From: Tom Cook
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Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 2:14 PM
Subject: Special QRA sale this month only! (Only a few days left!)
Attached: (The sale flyer appears after this letter.) These are worth viewing even though dated!

(Of the 151 folks receiving this, it will be relevant only to those in the Orlando area, about 118 of you, unless you were thinking about visiting Orlando. ~TLC)


The first 10 people that respond get the "dibs" on a coupon that's good for $111 off the current price of a "State of the Art Full Body Nutritional Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRATM)". You gotta have the original coupon (I've got 10 here) and make your appointment before Jan. 31st! Hurry! (You can see the coupon in the attached images.)

Call me if you want to arrange to get my coupon, or ask questions about QRA.

Tom Cook
(407) 671-1224
TomCook @


To my special friends who've prayed for me,

Back in November, I saw a stack of colorful and informative flyers in Dr. Heise's office. I was very impressed with what it said. (Very good content for only 2 pages.) I've attached images of it to this email so you can see it.

I picked up only a few as they are glossy (expensive), wanting to pass out a few. I also thought I'd make cheap photocopies to share around. It has a very short but extremely good description of QRA and what it will do for people. But it also has a coupon good for $111 off the new price of a "State of the Art Full Body Nutritional Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)" exam! After January 31st, the price is going up to a net price of $200. (Ouch, but still worth it.) With this coupon you can still get it for only $89!

After I got down to only 2 copies, I found out that the sale price will be honored ONLY with an original coupon. Yikes! That meant I must guard the two I had left to give only to those who will promise to use them. (My friends the Mershons already used theirs, and the other will be used by a special friend at church who is excited about solving his chronic problems.) Because of their policy of only original coupons, I never told you all about this sale.

But I was in their office recently and was shocked to see another short stack of them! With permission, I got ten (10!) copies to give away. So the first 10 people who contact me can have one!

Again, I'm sorry I'm so late with this, but I only discovered it recently. If you've really digested my Dec. update (sent regrettably tardy on 1/22), then you'll realize that QRA is an incredible resource (really, a medical breakthrough), and that through a Winter Park doctor's nearly-fatal bout with stage 4 cancer, QRA is available to us locally! We don't have to go to West Palm Beach, Jacksonville or Georgia; he's right here in town!

I would urge you to review my December update to help convince yourself that virtually any chronic condition (especially all the ones I listed) will be cleared up CONFIDENTLY in a relatively short time. Then call the Doc's office to schedule an appointment by Jan. 31st. Be sure to tell them you'll bring the discount coupon. But before you do that, be sure to arrange with me to pick it up. And remember, they only gave me 10 copies. (There might still be some in his office.)

In my next update, I'll let you know the amazing things that happened to me starting with my Nov. 19th checkup. Will also ask you for prayer (I'm still not out of the woods). Thanks again so much for your prayers in the past.

Tom Cook
(407) 671-1224
TomCook @

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