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The BUZZ is QRA practitioners talking to each other. The BUZZ is amazing things we can glean from transcribed snippets of their discussions. The BUZZ appears in many places all over this library. A few BUZZes are free to everyone, most are only for those who are monthly financial partners with (via automatic PayPal subscription), and some are partially free. Partners, log in via the button in the right margin.

These are usually anonymous. You'll see QRA-P#1, QRA-P#2, etc., sometimes there will be just one, a monologue; sometimes a dialog, 2 or more. These can be any of the 200+ QRA practitioners. It doesn't matter who they are; it's what they say and do. And its amazing!

Unlike most BUZZes which are textual, this BUZZ is a short VIDEO. (11 minutes)

Toxicity Testing BUZZ

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