Ethylhexyl Palmitate is NOT a chemical? Who are these people kidding? The description (title) of this product is false and misleading. In all fairness, however, this product title looks like it was added into the system by the vendor and not the Jason company itself. But it's an example of how the information you see from online vendors can often be misleading.

Always read the ingredients of any sunscreen product before using it. Don't poison yourself with sunscreen!

Beware the disinfo minefield surrounding sunscreen products

Perhaps more with sunscreen than any other personal care product, the "official" information distributed through the mainstream media is hopelessly misleading (if not downright false). Remarkably, no one in the media or the government is even willing to admit that fragrance chemicals are bad for your health. Similarly, no one is willing to admit that the chemicals you put on your skin get ABSORBED by your skin.

Without those two truths being acknowledged right up front, the rest of whatever they say about sunscreen is worthless babble. Any honest talk about sunscreen must acknowledge the simple truth that the chemicals you put on your skin get absorbed into your skin, and that most sunscreen products are made out of a chemical cocktail of cancer-causing substances.

This is the truth about sunscreen that both the sunscreen industry and the cancer industry doesn't want you to hear. It's the dirty little secret of sunscreen: The more you use, the more you CAUSE cancer in your body! (And the more money the cancer centers make "treating" your cancer with yet more deadly chemicals known as chemotherapy.)

So buyer beware. Sunscreen products are a minefield of lies, fraud and disinformation designed to keep you ignorant of the importance of sun exposure as well as the health risks associated with using cancer-causing chemicals on your skin.

Stick with truly natural sunscreen products (when needed) and try to build up a healthy tan while consuming large quantities of superfoods and antioxidants in your diet. Consider taking astaxanthin or other fat-soluble nutrients on a regular basis. Engage in daily juicing of fresh fruits and vegetables which are loaded with living nutrients. Time your sun exposure to build up a healthy tan so that you don't need sunscreen at all. Contrary to all the misinformation we've all been fed, a healthy tan is actually a good sign that you're achieving adequate vitamin D synthesis in your own skin.

Learn more about sunlight and vitamin D with these two resources:

FREE report: The truth about sunlight and vitamin D (

FREE video: The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer and Vitamin D

Tom sez:
"Watch that 23 minute video above. It's VERY GOOD!"

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