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If you are a QRA practitioner, please write for special information, exclusively for you!

There's a TON of work to do!

I invite you to become a REGULAR PARTNER with me in this mission. While one-time gifts are welcome and appreciated, the life-blood of the mission has to come from the steady monthly donations.

Neither Dr. Marshall's organization nor the growing army of QRA practitioners can educate like can. Start your support today! Your partnership will greatly help the effectiveness of this site. And PayPal automatic monthly donations are VERY easy. Just "set it and forget it".

If you're ready now, just click one of the donation buttons below to start your monthly gift now. Remember, there's no "forever" commmitment (you can contact me at any time to cancel). You'll need a credit card and/or a bank account to open your free PayPal account.

PayPal Tip #1:  Having a bank or credit union checking or savings account as your primary PayPal funding source is better than a credit card, as the former do not have expiration dates like credit cards do. This means you won't have to update your PayPal account when you receive a new credit card, in order for donations to go through. (It would draw upon the bank account that you've specified as the primary source.)

PayPal Tip #2:  If you have only a credit card as your funding source, there's a lifetime limit of $2000 on purchases and donations. That's not per transaction; that's per your lifetime! I don't know why they do that; seems harsh to me. But that's their policy. So having a checking or savings as primary funding source alleviates that limit.

PayPal Tip #3:  I have learned that PayPal is very safe for your bank info. They NEVER give it out, and they NEVER post any transaction to it without YOUR authorization.

If you are a QRA practitioner, please write for special information, exclusively for you!






A benefit available only to regular partners is access to hidden features of the site! Write to me to get a username and password for such items! The majority of these items will be a new feature to be scattered throughout the Best of HealthLine library. They're called BUZZes. There are some there now. Look for the little bumblebees , which will be growing in number in the months ahead. Some will require a password to access. Really good stuff, but some of it can only "bee" seen by those who are partners in this work.

If you've never done PayPal monthly subscriptions, it's very easy. You click the button above, which takes you to a PayPal page which quickly walks you through the transaction. Then every month they automatically send you an email notifying you that they've debited your PayPal account for the monthly amount. No ongoing check-writing or postage hassle. Just "set it and forget it". But don't forget that your monthly automatic donations will be greatly helping everyone (including yourself) get valuable knowledge they can't easily get elsewhere, if at all. (And you can cancel at any time.)

Just to let you know, people have been expressing interest in the site more and more. This reflects itself in gradually increasing weblog activity (from all over the U.S. and even some overseas), letters that come from those of you that contact me via the Contact page, and even Facebook friends (and friend of friends) seeing comments I make about healing some health problem the friend might be reporting. Some people make contact with me to ask questions about QRA. While writing this page, I just took a call from such a FB person, a family in my church I didn't know but was "friends of friends" who clicked on links I had put in friends' FB comments. Has a mother with severe rheumatoid arthritis, pain-killer addiction, mental illness and numerous other problems, making the family's life extremely miserable. I take great joy in answering questions and pointing folks in the direction of spectacular health, but it does take time. And time is, well, you know...

So, anything you can contribute will help me help everyone's health. I THANK YOU, and I'll pray that God richly blesses you for it!

--Tom Cook

P.S.  All of the projected enhancement projects for the site together form plenty of work to keep one man very busy full-time for quite awhile. Many of the goals toward which your donations will go are listed...

...IN THIS LETTER --> Aug 25, 2011

P.P.S.  There is a special goal to "Make Fran Dance" again. Gifts beyond what's necessary for the direct mission of may go toward this. Fran is a friend I met at my church in 2009. She is a vibrant early 40s woman who studied Russian and other languages in college, loves the Lord Jesus Christ, but has been stricken with Multiple Sclerosis. She's been wheelchair-bound since about 2002, and lives in a nursing home nearby, surviving on Medicare. She has no money, no family in-state and no family out of state that she is close to. She pays $4 x 2 out of her meager allowance to ride the local handicapped bus to and from my church as a high point of her week. She drives her body around in an electric wheelchair, but cannot use a manual wheelchair because one of her MS side effects is right-side hemiparesia. Her right arm is virtually useless (so she can't push the wheels). When I met her, I told her about QRA and that through it she can be made totally well again! Her heart cried out with a desire to be healed! I later found out that she had already been thinking about natural alternatives to the lousy medical treatments which merely slow the progression but do not reverse it, so hearing about QRA for MS was wonderful news for her! She took the bold step in late 2009 of getting a QRA exam when my own practitioner was running a sale. She had been saving up her meager allowance for MANY months to pay for the $99 sale price on her own. She paid that plus the $8 bus fare to get to and from the doctor's office for the exam. I had the privelege of being there and being a QRA surrogate for her, as neither of her hands were strong enough to perform the simple O-Ring test (not even her "good" hand). The doctor, who has had some QRA experience dealing with MS, was able to estimate the regimens for the first 10 months of treatment. We don't know whether her progress at the end of that would be "out of the wheelchair", but we know she'd at least be very well along the way. Fran used to love to dance, until MS struck her down as it does to many in the prime of their life. God has greatly used this decade-long ordeal in her life to build character and a deeper love for God. She has had to watch several friends at the nursing home DIE from MS eventually. Now she knows that it's possible to be healed, if a way could be found to pay for it. Will YOU help "Make Fran Dance" again?? She will be eternally grateful to you if you do. (And so will I and many others!) You can see here under "case histories" Fran's QRA test results, which include the 10-month estimate of nutrients and QRA re-checks. If you contribute to "Make Fran Dance", you can be a part of restoring a valuable but crippled life to the productive life God wants for us all (which includes working and not burdening the taxpayers via medicare). If you contribute and something happens to eliminate this need, I'll refund the donations made for that.

Fran is very intelligent and could get a good job once she is MS-free and walking again. And her story of MS reversal could inspire others greatly. I spoke to Dr. Marshall himself in person last year (a special treat in itself). I asked him how many cases of MS to which he had seen QRA applied. He knew of some, and all were reversed (of course) IF they proceeded with their custom QRA protocol. When I asked how many had been wheelchair-bound and gotten out of their chairs, his face sank in sadness. He could mention only one. MS, like cancer and Crohn's disease, can take a long time (many months), longer than most conditions, because there's so much neurological damage that occurs as it progresses. Plus by the time it has destroyed the victim to the point of being wheelchair-bound, they usually have no financial resources left to work through the many months of rebuilding needed.

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