One of my biggest meals in former days

During the 1st half of '07, I was still doing the p-t (morning only) weeding business, when it wasn't failing. Shortly before I escaped the "mansion" by Mar. '07, I had a good full-morning job, followed by a rare afternoon one. While I normally avoided the luxury of eating out, that "double-shift" warranted a Sweet Tomatoes lunch break nearby.

Feast your eyes on my feast there. This was intended to be a very good quality (and big) meal. And I had taken these photos to impress my herbal consultant "F___" with the fact that the bulk of it was high-variety salad (and very little desert); something she had been trying to drive into my thinking for years. (When I met her, I was a salad-avoider.) But now that we know WHY I've had such a voracious appetite (even when not pulling weeds all morning), we now know who (or what) consumed the first share of the best nutrients pictured here! (The parasites referred to in my story.)

main meal

The left salad was custom-built; spinach-only w/many toppings. Right salad was their fancy lettuce & chicken with dressing already. (I don't remember what they call it.) Notice the 2 soup bowls. This Sweet Tomatoes has one of the main lines go right by the stack of soup bowls, so I make a point of grabbing 2 of them when building salads so as to get much more veggie toppings than can fit on the salad at first. The shot below shows how high my salads were. As I ate them downward, I could then add the numerous other toppings I had gathered in the bowls. It's really nice to minimize the number of times you get up from your chair during the meal. (Mealtimes are supposed to be relaxed, not full of running around.)

main meal

Below you see breads and chili, and only a little desert. Could you eat much desert after such a hefty "salad" meal??


The camera clock was off by a few hours. However, notice the time differential. Over 35 minutes between the start of the 2 trays. Considering that I was alone, this speaks of the fact that a number of years before, I had learned the importance of chewing each bite thoroughly for fuller absorption. It was a habit that took work to build in prior years. Yes, I'm sure it fed the parasites better. But whatever was leftover for me, I too got more benefit from the improved chewing. I'm so happy to be able to say that I'm not feeding any parasites at all since I was freed of them! And as a result, I get fuller with less eating!

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