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Examples of Interference Fields and their effects

Scars: Areas where the epidermis of the skin has been cut

Scars Scars Scars

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Traumas: Previous areas of trauma where either there are no visible scars or an abnormality (bruise or sore) does not heal in a reasonable amount of time

Traumas Traumas Traumas Traumas

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Tattoos, permanent:

Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos

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Piercings: Scars from earring piercings, body piercings, etc.

Piercings Piercings Piercings

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Metal inside the body: surgical pins, plates, mesh, bullet or shrapnel fragments, dental metals

Metal Metal Metal

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Injections: dental anesthetics, neural therapy, IV drips, drugs or vitamins (such as B-12 shots)

Injections Injections Injections

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Dental decay and other dental toxins:

Dental toxins Dental toxins Dental toxins Dental toxins

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