Introductory PDFs about QRA

Those seeking natural healing from the world of alternative medicine will find that Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is the most elegant modality to date. It enables a more rapid and thorough shift back to ideal health than anything I've seen for decades.

Here are several short PDFs for reading or downloading that describe Quantum Reflex Analysis and relevant issues. Hover your mouse pointer over each link to see a description.

QRA Product Name Cross-reference

(and Historical Literature library)

If you've been to a QRA practitioner and also heard Dr. Marshall speak of the products of Premier Research Labs (PRL) on the HealthLine show, then you've probably noticed that the same product might go by two different names. This chart will help you correlate them. Also, they've changed product names at times in both lines, for various reasons. (All GOOD reasons, I can assure you.) So if you can't remember your "Complex" from your "Ven", this is the place for THAT as well. Click any highlighted column header to sort the library by that column, find your desired product name in that column, then you can see the alternate names in the other columns. Nifty!

Of course if you don't know which column to look in, simply use your browser's "find on this page" feature. (Usually "Ctrl-F".) There are over 200 items listed in this chart.

Practitioner Version HealthLine Version No Literature
any more
No Labels
any more
Item Current Formerly Item Current Formerly
2175 Adaptogen-R3 Adaptogen, Pr.; Adaptogen Complex, Q. 12175 Adaptogen, Q. Adaptogen, Q.
2371 AdrenaVen Adrenal Complex, Pr.; Adrenal Complex, Q. 12371 Adrenal Support, Q. Adrenal Complex, Q.
2173 / 2174 AllerCaps AllerCleanse, Q. 12173 / 12174 AllerPrime AllerCaps, Q.; AllerCleanse, Q.
2591 Allicidin Allicidin Complex 12591 Garlicidin Allicidin; Allicidin Complex, Q.
2171 Allicidin Liquid Allicidin Liquid
2170 Aloe Vcaps, Q. Aloe Vcaps, Q. 12170 Aloe Vcaps, Q. Aloe, Q.
0136 Aloe Arborescens Aloe Arborescens 10133 Aloe Arborescens Formula Aloe Arborescens
0130 Aloe Legend Aloe Powder, Q. 10130 Aloe Powder, Q. Aloe Powder, Q.
0133 AloeDetox AloeDetox
2167 AloeMannan-FX
0135 AloePro Aloe Drink, Q. 10135 Aloe-100 Aloe Drink, Q.
0137 AloeStat
2096 Amino hGH Amino hGH 12096 hGH, Q. Amino hGH
2165 Anti-Homocysteine Support Anti-Homocysteine Complex Anti-Homocysteine Support Anti-Homocysteien Complex
0450 Antioxidant, Pr. Antioxidant, Q.
1559 Attar, Camphor Membership Info
1602 Attar, Diamond Membership Info
1603 Attar, Emerald Membership Info
1558 Attar, Frankincense Membership Info
1556 Attar, Jasmine Membership Info
1560 Attar, Kapha Membership Info
1551 Attar, Lavender Membership Info
1557 Attar, Myrrh Membership Info
1562 Attar, Pitta Membership Info
1581 Attar, Rosemary Membership Info
1601 Attar, Ruby Membership Info
1561 Attar, Vata Membership Info
2185 B. P. Complex, Pr. Blood Pressure Complex, Q. 12185 Blood Pressure Support, Q. Blood Pressure Complex, Q.
2341 B1-ND B1-ND
2340 B2-ND B2-ND
2360 B6-ND B6-ND 12360 B6-PG
2338 B12-ND B12-ND
2411 BiliVen Gallbladder Complex, Q. 12411 Gallbladder Support, Q. Gallbladder Complex, Q.
2060 Blue Green Detox Blue Green Power Membership Info
1330 Brain Food Complex, Q. Membership Info
4707 Camellia Pollen-FX Membership Info
4706 Canadian Gold Honey 14706 Honey, Wildland Gold Membership Info
2346 Cardio-ND Cardiocidin-ND; Heart Nano-Detox 12346 Cardio-PG Cardiocidin-ND; Heart Nano-Detox Membership Info
2445 CardioVen Heart Complex, Pr.; Heart Complex, Q. 12445 Heart Complex, Q. Heart Complex, Q. Membership Info
0760 Carnosine, Pr. Carnosine, Q. 10760 Carnosine, Q. Membership Info
1505 Castor Oil, Pr. Castor Oil, Q. Membership Info
2200 Cat's Claw Immune Cat's Claw Complex, Q. Membership Info
2191 CereVen Brain Complex, Q. 12191 Brain Support, Q. Brain Complex, Q. Membership Info
2320 Chem Detox, Pr. Membership Info
4410 Cherry Elixade Black Cherry Rejuvenate
2330 Chlorella, Pr. Chlorella, Q. 12330 Chlorella, Q. Membership Info
1100 CholestaCal Ionic Balance Membership Info
1102 Cholestavin 11102 CholestaGold Membership Info
2050 ChyaPro Amla Royale Membership Info
2094 CircuZyme 12094 CircuGold CircuZyme Membership Info
4705 Classic Pollen, Pr. Wild Pollen, Pr. 14705 Raw Pollen, Q. Classic Pollen, Pr. Membership Info
2840 Cleanse, Pr. (powder) Cleanse Blend, Q. 12840 Cleanse, Q. Membership Info
2841 Cleanse, Pr. (caps) Cleanse Blend, Q. 12841 Cleanse Caps, Q. Membership Info
1510 Clove Bud Oil, Pr. Membership Info
1337 Coconut Oil, Pr. 11337 Coco-Gold Coconut Oil, Pr. Membership Info
4545 Coconut Sugar Membership Info
0162 / 0170 Cod Liver Oil, Pr. Cod Liver Oil, Q. 10162 Cod Liver Oil Caps, Q. Membership Info
2431 Coffee, Pr. 12431 Coffee, Q. Membership Info
3580 Colostrum Cream, Pr. 13580 Colostrum Repair Cream, Q. Membership Info
2750 Colustrum-IgG (caps) Colostrum-21; Colostrum, Q. 12750 Colostrum Caps, Q. Membership Info
2760 Colustrum-IgG (powder) Colostrum-21; Colostrum, Q. 12760 Colostrum Powder, Q. Membership Info
0462 CoQ-10, Pr. CoQ-10, Q. Membership Info
0110 / 0120 Coral Legend 10110 / 10120 Coral Calcium, Q. Membership Info
0140 / 5500 Coral Legend Plus Coral Complex, Q. 10140 Coral Calcium Plus, Q. Coral Calcium Complex, Q. Membership Info
2390 Coriolus Immune Coriolus Complex, Q. Membership Info
3687 Cotton Flannel, Pr. Cotton Flannel, Q. (3686) Membership Info
2121 CranStat 12121 Ultra Berry Immune Membership Info
1520 Cumin Oil, Pr. Membership Info
1335 D3 Serum 11335 D3 Gold D3 Serum Membership Info
2081 Daily One, Pr. Daily Multi, Pr.; Daily Multi, Q. 12081 Daily Multi, Q. Membership Info
0164 Deltanol 10164 DeltaBoost Tocotrienols Membership Info
2947 DentaVen Dental-Zyme, Q. 12947 OraBliss Dental-Zyme, Q. Membership Info
2534 DermaVen
2345 Detox-ND HM Nano-Detox; Heavy Metal Nano-Detox 12345 Detox-PG HM Nano-Detox Membership Info
0161 DHA, Pr. DHA, Q. 10161 DHA-200 DHA, Pr. Membership Info
2400 DHEA, Pr. DHEA, Q. Membership Info
2945 Digest, Pr. Digest, Q. Membership Info
2944 Digestase-SP 12944 QuantumZymes Complex FabuZymes Membership Info
3585 DNA Repair Cream, Pr. Membership Info
1341 (caps) EFAs, Pr. EFA Oil Blend, Q. 11341 EFAs, Q. EFA Oil Blend, Q. Membership Info
1340 (liq) EFAs, Pr. EFA Oil Blend, Q. 11340 EFAs Liquid, Q. EFA Oil Blend, Q. Membership Info
2184 ErythroPro Blood Builder, Q. 12184 Blood Max Blood Builder, Q. Membership Info
2451 Estro Flavone Estro Complex, Q. 12451 Estro Complex, Q. Membership Info
1532 Eucalyptus Spray, Pr. Membership Info
3540 Facial Cleanser, Pr. Membership Info
3550 Facial Tonic, Pr. Membership Info
2075 FatStat 12075 Trim, Q. FatStat Membership Info
2407 Fem Balance-FX Fem Balance, Q. 12407 Fem Gold Fem Balance, Q. Membership Info
2405 Fem PMS, Pr. Fem PMS, Q. Membership Info
1540 Fennel Oil, Pr. Membership Info
1350 Flax Oil, Pr. Flax Oil, Q. Membership Info
2339 Folic Acid-ND Membership Info
2124 Galactan Galactan, Q. 12124 FiberImmune Galactan Membership Info
2572 Gallbladder Clear Caps Gallbladder Clear, Q. Membership Info
2355 Gallbladder-ND Gallbladder Nano-Detox 12355 Gallbladder-PG Gallbladder Nano-Detox Membership Info
0425 Gama Detox-FX
2570 GastroVen Stomach Complex, Q. 12570 Stomach Support, Q. Stomach Complex, Q. Membership Info
2483 Gesterone Cream Membership Info
4409 Ginger Chews, Pr. Membership Info
2365 Ginseng-FX Ginseng Nano-Plex Membership Info
0820 Glucosamine, Pr. Glucosamine Sulfate, Q. Membership Info
0840 Glutamine, Pr. Glutamine, Q. Membership Info
0470 Glutathione, Pr. Membership Info
2051 Gold-360 Membership Info
2430 Green Tea, Q. Membership Info
2347 / 2348 Green Tea-ND Super Nano-Green Tea 12348 Green Tea-PG Nano-Green Tea Membership Info
2585 Greens, Pr. Greens Mix, Pr.; Greens Mix, Q. 12585 Greens, Q. Greens Mix, Q. Membership Info
2586 Greens, Pr. Greens Caps, Pr.; Greens Mix, Pr.; Greens Mix, Q. 12586 Greens, Q. Greens Mix, Q. Membership Info
2177 HCL, Pr. Betaine HCL, Q. 12177 HCL, Q. Betaine HCL, Q. Membership Info
2178 HCL Activator, Pr. HCL Activator, Q. 12178 HCL Activator, Q. Membership Info
2470 HepatoVen Liver Complex, Q. 12470 Liver Support, Q. Membership Info
2420 HM Detox Caps HM Detox; Heavy Metal Detox 12420 HM Detox Heavy Metal Detox Membership Info
2447 Hyssinol Hyssop Complex, Q. Membership Info
2448 Hyssop Tea, Q. Membership Info
2120 ImmunoVen Immune Complex, Q.; InfectoStat 12120 Immune Support, Q. Immune Complex, Q.; InfectoStat Membership Info
2446 Immune Stimulant I Membership Info
2358 / 2359 Immuno-ND Immunocidin 12358 Immuno-PG Immunocidin Membership Info
2356 / 2357 Inflamma-ND Inflammacidin 12356 Inflamma-PG Membership Info
2344 Intesticidin-ND Intestinal Nano-Detox Membership Info
2842 LaxaGen 12842 LaxaMax Membership Info
1360 Lecithin Granules, Pr. Lecithin Powder, Q. 11360 Leci-Granules Lecithin, Q. Membership Info
1552 / 1554 Limonene, Pr. Limonene Complex, Q. 11552 Limonene, Q. Membership Info
3570 Lipid Complex, Pr. Membership Info
1190 Liquid Zinc Assay Zinc Assay Membership Info
2350 Liver-ND Liver Nano-Detox 12350 Liver-PG Liver Nano-Detox Membership Info
1140 / 1141 Magnesium, Pr. Magnesium Glycinate 11140 Magnesium, Q. Membership Info
2481 Maitake Immune Maitake Complex, Pr.; Maitake Complex, Q. Membership Info
2351 / 2352 Max B-ND Max Stress B; Max Stress B Nano-Plex 12352 Max Stress B Membership Info
5305 Medi-Aminos (Bean Source) Medi-Aminos (Bean/Grain) Membership Info
5310 Medi-Aminos (Rice Source) Medi-Aminos (Rice) Membership Info
3670 Medi-Body Bath 13670 Spa Cleansing Bath, Q. Membership Info
3675 Medi-Body Pack 13675 Spa Body Pack, Q.
3676 Medi-Clay Membership Info
2839 Medi-Clay-FX Membership Info
3672 Medi-Dental Pack Membership Info
3678 Medi-Magma Membership Info
3685 Medi-Soak Membership Info
2353 Melatonin-ND Melatonin Nano-Plex 12353 Melatonin-PG Melatonin Nano-Plex Membership Info
2082 Multi-Immune Membership Info
0900 Muscle Power Pro Muscle Power Boos Membership Info
0510 NADH, Pr. NADH, Q. Membership Info
2492 Neem Bark Ultra, Pr. Neem Bark, Q. Membership Info
1564 Neem Oil, Q. Membership Info
2490 Neem Tea, Q. Membership Info
2491 NeemaStat Membership Info
2361 / 2364 Neuro-ND DHLA Nano-Plex 12364 Neuro-PG Nano-DHLA Membership Info
2150 NeuroVen Nerve Complex, Q. 12150 Nerve Complex, Q. Membership Info
2500 Noni, Pr. Noni, Q. 12500 Noni, Q. Membership Info
2369 Nucleo Immune Nucleotide Complex, Q. 12369 Nucleotides, Q. Membership Info
4670 Nutritional Flakes, Pr. Nutritional Flakes, Q. 14670 Nutritional Flakes, Q. Membership Info
2090 NZ-Red Velvet Deer Antler
2402 OcuVen Eye Complex, Q. 12402 Eye Support, Q. Eye Complex, Q. Membership Info
2510 Olive Leaf Immune Oleuropein, Q. Membership Info
4520 Olive Oil, Pr. Membership Info
2198 Oncaplex Membership Info
0530 OPC Complex, Q. Membership Info
1500 Oregano Oil, Pr. Carvacrol Oil, Q. 11500 Oregano Oil, Q. Carvacrol Oil, Q. Membership Info
2367 OsteoVen Bone & Joint Complex 12367 Bone & Joint Complex, Q. Membership Info
3635 Ozonated Gel, Pr. Membership Info
2515 PancreVen Pancreas Complex, Q. 12515 Blood Sugar Support Pancreas Complex, Q. Membership Info
2160 ParaStat Membership Info
2158 Paratosin Paracidin Membership Info
2520 Pau D'Arco Immune Pau D'Arco, Q. Membership Info
1570 Peppermint Oil, Pr. Membership Info
pH Paper Roll Membership Info
0150 pH-Pro pH Powder Membership Info
4680 Pink Salt, Pr. 14680 Pink Salt, Q. Membership Info
2480 PneumoVen Lung Complex, Q. 12480 Lung Complex, Q. Membership Info
0111 / 0107 Polar Mins Membership Info
4411 Pomegranate Rejuvenate Membership Info
2368 Poptosin Membership Info
2092 Potency Nano-Plex Membership Info
2530 Pregnenolone, Pr. Pregnenolone, Q. Membership Info
2680 / 2690 Probiotic Caps, Pr. Probiotic Complex, Q. 12680 Probiotic Support, Q. Membership Info
2536 Propolis Immune Propolis Complex, Pr.; Propolis Complex, Q. 12536 Propolis, Q. Propolis Complex, Q. Membership Info
2541 ProstaVen Prostate Complex, Q. 12541 Prostate Support, Q. Membership Info
2946 Protease, Pr. Protease, Q. Membership Info
3411 QC Integrator Vial BRT Vial Membership Info
3190 Quantum Tape Q-Tape Membership Info
2342 / 2343 Quinol-ND CoQ-Quinol 12343 CoQ-Quinol Membership Info
2600 Reishi Immune Reishi Complex, Q. 12600 Reishi, Q. Membership Info
3591 Rejuvenation Cream, Pr. Membership Info
2461 RenaVen Kidney Complex, Q. 12461 Kidney Support, Q. Kidney Complex, Q. Membership Info
0592 Royal Jelly-100 Royal Jelly, Pr.; Royal Jelly, Q. Membership Info
0550 S.O.D., Pr. S.O.D., Q. 10550 S.O.D., Q. Membership Info
0540 Seleno-Immune Membership Info
4515 Sesame Oil, Pr. Membership Info
8506 Sirtuin Blue Membership Info
2615 Soma Complex, Q. Membership Info
2620 Taxus Immune, Pr. Wild Yew Complex, Q. Membership Info
2091 Testosterone, Pr. Testosterone Complex, Q. Membership Info
2575 ThyroVen Thyroid Complex, Q. 12575 Thyroid Support, Q. Membership Info
0570 Tocotriene Ultra Tocotriene Complex 10570 TocoGold Tocotriene Complex, Q. Membership Info
2588 Tomato Concentrate 12588 Tomato, Q. Membership Info
3650 Toothpaste, Natural 3650 Toothpaste, Natural Membership Info
0481 Tranquinol 10481 Tranquility, Q. Tranquility Complex, Q. Membership Info
2125 Trim Body Blend Lean-Body Whey 12125 Slim-Body Whey, Q. Membership Info
2580 Turmeric, Pr. Turmeric, Q. 12580 Turmeric, Q. Membership Info
2485 / 5505 UltraPollen Multi-Pollen Extract, Pr.; Multi-Pollen Extract, Q. 12485 Pollen de Fleur Multi-Pollen Extract, Q. Membership Info
2182 UriVen Bladder Complex, Q. 12182 Bladder Support, Q. Membership Info
2181 UT CranUltra UT Formula One Membership Info
2095 VenaMend Invisi-Vein 12095 Invisi-Vein Membership Info
2932 Vintage Vinegar, Pr. Membership Info
2300 Vitamin C, Pr. Vitamin C Complex, Q. 12300 Vitamin C, Q. C Complex, Q. Membership Info
0600 Vitamin E Complete E Complete, Pr.; E Complete, Q. Membership Info
0950 Whey Peptein Whey Protein Powder, Q. 10950 Whey, Q. Whey Protein, Q. Membership Info
2551 XenoStat Xeno-Detox 12551 Xeno-X XenoStat Membership Info
3662 Zeo Mineral Cream Membership Info
0138 Zeo Mins Membership Info

Non-nutrient products
Practitioner Version HealthLine Version No Literature
any more
No Labels
any more
Item Current Formerly Item Current Formerly
3246 EarthWrappe (Mini)
3245 EarthWrappe (Regular)
3765 PyraFire-Mini Pyramid
3243 Q-Disc 3


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