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How It All Works

You are about to begin an amazing journey of watching NCAA volleyball matches like never before. There are very many matches. And nearly all will be in HD and with the amazing 60 fps feature (explained further down).

However, costs are great in making these videos. Therefore membership dues are needed. You join on a per season basis, $10 for "unlimited access" to 2013 videos, $10 for 2014, etc. (Some seasons may be priced differently than $10.) You can use Paypal or a credit card. After you make your dues payment below for a particular season, you will be taken to a page where you will create a User-ID (Username and Password). These will be emailed to you immediately upon successful submission, and you can use your ID immediately to watch games! The form you will fill out looks more or less like the image at the bottom of this page.

For each additional season (regardless of whether it's a season earlier or later than your original sign-up), you pay separate dues for that season, and you register similarly. However, you should pick the VERY SAME Username and Password on all subsequent registrations. Then whenever you log on, it will show you all of the seasons you can watch. In the library, videos you do not have access to show up as "Log in". The ones you can view say "View". Some of them say "View" and can be seen by anyone with no membership required.

Unlimited access means you can watch them repeatedly in the future, even years from now. But there is no guarantee that any video will remain available, as there could be circumstances beyond control that might remove one, some or even all videos. Also, it should go without saying that you must not give your User-ID to others. We will be tracking IP addresses, and if we find multiple people using your ID, that may be grounds for your membership being terminated. But if you want to have folks over to watch games on your large TV, by all means have a great time! (Also, urge THEM to join, too.)

This page will be updated occasionally, both with future seasons AND with past seasons! And as to what matches are available for a given season, that will change as matches are added. These can be seen from the main library page. If you have questions, ask them via the Contact button at the top.

Guaranteed: The Final 7 matches, plus about 80 from the season. (Presently in HD-30 fps, to be upgraded to 60 fps soon.)

Guaranteed: The Final 15 matches! (All in HD and smooth 60 fps!) Plus 38 Round 1 and Round 2 matches, and numerous season matches. Over 90 matches!)

Guaranteed: Over 290 matches including 60+ Tournament matches! (All in HD and smooth 60 fps!)

All 63 Tournament matches!  Plus over 270 of the best season/preseason matches. (Most of the important matches are in HD and smooth 60 fps!) And 190 more matches via special request.

Very different this year. Many more matches (over 470!). And now there is the "Request" feature for many more! (Most of the important matches are in HD and smooth 60 fps!)

350+ matches plus lots more available on request! (The 1st number goes up and the 2nd number goes down as members make requests.) All 63 Tournament matches available!

SAVE $20!  Combo Pass!  If you have one season pass already, no matter what year it's for, add passes for the rest of the existing seasons all at one time and save $20!  Normal cost for the rest of them individually would total $59.  This does not include the 2019 season.  This price is good only through August 31st! Hurry!  (You have to be logged in to TVF in order to start the process, and you should have only one season pass already.)

If you have more than one season pass already, you CAN use this Combo to get the rest, but it's the same price and it would not save you money.  But, if you wanted a way to make a DONATION (as well as get the rest quickly), this would be a good way!  (We are way underfunded!  Our great gratitude to anyone who donates!)

IMPORTANT: When you are in Paypal, you must NOT close your browser -- you must let Paypal take you to TVF registration page where you will create your User ID.  Sometimes signing up via a mobile device does not work with Paypal (it's a Paypal bug), so it's best to use a desktop PC for signing up. (But viewing videos via mobile is fine.)  Also, until further notice do not use Safari or Internet Explorer browsers for signing up for 2016, due to another Paypal bug. If you have any difficulty, try again. Write to me if difficulty is persistant. 2017 and 2018 should work normally.

I think you will greatly enjoy all the videos here. No effort has been spared to make the best possible videos of our great sport, especially with the advent of 60 fps HD video, made possible by Youtube in late 2014. 60 fps means instead of having the motion truncated from it's original 59.94 images/second down to 29.97 frames/second, Youtube is now capable of showing you FULL 60 fps motion! (Youtube has always limited videos to 30 fps, until just a few years ago--2014. But even so, a video must be produced in a special way for uploading, specifically for 60 fps.) Be sure your browser supports it by checking the quality settings on the YT window and making sure an option is there for 720p60 or 1080p60. If it doesn't say "60" after the "720p", then you're only watching in dull old 30 fps or even less. Also, you need a fast computer and (more importantly) a fast internet connection to watch 60 fps video.

Enjoy the games, friends!

Your co-VB fan,

This is what the registration form will look like:

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