The Amazing Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT)

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura has had someone put together a website documenting his amazing discovery. You can visit it yourself here: BDORT.ORG. Be sure to watch the amazing documentary there showing how it's being used heavily by doctors and hospitals in Japan. Dr. Omura patented the totally non-invasive method, then years later, Dr. Marshall improved and adapted it for use by practitioners of Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA).

There's a lot at that site and it may be a little difficult to follow, so I am giving here a brief patent history and the tie-in to Quantum Reflex Analysis. And as a lot of the best info at his site exists as documents that were scanned and placed in PDF files, I have converted some of them into web pages to make accessing them much easier. Even though some of these go back to the 1980s, they are amazing!

"Let the person who says it cannot be done get out of the way of the person already doing it" --Ancient Proverb

The BDORT is a way to test which materials (pharmaceutical or "natural" medicines, drugs, hormones, vitamins, minerals, supplements of any type, anesthetics, herbs, dental restorative materials, food, clothing, cell phones, chemicals, etc.) are potentially health-giving and life-promoting for a person, and those which are potentially harmful.

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