Watch this amazing 11-min. video of an expert QRA practitioner (guess who, HA HA) teaching us how to do reliable toxicity testing on any food or supplement! No longer do you have to take the supplier's word that "they make the best" or "this is the best tomato", etc. Now you yourself will be able to prove or disprove their claims! NOW WE can learn the bioenergetic testing method that will amaze you as you use it in the supermarket, health food store, and at home!

Dr. Marshall explains clearly the science behind the method, then demonstrates it on some items. Lots of further questions and their answers come up as he carries out the tests in the space of this very short video. It will be very clear to you during the video that this method is working! (But if you've already been to a QRA practitioner for awhile, then you probably already know this well.) In the past, we have had to take items (supplements, foods, etc.) into the office of our QRA practitioner (if they let us) and ask him/her to test them for us. But now, WE ALL (we laymen) can learn to do this OURSELVES!!!

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I think after you get over the shock of how amazing this is, you might want to watch it several times, and then start practicing the method with a family member (it takes 2 people). Some of you may have overcomeable obstacles to doing it, which he explains early on. But many of you will find that you can do it immediately. When you start testing supermarket foods, you'll be amazed at which things test which way.

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