Affidavit of Dr. Friedman


Ref. application of: Y. Omura, M.D., ScD.
Serial No. 06/785,495Examiner: J. Hanley
Filed: October 8, 1985Group No. 335

For: Bi-Digital O-Ring Test for imaging and diagnosing internal organs of patients


Hon. Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks
Washington, D.C. 20231


I, Joel Friedman, D.D.S., Prof. of College of Dentistry, New York University, a U.S. citizen residing at 870 5th Avenue, New York, NY, 10021, declare:

I was born on November 18, 1915.

In 1936, I received my B.A. from New York University.

In 1939, I received the degree of D.D.S. from the School of Dentistry and Oral Surgery at Columbia University.

In 1949, I was elected President of the Eastern Dental Society of New York.

During 1951-1960, I was the managing editor of the New York Journal of Dentistry.

During the period 1962-1963, I was the Chairman of the Professional Group of Medical Electronics for the New York Metropolitan Area, which met regularly at Rockefeller University.

Since 1966, I have been serving on the Northeast Regional Board of Dental Examiners.

In 1969, I was appointed as Associate Professor of Prosthodontics in the School of Dentistry and Oral Surgery at Columbia University.

In 1975, I became Full Professor of Prosthodontics in the College of Dentistry at New York University.

Since 1986, I have been Adjunct Professor of Anatomy in the College of Dentistry at New York University.

From 1975-1976, 1 also served as President of the New York State Board of Dentistry. Since 1977, I have served as a consultant for the Board.

For the past several years, I have been teaching medical-legal aspects of acupuncture and electrotherapy, as well as management of facial and oral pain for licensed physicians and dentists through courses accredited by the New York State Boards for Medicine & Dentistry. Currently I serve as an editorial board member for Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research, The International Journal, which is indexed in 15 major international, scientific, medical, and dental indexing periodicals.

For the past ten years, I have known Dr. Omura personally and have had many occasions to observe his clinical and basic research on the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test.

I have found the Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test to be one of the most powerful but relatively simple early diagnostic methods which can be used in almost every specialty of medicine, as well as dentistry.

I have repeatedly witnessed cases where, in patients for whom the latest Western medical laboratory diagnostic methods failed to provide adequate diagnoses and treatments, Dr. Omura diagnosed the difficult medical problems and localized them accurately by imaging organs, localized possible locations of bacterial or viral infections, localized neurotransmitters using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, and treated patients successfully based on these diagnoses.

His test also has many useful clinical applications in Dentistry. The Bi-Digital O-Ring Test can localize most of the temporo-mandibular joint problems, in addition to the causes of facial and oral pain and location of the infection, as well as selection of effective antibiotics.

Based on my close observation of Dr. Omura's work, as well as my personal experience, without reservation I strongly recommend approval of his application. This test can often provide effective diagnostic information where usual medical methods may fall short. It appears to be a simple, direct, and effective modality for the solution of many perplexing medical and dental problems.

From the above, the undersigned declarant declares further that all statements made herein of his own knowledge are true and that all statements made on information and belief are believed to be true; and further that these statements were made with the knowledge that willful false statements and the like so made are punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, under section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code and that such willful false statements may jeopardize the validity of the application or any patent issuing thereon.

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