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The BUZZ is QRA practitioners talking to each other. The BUZZ is amazing things we can glean from transcribed snippets of their discussions. The BUZZ appears in many places all over this library. A few BUZZes are free to everyone, most are only for those who are monthly financial partners with (via automatic PayPal subscription), and some are partially free. Partners, log in via the button in the right margin.

These are anonymous. You'll see QRA-P#1, QRA-P#2, etc., sometimes there will be just one, a monologue; sometimes a dialog, 2 or more. These can be any of the 200+ QRA practitioners. It doesn't matter who they are; it's what they say and do. And its amazing!

Autism BUZZ

QRA-P#1:   "...What about Autism? That is increasing dramatically in the last years. Could you give us some possible causes of the Autism?"

QRA-P#2:   "The main reason is usually heavy metals or environmental chemical exposure, and the child's cells are at very low cell energy, so that the environmental poisoner, heavy metal, and what happens, then, is that the child can not exit the heavy metal. When we bring in the Quinols, the child can get to movement of the heavy metals. And we see when we do QRA, that we go from the cell energy point to the parathyroid, and on many of these autistic children, I've had to iterate 5 times. In other words, raise cell energy, go and see what the parathyroid wants done, do whatever the parathyroid needs, go back to cell energy, and it's down again and down again. And the autistic children, they absolutely flourish when cell energy is restored and heavy metals are cleared. This is one of the main issues. Of course bad oils, hydrogenated oils, increase the inflammation, [and] lock in these weird heavy metals and their concurrent infection. One of the things that's been shown is that heavy metals encourage the production of invincible disulfide bonds by the invading organisms, so it promotes infection. So, when we have the bad oils, we lock these infections in little pockets. And that's why it's so important to have a comprehensive diet with all the nutrients, so you have the multifactorial effect. And don't forget, in the autistic child, he may have been forceps delivered, he may have been dropped, he may have had a head injury. Check him for [such] an interference field, clear that, check the Brain-2 point. And what we have to do over and over again for these children is go to Level II of QRA, because there are hidden sequestered deep infections that may have been linked to the vaccination or whatever else he has been exposed to in terms of toxic chemicals."

QRA-P#1:   "One time in a clinic, you had 4 or 5 nurses administering I.V.s to chelate out heavy metals, mercury, whatever it may be. And now you don't use the I.V. chelation at all. Why is that? Do you feel that there's a superior way to do that?"

QRA-P#2:   "Absolutely. I think that the fermented raw foods, the delivery systems of probiotics, the nanized products, outperform any injection or any I.V. I've ever seen. And things like Heavy-Metal Nano-Detox? Wow. And you know, this is one of the few times when less is more powerful, because you have to stay within the limit of the kidney and the eliminatory organs and cell energy. And when you go outside that, you blast the body, you overload it, and you now sequester these heavy metals deeper in the brain and kidney. So we've had to learn a lot of lessons about cell energy, and also the hierarchy; we've had to understand that this parathyroid is far more important than we thought, in terms of its control of cell energy and its control of the heavy metal metabolism throughout the body."

No discussion of autism would be complete without some reference to Dr. Rashid Buttar (boo-TAR). While he's had some of the QRA training, he is not a QRA practitioner. But his work greatly parallels QRA, and he is close friends with some of the top QRA practitioners. His website has 7 short videos of parents and children he has helped, including his own son. I recommend watching those 7 videos in the order they appear on his web page. Here is a link to some of his info on autism:


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