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These are anonymous. You'll see QRA-P#1, QRA-P#2, etc., sometimes there will be just one, a monologue; sometimes a dialog, 2 or more. These can be any of the 200+ QRA practitioners. It doesn't matter who they are; it's what they say and do. And its amazing!

CoQ-Quinol BUZZ

QRA-P#1:   "This appeals to me having spent so many years worshipping at the altar of biochemistry. I just love the fact that not only now do I understand that it is not the primary system that controls the human body, but because I have learned that there's a plasma energy field that controls the human body, it has allowed us to have a better understanding of what kind of nutrients the body needs to be able to snap itself around and to get well. And it has allowed us to boldly think outside the box in producing nutrients that are just as they are produced inside the body by beneficial probiotics. And the next in the series is what we call CoQ-Quinol.

"For those of you who didn't love chemistry, let me give you a quick simple lesson. I'm sure you've heard of coenzyme Q10. When you buy this, you either buy a synthetic form or you might possibly buy a natural form, but for sure you are buying oxidized CoQ10, which is called ubiquinone. However, when the body takes this CoQ10 in, it's fat soluble, so it's got to go through the liver's uptake and it's got to go through a breakdown with bile, and so it usually takes 2 or 3 weeks to get a good blood level. Then when it gets to the cell, it has to be 'reduced'. This means it has to be 'unburned'. Oxidized ubiquinone is already damaged; it's not ready to be used by the cell, so the cell must reduce it. Now when the cell's energy is too low, it can't use it. And when the cell is in an energy-plummeting state, like a nose-dive of a plane, it's almost impossible for it to pull up. When it drops to a certain low energy level, it cannot reduce oxidized CoQ10, use it and recover it's energy.

"The only thing that it can use is a fully reduced form. And for the first time in history, such a form is now available; natural source, ubiquinol! And no amount of oxidized CoQ10, ubiquinone, can equal 100 to 200 mg (theraputic dose) of ubiquinol. We have seen absolute miracles with this! But with every privelege comes the corresponding duty and responsibility. Nothing will shift the detoxification of heavy metals from the cell like this, so you want to use it very cautiously in the heavy metal contaminated. A quarter of a teaspoon of this delivers 55 mg of ubiquinol, not ubiquinone. This has the kick of a mule! We recommend that as the starting dose for most people, even larger people. For those in congestive heart failure where it will shine, or in angina, or those who are in neurodeneration and are really sick; they can use up to a teaspoon or teaspoon and a half per meal. They will see profound-- usually a half teaspoon of the CoQ-Quinol in someone in congestive heart failure or angina, in 20 seconds!... (faster than digoxin, faster than nitro), you've got relief! Wow! Nothing like this on the planet!

"In fact, I'm going to just take a minute (I wasn't going to do this, but I'm going to take a minute), and tell a story of a lady who came to see me from G____, __. She came to me about 4 months ago. When she came, she was on 18 medications--prescriptive drugs, she was given 4 months to live 3 months before she came to see me. (Had 1 month left.) She was suffering with pulmonary fibrosis, very advanced. She was on oxygen in a wheel chair and could not get out of the wheelchair without assistance..."

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QRA-P#2:   "Never before done in history is the highly coveted form, the unoxidized form of CoQ10 (that's what CoQ-Quinol is); never been done before. As a matter of fact, when sent into a lab test, the lab called back and said, 'I can't believe it; do you realize what you have here??!? This has never been done in history! A stabilized form of the UNoxidized CoQ10!'"

QRA-P#1:   "More than 20 times as potent, as an antioxidant, of ubiquinone, the oxidized form of CoQ10. But that's nothing! The oxidized form CANNOT move the cell energy. And also, the oxidized form may take several days or weeks to change blood levels. The Quinol when you take it, in 20 to 30 seconds the little probiotics have delivered their cargo and liberated it into the bloodstream like NO other delivery system conceived of by man! That's why this is such a great breakthrough."

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