Affidavit of Br. Losco


Ref. application of: Y. Omura, M.D., ScD.
Serial No. 06/785,495Examiner: J. Hanley
Filed: October 8, 1985Group No. 335

For: Bi-Digital O-Ring Test for imaging and diagnosing internal organs of patients


Hon. Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks
Washington, D.C. 20231


I, Brother Michael Losco, F.S.C., M.E.E., F.I.C.A.E., Teaching Christian Brother & Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College, an American citizen residing at the Brothers' residence of Manhattan College, Bronx, New York, 10471 declare:

I was born on September 24, 1925 in Yonkers, New York.

In 1952 I received the degree of B.E.E. from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College.

In 1954 I became a Brother of Christian Schools by taking religious vows (F.S.C.) by which I dedicated my life to Christian education of students as a Christian Brother.

In 1957 I was appointed as an instructor in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at Manhattan College.

In 1959 I received a degree of M.E.E from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

In 1962 I was appointed as Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College.

In 1968 I was Graduate Student at the Department of Electrical Engineering, City College of New York.

In 1969 I was a Graduate Student at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University.

Since 1978 I have been teaching mostly Electronics Theory and Electronics Laboratory including their application to Computer and Bio-Medical Electronics at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College.

In 1979 I was appointed as one of the faculty members of the New York State Boards for Medicine & Dentistry approved courses on Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics for M.D.s and D.D.S.s to teach basic electrical parameters of electro-therapy.

In 1983 I was appointed as a Trustee of the Heart Disease Research Foundation.

In 1984 I was elected as a Fellow of The International College of Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics (F.I.C.A.E.).

I have known Dr. Omura for the past 26 years, since he introduced the first Bio-Medical Electronics course at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Manhattan College as Visiting Research Professor in 1962. His course was one of the first few courses on Bio-Medical Electronics in the United States and many of his students end up specializing in the field. Since then I have been involved in his research on Bio-Medical Electronics and co-authored a number of papers on the electro-physiology of the heart and early diagnosis of cardio-vascular diseases. When Dr. Omura showed his early experiments with the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, I wanted to find out whether I could reproduce what he had done, as I had difficulty in believing his claims. Therefore, I examined many individuals who had established diagnoses by standard laboratory tests and I was able to confirm most of the diagnoses using Dr. Omura's Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and its imaging method. Since then I have witnessed numerous occasions where Dr. Omura diagnosed and treated patients successfully using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, where all the previous laboratory tests failed to detect the causes of the medical problems and no effective treatments had been found for the patients.

Some typical examples where the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test or its imaging method provided solutions or accurate diagnoses (while standard hospital procedures failed to provide satisfactory answers) are given below:

1) Two of my personal friends had severe diabetes and severe intractable pain in their feet with impending gangrene, and their physicians strongly recommended amputation of their feet. However, Dr. Omura, using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, evaluated the extent of the problems and confirmed by blood pressure and relative blood flow measurement that electrical stimulation could save their feet. In fact, the feet of these 2 friends were saved for a period of more than 7 years without any surgery, and one of them was able to go back to work, gaining a happy normal life where before he had been in a hopelessly depressed condition, with intractable pain and constant fear of losing his feet. I personally designed a safe and effective electrical stimulator for them to use, at Dr. Omura's request, according to Dr. Omura's specifications on electrical parameters. In spite of Dr. Omura's warning concerning the possible risks of surgery, the other friend eventually had surgery and died soon from complications as his new surgeon at Columbia medical center considered bypass surgery is urgently needed.

2) Since Dr. Omura has shown that grounding of the body or applying a negative electrical field to the body as well as cutting or anesthetizing the sensory nerve fibers or spinal cord completely eliminated all the abnormal Bi-Digital O-Ring Test responses detected at diseased parts of the body, and that this whole phenomena was related to the electrical as well as electro-magnetic field and propogation of the electrical impulse through the peripheral sensory nervous system to the central nervous system, I became deeply interested in the electrical and electro-magnetic field aspect of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test.

3) When Dr. Saul Heller, former President of the New York State Board for Medicine, and mutual friend of Dr. Omura and myself, complained of increasing backache, Dr. Omura's Bi-Digital O-Ring Test evaluation of him indicated that he most likely had adenocarcinoma of the head of the pancreas, and the exact location of the involved area was imaged. I personally witnessed the whole procedure as I assisted Dr. Omura. Nobody believed Dr. Omura's possible diagnosis. In addition, every test done at Memorial Hospital and Cornell Medical Center failed to give any indication that he had adenocarcinoma at the head of the pancreas. However, Dr. Heller was kept hospitalized, as he was losing weight and getting weaker with increasing backache. Eventually, about two months after admission to the hospital, a CAT-scan finally showed a shadow at the head of the pancreas, the same location that Dr. Omura had predicted two months earlier. The subsequent biopsies confirmed that he had an advanced case of adenocarcinoma at the head of the pancreas. It was too late to do surgery and he was too weak to be treated with chemotherapy. Eventually, Dr. Heller died, less than one year after the cancer was confirmed by standard laboratory tests. I was told by some radiologists that, unfortunately, when adenocarcinoma at the head of the pancreas is detected in an X-ray or CAT-scan, more than 90% of the patients die within one year, as an X-ray or CAT-scan can only detect malignant tumors if the diameter is over 5-10 millimeters. Even if the area of the tumor is much greater than 1 centimeter in diameter, if the thickness of the tumor is less than 5 mm, usually the CAT-scan and X-ray will not show the shadow. As this example indicates, if the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test can predict possible diagnosis and location of the problem, many people can be saved from unnecessary death.

One of the last wishes of Dr. Heller before his death was to promote the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and its imaging technique as an early diagnostic method, as well as a quick, simple and economical screening test for various diseases so that many unnecssary deaths like his own could be avoided.

4) I was able to confirm Dr. Omura's experiment, in which 2 identical substances (including 2 identical neurotransmitters, or even 2 identical L-C resonance circuits placed perpendicular to each other at a distance of more than 200 meters) produces a resonance phenomenon which is detectable as a marked Bi-Digital O-Ring Test weakening response, and the response disappears by changing the resonance frequency of one of the 2 identical L-C circuits, by changing the variable capacitance. I thus realized that the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and its imaging method in diagnosing both humans and animals is usually not only a highly accurate, simple, non-invasive, economical procedure, but it is also possible to detect even a very weak electro-magnetic field which is too weak to be detected by standard instrumentation.

5) During the 3rd International Symposium on Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics held at Columbia University, School of International Affairs, during October 8-11, 1987, the papers presented by Professor C. Takeshige, M.D., Ph.D., (who is the chairman of the Physiology Dept. and Dean of the School of Medicine, Showa University, Tokyo) on the supporting experimental evidence concerning the validity of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test from electro-physiological studies in animals as well as clinical and basic research reports from the U.S.A., Japan and Scandinavia further convinced me of the importance of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and its imaging method, and I believe that every patient would benefit if their physicians studied the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and its imaging method. I am willing to donate most of my free time to research and education for the purpose of promoting the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and its imaging method for my scientific interest, as well as for humanitarian reasons so that more people can benefit from it.

Based on these facts, I strongly recommend your prompt approval of Dr. Omura's application concerning the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test and its imaging method, as I am firmly convinced that many lives can be saved by this simple, non-invasive, safe and accurate diagnostic approach.

The undersigned declarant declares further that all statements made herein of his own knowledge are true and that all statements made on information and belief are believed to be true; and further that these statements were made with the knowledge that willful false statements and the like so made are punishable by fine or imprisonment or both, under section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code and that such willful false statements may jeopardize the validity of the application or any patent issuing thereon.

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