From: Tom Cook
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2012 3:28 PM
Subject: A SHOCKING letter received

Friends, Only 11 minutes after sending you that report of the 3rd letter I sent out to the 200+ QRA practitioners, I got this letter from a lady, Jodi, who contacted me thru my website just last night. I am greatly in prayerful tears and with tingling all over me, having read this incredibly touching letter! She gave me permission to share this with you! I have not edited her letter at all! I am in great tears, sweating, and tingling, even as I prepare to forward this to you! You have to read this!

(I'm including the brief communication sequence that led to this, first. Then her report that make me cry.)


Several people had recently "liked" the Tom's Good Files Facebook page. Those people would want to be on my "fans" email list, so I wrote to each of them on FB earlier today:
"I see you like Tom's Good Files on FB. If you want to receive news of significant updates to the site about QRA, go there and get on the email list:
Jodi L. wrote me back via FB:
YES! i will for sure..!! i been working with QRA practioners for a long time to work on me for QRA testing.. yes i have found recently a new QRA thru your site which is bringing great results to progress forward in my health.. !!thank you so kindly for placing this website for us to learn more about Dr Marshall and also your healing recovery testimony.. thank you so greatly!
She then used the Contact form at my site to send her info:

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I then replied to her:
On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 1:04 PM, Tom Cook wrote:

I've added you, Jodi. Glad QRA is helping you, and glad you found a new one at TGF. Which one was it? Did you tell them you found them thru TGF? (That will help the situation.) I do wonder though, why did you need a new one? Were the "old ones" not getting the same results as the new one?

Glad to know, via your email address spelling, that you seem to share similar faith in Christ. You'll see some items about my own beliefs under "Tom's Misc.".

Keep getting well, sister. :)

To excellent health and prosperity,
Tom Cook
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Suffering from illness is now purely a choice... not a requirement.

Here now are the shocking things she wrote, totally unedited by me, except her last name, etc. She writes with difficulty, therefore read slowly so you can grasp her meaning.

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Hello Mr. Cook
Thank you for your reply. Yes I absolutely told the new QRA practioner that i found her at your website Tomsgoodfiles, i truly sincerely am grateful you have your invaluable website up for us to refer too. I had a medical trauma in 2005 that has left me disabled for over 7 years now. My family member started taking me to see QRA practioners trained underneath Dr. Marshall .
  I do not know what i would of done without them.. Along with my main doctor and in combination of the QRA Practioners this is the only reason why i have progressed forward.. for the first 2 years from 2005 I was in a wheelchair bound state barely able to lift a sliver spoon to feed my own self in a severe brain dysfunction state equal to an Alzeheimer patient.. then in 2007 when i had mudpacks done on me for the first time ever testing for 13 mudpacks on the right kidney and 11 mudpacks on the other kidney.. then also with combination of treatment with my main doctor i began to actually make a brutally long uphill battle to make my very first steps to walk on my own without assistence after over 2 in half years of not able to even barely stand.. the strength was nonexistent during that time to do those bodily functions almost everyone else takes for granted every day of their lives.. I had hope for the first time.. ever during the unfathomable suffering .. so over time the QRAs were out of state or sometimes traveled once to where i reside. I always wanted to find a QRA near where i reside here more local. This is why i said i am so glad you helped me to find a local QRA recently from your website just about 2 weeks ago. She is the QRA practioner residing in Reynoldsburg Ohio.. only 4 miles from where i am located. this is such exciting news for me just this past Friday first time ever she came to my place of residence and QRA tested my place and found the energetics was very weak.. well with a couple adjustments finally i have a remediated place to reside in what i have wanted more than anything for such a long time. I have the old style of the use of Hemapro buried down near my place of residence. to remediate the structure. Very exciting for me to have more hope to progress forward continually. I am combining too the Zyto testing with the QRA testing to make the progress go further..

yes I share the same faith as you in Jesus as My LORD and Savior.. too. yes i saw your testimony of faith on your website.. which i am so grateful that the Lord placed on your heart to create your website. My prayers are being answered thru your website information. If you only knew how much your information especially the effort and much time you have dedicated to your website has given me such a tremendous breakthru just in the last week. Finally!!! with my place remediated the nerve pain is not so tormenting .. but feels like comforted by all the good energetics finally coming in my place. I also have the new trillant 4 stack pryamid too in my place so i am literally basking in the good energetics the last couple days first time ever..this is just the beginning of even more progress forward. this is all because of your time and efforts you have so wholeheartedly placed into your website . thank you... I pray God reward you immensely. Sincerely, Jodi L_____

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Hello Mr. Cook,

Thank so much for honoring me.. for having endured the brutal fight to get to here. You know secular non believers will say things to me like oh you should write a book or you should be on Oprah, silly things like this.. and i often think it is absolutely impossible to describe to put into words the magnitude of what i underwent back then .. especially those first 2 years with no hope no progress whatsoever just i had to live in prayer continually back then hanging on by a mere thread 24 hours a day, just to survive my breaths... the first 5 months i couldnt even put two thoughts together to cry out to God cause a human body needs their brain function capacity to even pray with their mind involved as well in order to cry out to God. i often say usually healthy bodied humans have no inkling of a clue just the last statement i just wrote .. to have to have the capacity in brain function to even cry out unto God .. they just are clueless to this unless they see a severly brain damaged patient, but since i have come so far now only those who saw me fight to live with their own eyes are in awe & wonder to this day wondering what in the world caused this natural healing miracle to take place , they often have retained in their thoughts... I know only God could of done this in the natural.. to get me to here.. and He is using your AMAZING website that is making HUGE impact for those like me and many countless others.
Yes, you are very welcome to use the words i wrote, to send to others. I so greatly appreciate you honoring me for having fought to live..

Sincerely, Jodi L_____.