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Interviews with May / December couples

Age gap marriages where the parties hold to biblical concepts of marriage CAN be a very good thing. Having said that, this writer does not agree with all of the beliefs and values held by the participants in these interviews. (Some do acknowledge God in some way.) However, these interviews illustrate that such unions can be good.

5/10/1995 - under 7 min. - from The Rolonda Show
12/28/1992 - 44 min. - from The Jerry Springer Show (original format)
See the video's description for further information about the couples.
12/27/2013 - 4 min. - Dick Van Dyke's marriage

These 3 above are the most relevant. The 2 below are only indirectly helpful.
1/6/1994 - 12 min. - Jane Whitney - Teacher/Student issues
8/22/1997 - 12 min. - Politically Correct - Tony Curtis