From: Tom Cook
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 01:03 AM
Subject: A short term prayer request

Hello friends.

I am writing this to some select friends and family. That is, to some from my former and present homegroup at Metro Church, and to some others who have been involved or might wish to know. This is not a full mailing to the 380 folks on my prayer newsletter list, but you are a small extended subset of that list.

Below is the final version, the 7th version of a letter whose topic I've mulled over for months. Three Sunday mornings ago, I overcame my inertia and I quickly threw together the first draft in only an hour. Kind of like someone who dashed off a brief excellent work but had been forming it mentally for years. A few of you have given valuable suggestions and feedback for which I'm very grateful. I had been warned that I'd have to "chop it in half, and chop in half again". With that in mind, I seriously attempted to initially write only what was necessary. The first draft really was pretty short, for ME that is. But we still managed to shorten it even more, even while adding a few necessary pieces.

The topic is one of great importance to my future. Most of you know that over a year ago, I painfully came to see that I should be striving to work full-time as the webmaster for You can review or learn of it in my letter from last summer if you wish:
(That letter does include some uplifting notes from fans of the site. Cool reading.)

After over a year of attempting to raise support for the life-changing and life-saving mission of, I have long since come to the conclusion (as 3 of you tried to drill into me--you know who you are) that it must come from those who receive the most direct and initial financial benefit from my work, the 200+ QRA practitioners scattered across the nation. I am appealing to them to support me, in a special way. After all the terrifying events of 4+ years ago in which I came close to losing my life and all the greatly trying times since then as I've sought to seek His direction for reclaiming and rebuilding my wretched life (both health and occupation), this moment, these next 2 weeks, are possibly and hopefully the most pivotal ever! It may take me from presently far below the poverty line, where even my very low bills have been impossible to meet at times, to well enough above it to live a thrifty but much more normal life! This is not something I've been waiting for since '07. I've been really (and unknowingly) waiting since great trials beset me in 1990-91!!! That crisis period (which began the "dark years" for me) was like a "pre-echo" of the more severe disaster-times that would come in '06-'07. (You can see the latter described in the 1st two letters at the site.) I never really "came out" of those pre-echo years, but made well-intended judgment errors that summed up to being in denial of how precarious my life was becoming. But now I believe I see where I'm supposed to go, to take my agony and terror and spend my life bringing healing to millions of others. But I digress.

I sent this physician letter out Sunday night at midnight, and I'll let it speak for itself. I ask that you read it, then if you feel led, please pray for these 200 physicians that they would see the importance of this ongoing project for the mutual goals that they and I have. Pray for great wisdom for me as I interact with them dealing with questions or problems that may come up during this fund-raising period.

"The laborer is worthy of his wages" the scriptures say, so as all of these practitioners that know about the website DO greatly love it, therefore my work is worthy of their support. You'll see that I'm twisting their arms a bit, not merely asking for support, but "threatening" to stop giving something to them that I've been giving for free all along. Pastor Danny agrees that how I'm doing this is good and proper. Pastor Chip felt I should give them 2 weeks before "the axe falls", so I set the date at September 30th.

So far since Sunday night, nothing has come yet, but several nice notes:

  • "HI Tom, We just found your site through this email. It is wonderful, we would have enjoyed sending patients and lookers to it long ago if we had known about it. Just want to let you know we are moving to Ecuador" (I probably won't be getting support from them right away, but I'm encouraged by their response.)

  • "Hi Tom! I have no problem supporting your efforts at $120 per year. ... Its so sad you donít get more support, you can count on me."

  • "Hi Tom. Thank you for the letter and reaching out to let us know what's going on. I'm happy to donate to your website."
Pray that I will DELUGED with the needed and (I feel) DESERVED support. Chip, would you guess that most of it will come right before the deadline? There are mountains of work to do in the months and years ahead, and I am positively GIDDY about jumping into it, even if only half of them respond. I greatly look forward to changing my Facebook employment status to "Self Employed and Loving it!" I also greatly look forward to being able to eat out on Sundays after church (once again), have a social life (which has at least minimal costs, not possible for me lately), and maybe start building for a tremendous normal future that most of you all already have (spouse, children, home, etc.). I am growingly confident that as I increase in applying Quantum Reflex Analysis to my life, I will vigorously live beyond 100 and maybe approach 200! (Of course barring "accidental" death.) And to think that I will have gone through very bad times in some of my 30s, 40s, and 50s to get there! Talk about God turning things around ala Rom. 8:28! I will praise Him forever, no matter how much of it is here on earth!

Thank you all so much for your prayers! I'll either write you all again with what happens, or maybe I'll write to the larger group with a more general report, or perhaps both.

Oh, the page that all those practitioners are all listed at and of which the letter is revolving around is this one:

(Actually, I'm a bit surprised that I didn't include this link in my letter to them!)

Tom Cook
(407) 897-4063
TomCook @
Suffering from illness is now purely a choice... not a requirement.

From: Tom Cook
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2012 12:06 AM
Subject: Important news for all QRA practitioners

To all QRA practitioners,

A while back I received this letter from someone who had visited

Hi Tom, just wanted to say thank you for posting the invaluable info about QRA. Using your [practitioner] list I was able to find a practitioner in my area and am on my way to recovering excellent health....  --Eileen L.
Roughly half the time that people hit, it's the result of a search to find a QRA practitioner near them. You can Google any form of the phrase "QRA practitioner in (whatever place)" or even misspellings like "QRA practioner" and usually the very first hit will be the QRA practitioner page at Yes, the search engines know that THIS page is THE page for those hunting for a QRA practitioner so they can get healthy.

I've been hosting The Unofficial List of QRA Practitioners since the whole site went live in late '09, and the page has been growing. I've been happy to have links there to nearly any practitioner who can convince me that they are using QRA to bring people into or back to spectacular health.


But I have a problem. I can no longer do it totally gratis. I have struggled for over a year (and failed) to get the laymen fans of the site (those who have ever written to me) to donate support for the full-time work needed to multiply the content and effectiveness of the site. A group of several QRA-skeptic friends, once they understood the goals of the site, insisted to me that it's the practitioners who should be supporting it, not the fans. I'm now agreeing. Most fans are struggling to pay for their own treatment, and don't feel motivated to donate extra to even though they may have been greatly educated by it.

That's a key thought... is here to educate laymen so that they will end up happily being your patient, and keep coming back to you for PRL supplements and QRA re-checks. Please help me educate your present and future patients by supporting me as I work hard to keep building the best independent QRA info site in the world. I can do none of the huge work which lies ahead without your support.

I ask that you visit the donate page at TomsGoodFiles ( and start your support at $10 a month or more. In exchange for that, your website's link on my practitioner page will STAY CLICKABLE. What does that mean? That means that very shortly, all unsupported links will "go grey", that is, they will no longer be clickable. Yes, people can still type your website address into a browser, but they won't be able to click on the link. Clickability is everything these days, so I urge you to keep your future clients able to easily visit your site via the TGF practitioner page.

I'm making Sept. 30, 2012 the deadline. All site links not supported by $10 or more a month will "go grey" on that day. Keep your link "clickable-blue". Please begin your support of today.

And for those of you who start your automatic monthly PayPal donations at $20 a month, there will soon be additional "hidden" resources for practitioners only. (But you could start at $10 now, and I'll arrange for an upgrade when those additional resources become available.)


Lora G., a practitioner of several years who just discovered the site, wrote to me asking to add her website to the list. Her words could inspire you to start utilizing TGF to aide your patients:
This site is AMAZING! I will be recommending to MANY! I am adding [a link to your site] to my website today. If you have any [business] cards to spare... I WILL give out... OFTEN! Keep up the great work... the 2 clips [of Dr. Marshall] I just listened to helped me sooooooooo much...a few comments I had forgotten about! Thanks so much again!  --Lora G., Mt. Vernon, IL
It's ironic how she found the site... She was Googling to find another QRA prac. so SHE could get tested!

Hey, something she's done helps the cause in a way that NO amount of money can. She's adding a link for to HER site. I urge you all to do the same. The more links from other sites that point to any page at, the even higher search engine ranking TGF will get. That will bring more people to me, which means more people to come to YOUR site. (And if you don't have a site yet, I can give some tips on how to start.)

Tom Cook
(407) 897-4063
TomCook @
Suffering from illness is now purely a choice... not a requirement.

P.S. has NO official connection with Dr. Bob Marshall or his companies, and neither he nor anyone who works directly for him can or should make any donations. (Some things, the best things, at TGF are too sensitive for him to be associated with in any way.) So if Dr. Marshall can't help and the fans can't help, it really is up to you QRA practitioners.

P.P.S. If you've never visited or heard of, you should check it out. The other most popular page there is the Best of HealthLine audio library. It is hundreds of hours of Dr. Bob Marshall's radio show edited down to only the best parts, and arranged by topic! Here is a direct link to it:
Once interested people discover this page, they go back again and again to listen and listen and listen! They know they're getting efficiently educated toward their own fabulous health.