From: Tom Cook
To: Recipients
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 12:22 AM
Subject: Tom's prayer update - July 2010

Dear prayer friends,

I goofed. I admit it. Seven months ago today, I mailed my December update and it was way too long. I can't regret the content as it had been 18 months since the prior one and SO many things had happened that I felt I must report all the major stuff. But though it took me days of careful and intense composition, I was so close to the situation (the proverbial "trees") that I couldn't see the "forest". And that forest aspect was that it was too long for most of you to read it at all.

For those who read it, I thank you. At the end of the letter I had made 2 small but important requests. For those who prayed for my first request, thank you. As far as I know, noone was able to do the second request. While surprised at first, it finally occurred to me (again, delayed because of the "trees" problem) that even if someone had "survived" all the way through, they might be too worn out to honor the requests! Again, I'm sorry I "wore out" some of you.

As a "book chapter" it may take a lengthy 45 minutes to read, but as an email (or even the web version) there are no paper pages like with a physical chapter so you could bookmark where you are and come back later to where you left off. Some friends helped me to see this problem and suggested I take a tip from Wikipedia (the online free encyclopedia) and have a box with clickable content links. What a great idea! As there are parts of that letter I still really want to give to you even 7 months later, I've implemented it! It's here (in cruder form) as well as in the web version of the December letter: (For the web version, just click on the first link.) - INTRO & REVIEW. A short, quick-paced summary of the events that led up to this point, especially for those who weren't involved in any way during those times or never read the earlier letters. - BACK TO SCHOOL. The first part of my report of unusual events in connection with my "accidental" return to college (p-t) for some refresher computer courses. SKIP THIS if it's not relevant to you. (But those who've also gone back to school after decades of absence might appreciate it.) - SIGNIFICANT SIDE EFFECTS of my QRA. Oh, this you gotta see! Four unintended effects of my treatment. Please don't skip this. You will be amazed! (And if you're diligent and like the Sweet Tomatoes restaurants, you'll find some delicious looking pictures of their cuisine.) - STORAGE crisis. Covers how my storage crisis changed over time. SKIP THIS this unless you'd like to learn of some creative storage tactics I learned and implemented along the way. (Photos and video included.) - HOUSING crisis. See God's mercy in the unusual way He provided an acceptable housing change. It's still somewhat of a "crisis" as the provision is a rare option and I'm still not out of the water, making the situation still rather precarious. But SKIP THIS, if you don't know me or are otherwise uninterested. - SCHOOL update Part 2. This may be boring at first, but then (like a Hitchcock thriller that takes it's time to set the stage) you'll learn how I "accidentally" (there's that word again that keeps popping up in my life) took a web programming course when none was planned, and how I was enabled to start down a path that is already helping and even saving people's lives! And how it will keep doing so for the next 80+ years!!! (You'll even hear about a doctor who nearly cried!) - WORK UPDATE. Difficulties through the latter schooling months. SKIP THIS if not relevant. But it is rather short AND there's a short and cute video of me "dancing" on a street corner. - REQUESTS. This is the part that most of you never "survived" long enough to see. The two requests are short and I hope each of you will help me by honoring them. The first one one, though dated, is still a problem. The second one is rather timeless, but I still hope each of you will help me with it.

Since December there have been some changes, but nothing I need to urgently report. Will share some of it another time.

Tom Cook
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