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To my cherished prayer friends: December 1st is long gone and I still haven't shared any of what I wanted to by then. SO much has been happening, both positive and negative; both before and since Dec. 1st. But instead I'm going to share things that will directly help you and your loved ones. I'll start with some encouraging letters I've received. Our friend Becky writes:

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Thank you so much for sharing what God has been doing through you and through others serving you in your time of need. God is so great when we are small. In humbling yourself to ask for help, God has shown Himself powerful in fulfilling your needs and has used others to do it. What a powerful testimony!!!! Don't ever lose these emails. Keep them to reflect upon whenever you feel down or lonely or going through a dry time with the Lord.

It is so easy for us to forget what God has done for us. I know I have often not been diligent to keep answers to prayers in my life in my memory. Then, when I am tempted to be discouraged by the enemy and my flesh, I'm often unable to refute his lies with the witness of God's work in my life. Don't do that. You keep remembering what God is doing for you. I'm keeping these, too so I can remember God's work in my friend's life when I am tempted in the future.

I am still praying for you and praising God for you.

See you soon,

Becky I.

Thank you, Becky so much! And your note was so valuable to me, as in the weeks immediately following Thanksgiving, the trials and despair were such that I desperately needed the encouragement from reading my own story! Those several weeks were rough, and if it weren't for the health progress I've attained, I would have had many severe anxiety attacks. Because I followed your exhortation to re-read, my tears of fear turned to "barely-believe-I'm-gonna-make-it" faith. At least somewhat. Again, thank you! :)

In the weeks since Nov. my mental health has continued to improve plus God has been slightly improving my circumstances to where it's better than "barely-believe"; I'm more joyously believing I *am* going to make it! (Even though the end of the tunnel is still way off.)

Also heard again from Dr. Heise, who's been a friend for years, but very special during these desperate times of amazing healing:

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Tom: You've done a great job expressing your passion and desire to help others, while sharing the balance of miracles and God's Laws. He gave instruction to Moses to teach the children of Isreal and told them "do these things and you shall not have any of these diseases". This had to do with adequate nutrition in foods as well as the handling of excrement. Your mention of God's Laws (His Word) is both for the Spirit, Soul AND BODY. Your personal experience adds credibility to these physical (biochemical) influences.

I pray for your full recovery and great influence on seeking minds and hearts.

God Bless You, Dr. Heise

I have at least a couple more letters, but I first want give you links to websites and downloads that can greatly help you and loved ones confidently be healed from minor to major health problems. I've been continuing to learn a great deal about biology and this amazing set of discoveries that allows non-invasive diagnosis and treatment of root health problems. And I know that many of you don't bother to click on the links I've provided before. So I want to give them here along with clarifications that will help you decide if you need to go to the link. There will also be new links here, not included before.


In my 7/14 letter, I said, "Some of you know that in the mid 80's, I wondered about and gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding about the wisdom of recognizing that God's health laws in scripture were meant to be practiced always. (I have tapes I can give you.) I gradually embraced a lifestyle of eating the things that God said to eat and abstaining from the things he said would cause severe problems. (And there are a handful of other health areas beyond diet that God tells us to follow.) If these flukes have been there for decades, that very well could *antedate* my journey to embrace God's health laws."

Those tapes I mentioned (each under an hour) were radio interviews with a Christian health expert that blew my mind when I stumbled onto the first one while it was airing. I had wondered for several years prior [to 1986] if God might have been wise to distinguish between two categories of animals, clean and unclean. (We dispensationalists had always thought it'd be foolish or legalistic to practice those laws today.) This guy gave amazing light into the matter! For several years, I duplicated, lent and gave cassettes of these away. When my dark times began in the 90's, that ceased. But I kept the masters safely preserved and have recently recreated them in digital form for you to download and hear. Many months after it was aired, the program's daily host told me that this one program had generated more requests for cassette copies than any other program during the show's entire 10-year history, regardless of topic! Right-click and download this to listen and share with friends you care about.

1986-02-27.Clean-and-Unclean-Foods.mp3 (12.6MB)

Some, having heard the above program, still have doubts that the health laws should be followed today. I also recorded the show the next time the guy came on and he added much helpful clarification to the matter. Please listen to this one, too:

1986-05-23.God's-Natural-Laws.mp3 (12.5MB)

For those who still insist the New Testament says we can eat unclean meat, I suggest reading a series of articles I recently found. While I can't support everything the group teaches in other areas, this set of short articles (less than a half hour to read) contains the best and most thorough analysis I've seen anywhere in 20+ years of dealing with this subject. Every problem verse (New Testament verse) that we've ever tried to use to justify eating unclean meat is dealt with extremely well. This link takes you to the first article. The rest in the series can be accessed through a list on the left side of their page.

The following several radio shows have the same guest speaker as the interview about clean and unclean foods and are very good, even though 20+ years old.

1986-07-02.Cancer-Prevention.mp3 (13.2MB)
1986-08-19.America's-Sweet-Tooth.mp3 (13.2MB)
1986-09-10.Facts-Fads-Fallacies.mp3 (13.0MB)
1986-10-07.Fasting.mp3 (6.57MB)

The last one is on the biblical topic of fasting. Without minimizing the spiritual dimensions of fasting, the speaker emphasizes the how-to's and health benefits of fasting regularly. I would urge you to download all these radio shows right away, but listen only to the first 1 or 2 right away (on unclean foods). The rest of the material in this letter is more urgent. I include these links to the other 4 only because I have them ready now. There are a handful more I will be mastering later, all very good and mostly timely even though old. One thing that made all the shows especially interesting and helpful was the call-in nature of the show. Many helpful insights would come as a result of caller questions and comments.

In the Fasting discussion, the story of Paul Bragg was brought up. This guy was extremely healthy and frequently doing serious sports most of his life. When he was past 90, he died of a freak accident during one of his regular activities; surfing in Hawaii! His book, The Miracle of Fasting, is an incredible collection of material both on and off the topic of fasting. You can order a copy or an e-book at his website, Paul may be dead, but one of his disciples, Jack Lalanne, is still alive and very active and fit at 93. His wife Elaine is in her early 80's. Jack says of her, "If you are around her for any length of time, you will find her enthusiasm for life is contagious. She can do push-ups, chin-ups, she's a terrific golfer, expert water skier, and swimmer. She is a lecturer, author, civic leader and business woman. She's a super wife and a good friend. To me she is living proof of all that a woman can be." You can read about them and see photos at

Paul Bragg and Jack Lalanne are generally good examples of what can happen to us if we have a lifestyle of following God's health laws. (Prov. 3:1-2 and many others.) Here's a slightly edited clip from Paul's Miracle of Fasting book where he found people who amazed even him!

"On my expeditions to India I found men at secluded retreats who had devoted their lives to building a physically powerful body as an instrument for high spiritual advancement. ... These men of India were in utterly fantastic physical condition because the _____ kept their skin and muscle tone ageless! I met a man in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains who told me that he was, at that time, 126 years old! This man had no reason to lie to me because his whole life was spent in getting closer to God. ... To go into further detail in describing this man physically, he had perfect vision and he had a beautiful head of hair with not one gray hair in it. He had all his teeth and he possessed the endurance and stamina of an athlete. He spoke seven languages fluently. He was one of the most amazing men that I have ever met. When I asked him to what he owed his great strength and mentality, his answer was... [read the book!...TC] As a man, I don't like to guess the age of any woman. But while I was on a trip to India I met a woman whose age I guessed to be around 50. I was amazed when she told me she was 86! She was beautiful with no signs of aging. When I asked her the secret of her beauty and her agelessness, I got the same answer I did from the man. This beautiful woman was totally aware of the importance of _____ for her health."

But back to the matter of mental illness of which I've been a victim this past year...


A root cause of most mental illneses AND many other serious conditions is infections (parasites, flukes, bacteria, etc.). This article entitled "The Role of Infections in Mental Illness" is pretty technical, but shows among other things that:

1. Infections play a much larger role in most mental illnesses than the medical industry realizes; 2. Most mental health practitioners are not qualified to diagnose such infections or even suspect it. [This would lead one to suspect that many infections go UNDIAGNOSED!]

It's especially for those who know someone with a mental illness. (Anyone who is a cat-lover will find startling info as well.) It's short, but has a lot of valuable insights.

If you don't read the article, or don't grasp the concepts and/or their significance, then at least read a brief discussion I had with a friend experienced with depression and it's drug therapies:

Peter: I don't think the natural antidepressants are anywhere near as good as medical antidepressants like Elavil or Zoloft. If you have not tried one of those I STRONGLY suggest trying one of those at a fairly high dose, like 100 mg per day at bedtime. ... I strongly feel you should give the antidepressants a try if you have not already. I have seen people go from being unable to cope with anything, unable to work or go to school to being totally normal in 10 weeks. But if you do get that level of benefit in such a time you have to keep taking the antidepressant for about a year or the depression has a high probability of returning. However, once an individual feels normal the dosage can generally be lowered for the duration of treatment.

Tom: As you have indirectly admitted, the drugs never cure you; you have to stay on them indefinitely. All they are doing is trying to counteract the poisonous effects of the excrement of the flukes and parasites on the neurotransmitters. The 5HTP is a precursor to seratonin. Precursor because seratonin itself can't pass the blood-brain barrier, but 5HTP can. Once it passes, it is synthesized into seratonin, which we both know is needed for brain function. But it's only one step better than the synthetic drugs. My herbalist said repeatedly that I'd have to stay on 5HTP the rest of my life as I had "genetic" predisposition to mental illness. Well, both those schools are wrong (about the solution and about "rest of my life"). The real solution is to kill off the flukes and parasites, so that none of their excrement will be chemically altering the neurotransmitters any more. It's true that a drug or 5HTP would get me through the rough times *until* the enemy is vanquished. But expensiveness prohibited me from doing either.

Tom: My herbalist knew I had flukes and parasites and that they needed elimination, but she was wrong about "genetic" tendency. Dr. Heise affirmed as I suspected; it's an *acquired* tendency, acquired and entrenched many years ago. (And the tendency as well as actual creatures *can* be passed down culturally and biologically, but not geneticly.) But I will be unentrenching it as the days go on.

Here's a letter from dear friends I've known for 30 years, but with whom I haven't had contact in several. We talked and visited recently, and I sent them my previous 4 big email chains. Donna is my age, and Jim is a few years older.

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Subject: Our renewed contact and some good news


Jim and I have greatly enjoyed talking with you and seeing you in these recent weeks. We were terribly sad to learn of the great trials that have beset you this year, but are rejoicing in God's gracious providence for you and in the wonderful things that are coming out of your ordeal. I have read all 4 of your emails and I'm in the process of reading them to Jim.

Do you remember that you were the one that introduced us to Dr. Heise back in '78 when I was so sick with my 2nd pregnancy after you started coming to our church? It was a very positive experience for me then. It made us more open to alternative health options over the coming years. As I told you very recently, we figured out years ago that Jim has bipolar disorder and I was diagnosed 13 years ago with type II diabetes. My eyesight has been getting worse and worse as a result. We've been on the same "great" herb products as you were and felt they worked very well in the beginning but have noticed over the years that they weren't being as effective. We are SO excited to learn that our former chiropractor Dr. Heise has learned this QRA method that saved his own life and is so greatly helping you. We are excited because WE'VE now been able to make appointments to see him TODAY for our QRA exams! We are both greatly looking forward to the months ahead and see our respective conditions clear up! Our daughter has TMJ and is considering QRA also.

Tom, I'm glad you shared your painful story with us and are so thankful that God has seen you through. Because of what has happened to you, there is new hope for a healthy life for our own family, as well as many others in the years ahead. We will keep you in our prayers for your work, car and other present difficulties. AND, we will let you know what Dr. Heise finds out about us and how quickly we might be able to get back to perfect health! Thank you so much, Tom, for your renewed contact. Not only can we pray for you, but our own lives are going to be radically changed through your trials! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Your long time friends,
Donna (for Jim and Donna Mershon)

To Donna: No I DIDN'T remember I had introduced you to Heise all those years ago! I remembered it was through a mutual friend. Guess I remembered incorrectly. As is was almost 30 years, ago, I hereby forgive myself! :)

Anyway, Donna & Jim HAVE gotten their full QRA exams, and they are thrilled to know that they are going to get well! Type II diabetes, and bipolar disorder!! With their permission, I can share with you part of what the doctor found. Donna has flukes worse than I did, and both of them have parasites pretty bad! They are encouraged by my own successes of flukes being gone in only 30 days, and parasites being gone in 60! (Okay, I guess I haven't reported that news yet. Yes, my checkup on 11/19 showed the parasites are totally gone! I am VERY grateful to God for the wonderful healing power in the herbs He made for our benefit.)

You might be puzzled here, as I've been insisting that infections are behind most MENTAL illnesses. But here is a personal case where the infections were the most major causes behind a health issue TOTALLY non-mental, diabetes! The fact of widespread infections being behind MANY conditions is widely known among all the QRA practitioners. Dr. Heise himself, before he learned QRA himself, was a QRA patient and learned that parasites were a root cause of his cancer, which is obviously not a mental disorder. From the earlier article "The Role of Infections..." we can see that the incidence of parasite infection is extremely widespread among those that are asymptomatic (have NO apparent symptoms). It showed that you can be infected for YEARS but have no discernable symptoms until some kind of stress triggers the effects. This is what happened to me after decades of the unknown infections; all the collective stress last year of failing business, ruined career, longterm bad priorities, dwindling local family, etc... the stress of all those combined factors was so excrutiating that it triggered the chemical imbalance that had been brewing for a long time. But now you have 2 cases before you showing that infections are NOT limited to mental illnesses.

What I'm really trying to get you all to see is that if you have any moderate to serious chronic conditions, YOU may be infected and should have them identified and nipped in the bud before something more serious breaks out, like.... well, just about anything! The beauty of QRA is that it can identify exactly what's going on inside, whether parasites or not, and determines exactly what's needed to correct it. The Doc says there are SOME cancers that don't have parasites behind them. QRA can identify the other causes and deal with *them* as well.

You might say, "Parasites, shmarasites... MY doctor tested me for parasites and found NONE! So quit looking for parasites under every hiccup and hangnail!" A family member asked me, "Why has Dr. Heise not had you utilize the state's free stool testing service where they test for parasites?" That was a good question, so I asked the Doc about it. He told me some startling things. Those tests are totally inadequate because 80+ percent of the time they give FALSE NEGATIVES! He himself has conducted many stool tests and checked the results against QRA. The vast majority of the time that QRA positively shows parasites, the stool test shows negative! So forget about trusting standard medical tests for parasites!


This 5-page article gives a very good introduction to QRA:

This 2-page article explains why 97% of supplements on the market are disasterously inferior to the point of being harmful. This (having perfect-quality nutrients) is critical to the success of QRA.

The above article briefly mentions EXCIPIENTS as being one of the common factors causing products to be harmfully inferior. Many of the best herb products out there are functionally ruined because they package them in and with excipients. How can you tell if what is on YOUR shelf has excipients? In most cases they do, but read your labels and read this short document to know for sure:

You may be very disappointed to find that you've spent a lot money over many years (as I did) on partially good herb products that didn't fully work in the long run. This is why I fought a yeast infection for *years* without full results (besides the fact that I wasn't dealing with the root cause of candida, which is parasites.) Quantum products, being very expensive to produce, are indeed more expensive, but they work very powerfully and very fast! This is why they've adopted the phrase, "Nutrition that really works!" It really does! Instead of spending years staying sick and getting poorer, spend only months getting well. In the long run, I've become convinced that it's ultimately cheaper, in part due to greater income potential once one is healthy.

Now for some thrilling encouragements, read sound bites from 34 practitioners who have studied QRA:

One doctor there says, "These techniques ... have worked consistently well. It would be called magic if it were not explainable by quantum physics."

Another doctor there, 3rd from the top of 2nd column on page 1, is Dr. Rashid Buttar. He says to other practitioners, "Excellent! You have to go to this course." Dr. Buttar has taken QRA training, and with it augments his practice which was already very successful using some other natural modalities meant to heal by aiding the body's own abilities to heal itself. Dr. Buttar has spent tens of thousands of dollars to produce a series of DVD videos that explain various diseases he has treated and give testimonies of very happy patients. While the DVDs are very expensive, he has FREE viewable clips on his website which are mostly testimonies of folks who've partaken of his services. Some of these you'll find to be very moving; maybe enough to make you cry for joy. All of them are good, and here are most of them by DVD title:

9 Steps to Optimum Health:
(some conditions touched on: depression, food sensitivity, migraines, sleep apnia, CFS, fibromyalia, degenerative joint disease, hypertension, blood pressure problem, high cholesterol)

Heavy Metal Toxicity, THE HIDDEN KILLER:
(food allergies, hives, mercury haze, losing mind, various other)

Cancer, The Untold Truth:
(prostate cancer, autism, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, ALS, breast cancer--stage 4 terminal, colon cancer--liver metastasization, brain tumor, osteosarcoma)

Sudden Cardiac Death, #1 Symptom of Heart Disease:

AUTISM, The Misdiagnosis Of Our Future Generations:
(If you don't get a little teary-eyed somewhere here, you're half dead or a twin of Mr. Spock.)


In my Nov. 9th letter, I ended it by rushing through a very abbreviated list of conditions that QRA successfully treats. I want to make that list more orderly, a bit more complete (just a bit), and more helpful. This is an EXTREMELY partial list, as the way QRA works, the body is allowed to communicate to the doctor *precisely* what the root causes of ANY condition are, and find out exactly what nutrients are needed (and the dosages) to heal it! So obviously, we don't have space to list every medical condition that exists. As QRA is so new, there are many conditions waiting to be treated by QRA for the very first time. A truly pioneering situation. But for now, here's the list I mentioned in my Nov. 9th letter, in alpha order and expanded with comments and further conditions I've learned of.

ALLERGIES (food and environmental).
ALZHEIMERS. If the case is advanced, it may only be arrestable (stopping further deterioration). However, numerous cases have been totally reversed!
ARTHRITIS (all types).
CANCER. Many if not most conditions that QRA can correct take 90 days or less. Cancer, M.S., and Crohn's disease are exceptions. It can take a lot longer depending on the severity and duration of the history. But that does not mean the chances of full recovery are slim. Far from it. As far as I know, every case that follows through on the dictated protocol, gradually and steadily improves to the point of full remission. And that full remission occurs a lot faster than without QRA. Also, it's important to know that a QRA practitioner works closely with the oncologist and other traditional practitioners in an integrative fashion. So don't fear that doing QRA will require you to abandon what may be your "beloved oncologist".
CHRONIC CHIROPRACTIC CARE. A normal healthy person would not need more than one maintenance adjustment per month. People with unusual spine problems for which they see a good chiropractor many times a month will find that when QRA is used to pinpoint the body's problems, corrections will be made resulting in reduction of adjustments down to the conventional ONE per month.
CROHN'S DISEASE. Again, this can take a long time, but still just as successful as quicker-responding conditions.
CYSTIC FIBROSIS. This is one I'm kinda proud to say I suspected on my own that QRA can solve. When I heard that a relative of someone I know might have had it, I did "google search" and found it is a genetic defect. I remembered 2 items I had read in the QRA literature (some of which I've given you links to): (1) Excipients acts as a poison and cause deterioration of DNA in your cells; (2) "Quantum-quality" nutrients cause the DNA to REGENERATE! This seemed so significant when I read it, that when I later read that CF is a genetic disorder, I thought, "I bet Dr. Heise will tell me QRA can treat CF!" Sure enough, he did!! And if this is true, perhaps we should infer that all geneticly-based diseases might be curable! Stay tuned!
DIABETES (both types), Here's an interview (14 min.) with Dr. Heise discussing a politically difficult and physically severe dual-case of diabetes and dementia. Surnames have been blanked out for privacy. (1.5MB)
DYSLEXIA (certain aspects of it).
EPILEPSY (most kinds).
HERNIATED DISCS. QRA cannot solve this. Dr. Heise himself has a couple in the neck, which is why he regrettably can't partake in life's 2 greatest activities: Volleyball & painting ceilings (yuk). But there IS some good news. If your herniated discs cause you to need chiropractic more than once a month, QRA can reduce that to once a month.
INFERTILITY (most cases).
MENTAL ILLNESSES (most, including bipolar, dementia, clinical depression, schizophrenia, etc). I personally talked last week to one QRA doctor who's treated 2 serious cases of dementia, both with total success! I talked this week with another who's successfully treated 3!
MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) Again, it takes a long time depending on the history. Dr. Heise has 2 patients who are both making sure and steady progress up the mountain. What happens when you keep climbing up a mountain, even if slowly? You get to the top! Perfect health--work, play, raise a family, do sports, etc.! Total remission has already happened to someone! Go to and read about a woman who overcame it through QRA. She is so happy about it, she now works for the QRA doctor that treated her!
"PERMANENT" BACK INJURY. Often QRA can reverse this, even when the best chiropractors cannot.
SHINGLES. QRA can eliminite this amazingly quickly. (I was shocked.) Hear Dr. Heise talk about it in this short 3-min. interview about it and TMJ.
SYNTHROID USE. Synthroid should never be used. The medical community (as usual) treats the symptoms of low thyroid, but ignores the cause, a weakened thyroid gland. My former herbalist said that it's a tragedy that people start using synthroid, because once you do, your already-weak thyroid shuts down totally, requiring you to stay hooked on synthroid forever. We've known the answer throughout this; rebuild the thyroid and hyper- and hypo-thyroid problems will clear up. But QRA takes it one step further-- You can reactivate your synthroid-deadened thyroid gland! Which means you can eventually get off of synthroid!!
TINNITUS (some kinds).
TMJ. Listen to the audio interview under "Shingles"


I met a man years ago who was a health professional in an alternative field. He was very health conscious throughout his professional career, and overall he and his family enjoyed many years of great health (and helped others through his practice). I would say he was one of many very good doctors in his field. Yet there came a time when he was experiencing serious symptoms that led him to seek an oncologist. The terrifying verdict came back-- stage 4 cancer! He prayed for wisdom and direction. He sought out and examined different methods of treatment. He discovered QRA and was impressed with both the concepts and the track record (even thought the track record was brief as QRA is still very new). His life was on the line and he was desperate, so he submitted to the testing procedures and the resulting protocols. He used this in conjunction with some conventional treatment. He was surprised at how rapidly his condition improved. In fact, 6 months later the cancer was totally gone! His overall health is greatly improved, too.

He was so impressed with the effectiveness that he purposed to learn QRA *himself* and start treating and healing as many people as he could. He's been doing that for some time now. He's one of only three QRA-certified doctors in Florida. His name is Dr. Douglas Heise, he is my doctor and friend, and you can read his short story (takes 8 minutes) at his website:

His passion to help people with the same natural methods that saved his life is so evident in something that happened with me. Our church had a series of short-term lay-mission trips this summer. Being so consumed with my problems has made me understandably self-focused. To combat that, I decided that as each trip was to begin, I'd ask the few people I knew on each team what I could pray for while they were gone. (Then I'd pray during the trip, and ask them when they got back how things turned out. God answered many of them.) I branched out and started asking friends who had greatly benefited me during this terrible "year of hell" I've been in. Of course, I had to include my greatest benefactor, Dr. Heise. I figured he'd ask for this or that personal or family need. Or perhaps to pray for a problem in his church I knew about that he might have felt distress about. He asked for none of that. He calmly (and perhaps a little longingly) said, "Just pray that I'll be able to help heal as many people as possible." Doesn't that just make your heart thump a bit??


Speaking of cancer (cancer being Dr. Heise's former affliction), I recently heard of a tragic case of a man, age 50, with melanoma that had been severely metastisizing. I quickly wrote to the mother, sharing my painful story (via the 4 previous email chains), with the hope she could get him to go in to get help. In parallel, I wrote the Doc to get his perspective. Here's his informative reply:

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Subject: Re: Melanoma metastasized

Tom... Of course, as you know by now, the root source of cancer activity is microbes which have attacked the body, compromising the immune system and subsequently allowing biofilms of cancer cells to develop beyond the sentinel guard of the body's immune defenses. Furthermore, these biofilms are significantly larger than the macrophages within the immune system, to kill off. Therefore, an aggressive detox of the body with concurrent elimination of microbes (flukes, parasites, viruses, bacteria), is essential as a starting point to rebuild the cells and DNA.

Conducting a QRA allows the tissue-specific remedies to achieve the above as well as other cofactors in this disease process. There are a couple types of this disease, however the fundamental cause remains the same. Must detox and attack the microbes to rebuild the bodies defenses and kill the disease.

Of course, there are no guarantees. Everybody can respond differently and progress has to be monitored at regular intervals to tweak the necessary changes as the body defenses evolve in the treatment.

I have treated one case, so far, and there has not been any recurrence. I did find the typical microbes present which generally accompany this disease.

Look forward to testing this gentleman, if he is desiring help.

Thanks again, Tom. Dr. Heise

Again, as with Dr. Heise (stage 4 Non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer) and Donna M.'s diabetes, the "typical microbes" were there. And consistent with the amazing track record of QRA, "so far there has not been any recurrence"! If people will:
1. Get the all-important first QRA exam, and
2. Follow the precise protocol dictated by one's body during the QRA exam, they gradually get better and better. And what happens if you keep doing it?? You get to a point where you can get no better--perfect health!

But tragicly, the last fellow no longer was "desiring help", and gave up.


There are two important situations in which QRA won't work.
1. The first is on this short (3 1/2 min.) interview with Dr. Heise on non-compliance. (I've just given you a big clue.) Every interview with him is fascinating and this short one is no exception.

2. The other is in special cases of cancer. As best I can recall from a conversation with Dr. Heise's account manager at Premier Research Labs, it works something like this. With cancer, the physical problems are intimately tied into the mental and emotional state of the patient. In many cases, the patient has a subconscious wish to die, that is, there is some sense in which they feel guilty and believe that they deserve to die from cancer. (Not to deny that we all deserve death due to sin, but this is not in view here.) This emotional bent creates a biological deadlock that QRA alone cannot break. QRA can identify this emotional snag, bringing it to the surface. Then if the patient is open to getting counsel, the emotional snag can be overcome. Once this happens (if it happens), then the QRA procedures and protocols work wonderfully, and cancer can be overcome! Of course there's the problem described in #1 above that can interfere, just like with any other condition besides cancer.

HOW TO FIND A QRA PRACTITIONER: (If you're not in Orlando)

I've been privileged to obtain the current name/address/phone list of ALL the QRA-certified practitioners in the NATION! More importantly, I have researched to find many of their websites! This is very valuable information! If you have friends or family around the U.S. who have any serious (or non-serious) health conditions, chronic or otherwise, please forward this to them. Using Google Maps and plugging the addresses of themselves and a city listed below, they can find the QRA physician nearest to them.

Even for those of you local to Orlando, these links provide a WEALTH of valuable information about Quantum Reflex Analysis. Check 'em out!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Practitioners are being certified all the time. Go to to find out for sure the closest one to you. Go there also, if I list a city without a website (I couldn't find it yet, or they don't have one.) This list is current as of 12/2007. The sites on which I've found QRA patient testimonies have an asterisk (*) by them.

AZ - Phoenix -
BC (Can.) - Vancouver -
CA - Camarillo -
CA - Costa Mesa -
CA - Costa Mesa -
CA - Fremont -
CA - Idyllwild -
CA - Lafayette -
CA - Los Gatos -
CA - Mill Valley -
CA - Montrose -
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Most of you who have been my very supportive friends praying for me may be saying, "Tom didn't say ANYTHING about his current struggles & successes for which we've been praying." I do need prayer still, and do have grounds for praising the Lord. I'll fill you in soon, but as I keep hearing of people in dangerous conditions and have been priveleged to learn more and more of the amazing power of God's natural laws, I've felt compelled to delay news about me and give you this valuable information. It's my prayer that it will help any of you that are in need of God's natural healing in your life.

Tom Cook
(407) 671-1224
TomCook @ (email address is valid if spaces are removed)